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"Blake's Legacy" Episode Guide - A Blake's 7 Sequel Project *SPOILERS*



1. Desertion
   A high-ranking Medical official called Rak Kyben hires the mercenary Hailee Gavisson to help him defect to the planet Terminal from the Federation. There they encounter a shuttle in distress.

2. Liberated
   Kyben and Hailee, accompanied by two resisters called Tekk Farin and Stella Restal, attempt to salvage and rebuild the Liberator, then head for the rebel planet of Gauda Prime.

3. Recovery
   The survivors of the Scorpio crew are teleported to the Liberator. Avon, Soolin and Vila are the only ones who live to tell the tale of the confrontation on Gauda Prime. *ROJ BLAKE, DAYNA AND TARRANT DIE*

4. In The Jaws
   The refashioned Liberator crew return to Gauda Prime to retrieve Orac, Slave and the Photonic Drive from the ruins of Scorpio before the Federation can get to them. Sadly, complications soon develop in the shape of Servalan. *STELLA DIES*

5. Freedom
   Having escaped from Gauda Prime, the crew now head for Freedom City to obtain the components they need to repair the Liberator's weaponry systems. Unfortunately, Krantor has a long memory, and a score to settle with Avon and Vila.

6. Dark Dreams
   Having obtained fresh medical supplies while at Dysentastra, the crew can attend to their next problem - Soolin is still in a coma after the shoot-out on Gauda Prime. Kyben comes up with a very dangerous plan to revive her, one that will require help from, of all people, Servalan. *MABLAR DIES*

7. Truths
   While Soolin finally awakens, Servalan escapes the Liberator in Hailee's ship, the Daedalus. As the Liberator pursues, the crew learn a very unpalatable secret that drives a wedge between them and Kyben.

8. Sieged
   Searching the planet Taurus III for the crash-site of the Daedalus, the crew run into a pair of devious criminals. Soolin and Kyben meanwhile are captured by the insidious Federation Kommisar, Dev Tarrant.

9. In Whom We Trust
   Soolin and Kyben battle to escape from Tarrant, while Avon and Hailee, having successfully overcome the treacherous criminals they met on Taurus III, encounter a young man who claims to be the son of Roj Blake.

10. Missiles
   The Liberator crew attacks a Federation base on the planet Toidronn that is developing an advanced type of Interceptor missile. Avon and Nij Blake are captured by powerful new security robots called defence drones, while Kyben uncovers a Federation plan to conquer territories belonging to the Vandor Confederacy of Planets.

11. Ghosts In The Machine
   Nij Blake discovers the truth of how his father died while he and Avon attempt their escape from Toidronn (with help from Vila and Soolin). Meanwhile, Hailee, Kyben and Farin try to scupper the Federation's plans against Vandor.

12. Sentiments

   Farin decides to hunt down a Federation Indoctrinator who was responsible for the death of his brother. When his crewmates try to stop him, he takes Vila hostage and heads for Earth.

13. Harsh Lessons
   The Liberator crew teleport to Earth to rescue Vila from Farin and to obtain classified data from the Information Bureau. Farin himself, still hunting for revenge, infiltrates the same place disguised as a Federation trooper. *FARIN DIES*

14. Zealots
   Avon takes the Liberator to the neutral planet Craeus to try to forge an alliance with the local population. There, Kyben meets a group of aggressive technologists, ruled by the son of the former anti-Federation leader, Shivan.

15. Power Untold
   Kyben has been taken hostage by Servalan aboard her new ship - Liberator's sister vessel, the Subjugator. The Liberator crew try to track them down, while Servalan drugs Kyben in an attempt to enslave him.

16. A Matter Of Gravity
   Servalan uses the Subjugator as a bait to trap the Liberator. Kyben manages to foil her by switching off the artificial gravity on the ship, but the race is on to escape the now out-of-control vessel before it falls into the Black Hole of Belquon. *KYBEN AND DEV TARRANT DIE (or do they?), KREEL AND NORCRIS DIE*


17. England And The Empire
   The Liberator needs repairs after Belquon, and so it lands on the moon of Tyrix. Its ruler, King Sarlad, who has built a society modelled on Medieval England, turns out to be Vila's own father.

18. God Save The King
   Sarlad's arch-rival, Belhaven, tries to enlist help from the Liberator crew to overthrow the King. To this end he engineers a violent rift between Vila and his crewmates.

19. Live By The Sword - Die By The Gun
   Vila and Avon manage to sort out their differences, just about, with Avon agreeing to Vila's demand that they help Belhaven overthrow Sarlad.

20. Camelot Lost
   Liberator returns to Craeus to hunt for an unknown Federation invention code-named "Excalibur". When they arrive they find that Chaesla, a girl the crew briefly encountered on their previous visit, is in danger of her life from Shivan.

21. Revelation
   Nij Blake goes missing, so Soolin, aboard Daedalus, has to search for him. While they are gone, the rest of the crew learn from Inga the ugly reason for Blake's sudden departure - he has discovered the truth of his parentage. He is not Roj Blake's son. He is a clone of Blake himself, created by Servalan as a trap for Avon at Terminal.
22. Partners
   Servalan and Soolin are both trying to hunt down Nij Blake, and are forced to team up when they learn that he has been captured by Federation Security on the Planet Magellan Two. Servalan reveals more about Blake's birth, her most shocking claim yet. She is Blake's mother.

23. Spectre Of Auron
   All sorts of peculiar phenomena take place aboard the Liberator. Vila eventually uncovers a malign presence aboard the ship - it turns out to be the ghost of Cally, whose disembodied instinct is to claim revenge on Avon and Servalan for their roles in her death.

24. Gan
   A riot breaks out on a penal colony not far from Earth. The leader of the rioters, Toldo, escapes the planet in a courier ship equipped with an experimental hyperdrive. He heads toward the Outer Planets with the intention of finding the Liberator, on which he wrongly believes that he will find Olag Gan, with whom he has a longstanding score to settle. Meanwhile the Liberator plays host to alliance negotiations with Teal and Vandor.

25. Pacification
   The Liberator, at the head of a fleet provided by an Alliance between Teal and Vandor, moves to attack the planet Axius, the headquarters of the Pacification Programme. This attempt to destroy the base and cripple the Pacification Police force meets with resistance from Federation battle drones - all part of Avon's plan though, as he hopes that a special mechanism he has invented will use the drones' control signal to trace back to the control net.

26. Herculania
   With the Pacification Programme forcibly suspended, re-expansion of the Federation grinds to a sudden halt. Avon uses the opportunity this gives him to concentrate on destroying the Herculania defence grid. The Liberator   traces the signal information picked up during the battle at Axius to a large satellite station orbiting an unknown planet not far from Auron. From there, they eventually trace the signal back further and discover that its primary source is the system Delta Seven One Four - Terminal.

27. The Terminal Cancer
   The Liberator heads back to planet Terminal to investigate the heart of the defence network. There they discover a remarkable phenomenon that explains not only where the control network originates, but also how Servalan escaped when the Liberator originally blew up, and even how Terminal managed to end up so far from the Sol system.  

28. Monopasium
   Through a spacial anomaly at Terminal, the location of the defence grid - "Star Two" as the Federation calls it - is uncovered. It is a planet orbiting a red sun far beyond the Galactic core, a location almost unreachable except through the anomaly itself. The only way to access the anomaly (or "jump-point" as Hailee calls it) is to use new Federation Hyperspace technology. From the ruins of Toldo's ship, the Liberator crew install the hyperdrive in Daedalus, then search for a source of the only fuel powerful enough to give access to Hyperspace - Monopasium 239.

29. Star Two
   Hailee, Blake and Soolin set off in Daedalus to try and penetrate the Galactic core. A hectic journey ultimately proves successful. When they arrive at Star Two they find not only the heart of the defence grid, but also the construction ground for a new Federation Central Control centre. Knowing that they cannot win the battle here without help, Soolin sends a request to Liberator for help, as Avon feared. There is only one way that the Liberator can reach the Galactic Core - resort to the uncontrollable Negative Hyperspace engine. *HAILEE, ORAC AND GAN (computer) DIE*
30. Anarchy
   The destruction of the rebuilt Central Control mechanism and defence grid has left the Federation more vulnerable than ever. Neutral and enemy regimes across Terran space take the opportunity to invade their weakened neighbour. The President is overthrown by Demwuhl in a bloody coup, and Servalan is finally restored to power. Avon and the survivors of his crew return from the Galactic Core and attempt to infiltrate Earth and annihilate Servalan once and for all. *DEMWUHL, BREKIM AND THE PRESIDENT DIE*

31. Death Of An Empire
   With the Federation on the brink of collapse, Servalan has bought herself time by defeating the Liberator crew, who try to flee but are picked off one by one. Soon only Avon, Vila and Blake are left. Avon is captured and Servalan presents him with a choice - hunt down and kill Vila for her, or be executed. Vila and Blake try to free him, but Avon does as Servalan bids and Vila dies. Blake responds by managing to break his conditioning, and guns down his overconfident creator. *SERVALAN, SOOLIN, VILA AND CHAESLA DIE*

32. The Way Back
   With the power vacuum at the top of the Federation, Blake appears the logical choice to succeed her, with Avon as his chief advisor (which is to say, his puppeteer). Instead, when Blake and Avon have differences of opinion about how to defend and fortify the crumbling regime, Blake decides to turn the tables and attempts to have Avon killed. Avon escapes. For several years Blake consolidates his position of power, while Avon goes back on the run. Federation agents eventually find him and bring him to Blake, who reveals that Kyben has survived the destruction of the Subjugator - he and Dev Tarrant were cloned by the teleport and it was a fusion of these clones that materialised on the Liberator. Kyben is now going to perform surgery on Avon's mind. Several weeks later, Avon, believing himself to be a resister, becomes leader of a rebel group while answering to the name of Roj Blake.

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