BBC Video's finest hour (Lie Mode Cancel),

"Red Dwarf The Smeg Ups"
and "Red Dwarf Smeg Outs"

show compilations of some of the countless takes which ended up on the cutting room floor in the making of episodes of Red Dwarf.

But the list of bloopers that still get past the overworked editor's eye is almost endless. The following little beauties are gathered from all eight seasons, and new ones are being spotted all the time. All extra contributions are welcome (but please, no one mail me about the many, many errors that were made with the floor numbers on the Crimson Short One. I have left them all out because there'd be just too many to list.)




Episode 1 - THE END

Lister's clothes completely change on the way from the Captain's Office to the Stasis booth (remember, after sentencing the convict is not allowed to go home and tidy up, his sentence begins immediately, so Lister wouldn't have had a chance to go to his quarters and change).

The main entrance to the Captain's Office turns into a wall midway through the episode.

Kochanski says the Captain's office is "over there where it says Captain's office." It doesn't. There's a sign which says "Captain/Superto", but not "Captain's Office".

When Lister tells the door to lock, a stagehand gets caught in shot at the left edge of the sleeping quarters' window.

Two posters between the door and viewport of the sleeping quarters disappear before Lister goes into stasis, then reappear after he's released.

In the exam room, the arrangement of the pens on Rimmer's desk suddenly changes.

The piles of dust in the Drive Room, Teaching Room and corridors have disappeared by the time Lister and Rimmer meet the Cat.


The sign above the stasis booth has changed color since the first Episode.

Lister and Rimmer both go through a door in the Captain's Office that wasn't there in Episode one.

(I admit these next two are petty ones.)

Rimmer's Future Echo, in his conversation with Lister, doesn't quite do the same things the real Rimmer does when the conversation really happens a moment later (if you follow my meaning).

Likewise, the Cat's Future Echo when he cries "I think I lost my tooth" is at the foot of the corridor, whereas when the Cat really says it he's still leaving the sleeping quarters.

When the skutters are banging their heads against the wall in despair, one of them keeps missing.

Lister picks up the robot goldfish with his right hand, then after we cut to a different camera, he drops the fish into the tank from his left hand.

Just before the future echo with the babies appears, Rimmer stands next to a phone with a sign saying, "This phone will not accept incoming Earth-calls." The camera cuts to another angle and the sign and the phone have both disappeared.


Rimmer's label of rank is missing from his short-sleeved uniform.

The entrance to the Captain's Office has now transformed into a Food Dispenser.

Lister says he and Kochanski never made love but they were supposed to have had a three-week affair.

The ciggy-butts that Lister "tips out of his beer can" have obviously been dropped from his palm.

When Lister walks through Rimmer on his way to his chef's exam, they BOTH become temporarily transparent instead of just Rimmer.


Rimmer says he failed his engineering exam eleven times, but the last one he took in Episode one was his tenth. (By the way, Kryten's excuse... "He can't count, dummy, why do you think he keeps failing his exam?" is a good one, but it's still ONLY an excuse...)

The priest's glasses fall off as "Cloister" enters the chamber. I suppose it might have been a set-piece in the script but it's difficult to tell.

When Lister is reading "Run, Dick, run" from the Cat book, he is actually sniffing the start-page lining the book, and not one of the "written" pages.

When Talkie Toaster says "I toast, therefore I am," one of the film crew is reflected in his chrome casing.

The tapestry of the war between the Red-Hats and the Blue-Hats depicts both sides as wearing red hats. (Not in the Re-Mastered version.)

The vending machine's vocalisers light up when it's not speaking.

The Captain's records state that Lister has put in for sick leave on more than five hundred occasions. Later in the episode Lister says he's been with the company only eight months. This would mean Lister would have to request sick leave twice a day, every day. Possible I suppose, but I'm not convinced.


The vending machine's vocalisers light up when it's not speaking again.

The words "Medical Bay" suddenly seem to be painted inside the door of the Captain's office.

The vending machine in the Drive room has disappeared again.

Subtle one here. When Confidence says "I don't know, is it some place near Oo-roo-gway?" Lister is mouthing the same line.

Having fainted, Lister smirks when the Cat sings "S-E-X, I think I found it!"

Historical bloopers - the dates and places for the raining-herring and spontaneously-combusting-Mayor incidents are wrong. The only known case of herring falling from the sky was in Argyllshire in 1821, the only case in history of someone apparently spontaneously-combusting was in Paris in 1673.

Confidence takes off the helmet and holds it on his right arm. When his body disintegrates a moment later due to depressurisation, the helmet is suddenly sitting on the walkway to his left.

Episode 6 - ME SQUARED

While Lister's carrying the painting, the wall shakes as he touches the access panel to the Rimmer twins' quarters.

When Lister sneaks back into the Rimmers' quarters later, the door opens before he touches the access panel.

Lister's "D-D-Don't Shoot!!" T-shirt changes colour halfway through the episode.

Rimmer accuses Lister of spending two years deliberately and obstructively humming. In "Waiting for God", Lister said he'd only been with the company for eight months.

Lister flips rapidly through the pages of Rimmer's diary, but opens it on exactly the same page each time.

Lister's laundry basket rolls along the floor and comes to rest with its opening facing the sink. When he picks it up a moment later it's suddenly facing the door.

In Episode one, Holly identified the remains of Kochanski and Petersen in the Drive Room. However, in the video footage of Rimmer's death neither of them are present in the Drive Room during the Cadmium II explosion.

In the cinema, Rimmer 2 is sitting near the screen while Rimmer 1 plays hand shadows with the projector. When Lister does the ippy-dippy a moment later the two Rimmers have swapped places without moving.



Episode 1 - KRYTEN
NOTE: There's an incredible number of bloopers in this one.

Lister tells Kryten "You're beginning to sound like my Mum." How does he know? He never met his mother #, he was brought up by his step-gran.

Lister misses a bit when he spray-paints himself (in fact he misses a lot).

Lister throws the spray can skywards but it doesn't land.

Lister's "D-D-Don't Shoot!!" T-shirt changes colour again.

Tracey Johns is listed as the shortest of the survivors on the Nova 5 but in the group photo she's taller than the other two.

The name emblazoned on the Nova 5's hull appears to have been mis-spelt, "Novia 5".

A boom mike is caught in shot on the top right of the picture while Rimmer is learning Esperanto.

People who speak Esperanto are called Esperantists, Rimmer calls them Esperantinos.

Three of the notes in Holly's new music scale ("lah", "woh", and "boh") are exactly the same pitch.

The Cat's collar gains a tie ribbon on the way down to the Communications Suite.

Blue Midget is facing the wrong way in Red Dwarf's launch hangar.

On Blue Midget, when Rimmer takes off his hat the shadow of the boom mike is waving about near the top of the screen.

The wall wobbles when Lister hauls the Cat away from the mirror.

Rimmer is struggling not to smirk during the scene with the three skeletons.

When Kryten's scrubbing the floor, the bowl doesn't have any water in it.

The make-up which Kryten kindly applied to Jane Air's lucious ruby teeth has disappeared by the time the Red Dwarf crew arrive.

# Alright he did, but not knowingly.


Rimmer finds out for the first time that his Dad has died. However, in Series one, "Future Echoes", he implied that his Father committed suicide.

Holly's black collar is visible when he talks to Rimmer and Lister about the postal chess match against Gordon.

Some of the letters in the pile of mail have already been opened before Lister turns his attention to them.

The machine behind Rimmer's shoulder in the shiptop dome keeps wobbling.

Rimmer's tie is draped over his shoulder while Lister and the Cat are putting on their shades. As Lister starts up the bike, the tie is back in the right place, but Rimmer never moved it.


Lister's guitar changes completely from the one in the first series.

Lister isn't wearing his hat while Rimmer broods about Yvonne McGruder, but he is when we see the Black box recording of the same scene.

Holly's bed-cap overlaps the edge of his monitor in the sleeping quarters.

The Cat breaks his left foot but the plaster cast is on his right foot.

Lister and the Cat's plaster casts keep appearing and disappearing while they're on the moon.

While Rimmer reminisces about Lise Yates, Lister manages to remove his boots and socks and climb into his bunk in an impossibly quick time.

Rimmer's tie is undone while he's reminiscing about Lise Yates, but when we cut to the Black box camera, his tie is done up.

Where does Rimmer find the love-letters? He goes INTO the sleeping quarters to confront Lister about them. Surely Lister didn't keep them in the Drive room or anything.

Episode 4 - STASIS LEAK
NOTE: Another avalanche of mistakes in this one.

When Rimmer hides inside the table, his light bee appears to pass through it as well. He is also not visible under the table.

If the Future Lister is from five years hence why is it Lister hasn't married Kochanski in any episode set over the next three hundred years?

Rimmer, Lister and the Cat aren't reflected in the mirror when the big guy with the beard finds them in the shower.

The contents of the sleeping quarters are identical in both time zones. The three-million-years-ago sleeping quarters should be arranged similarly to how it was in "The End" in series one.

The second time we see the scene with Rimmer's head popping out of the table, his line "There, that wasn't too bad, was it?" is missed out.

In the credits, Petersen's name is spelt with three E's. In the credits in series one his name was spelt "Peterson."

The scene where Rimmer the hologram passes his past self at the vending machine is shown twice. The first time we see it (the black and white version) the two Rimmers and Lister are the only ones there. The second time we see it two other people walk past.

In series one the Captain's office was just an alcove of the Drive Room. Now it suddenly appears to have gained an extra wall and is about double the size.

Kochanski's wedding photo changes during the episode.

Kochanski herself changes as well (different actress in the last scene).

While Rimmer argues with Captain Paxo, the wastebin next to his leg turns into a paint bucket and the beer bottle next to the bunk vanishes.

The paint in the bucket is green and not red. Perhaps Rimmer and Lister were instructed to paint Starbug? Okay, but then Starbug would surely be kept in the hangar when it was being painted, so why would they need their spacesuits? (And why would the job require eight weeks' work?)

The clock in the shower-room says it's the year 2077 but Lister won't even be born until the twenty third century.

Lister says that it's three weeks before the radiation leak that wiped out the crew. This is impossible as it says March on the clock, and in series one, "ME Squared", it was stated that the crew died six weeks after Gazpacho Soup Day (which is November 25th).

Episode 5 - QUEEG

Lister's "D-D-Don't shoot!!" T-shirt has changed colour once more.

Lister says the tape of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" must have gotten twisted. It's a CD.

Lister says that it was Rimmer who said "Really? That explains everything." But in fact it was the Cat who said it.

At the end of the match the chess board on the screen does not appear to stand at check-mate.

Everyone and everything gets thrown all over the place when the meteor hits the ship except for El Skutto who, mysteriously, doesn't budge an inch.

A few moments after the explosion in the Hologram simulation suite, Holly's monitor suddenly "warps" across to the other side of the room.


The Cat stumbles into that strange wooden object by the door that looks like a small dingo. You can hear his feet bumping against it as he leaves the female sleeping quarters.

After using the Hop Drive, Holly says "There's nothing out there, just space" but when they switch on the monitor screen, the duplicate Red Dwarf is orbiting an entire moon.

The Cat looks at the wrong camera when he's complaining to the audience about the Dog's choice of toothpaste.

The Female Rimmer's newsclippings and certificates are all in ARNOLD Rimmer's name.



Episode 1 - SDRAWKCAB

The wires are glaringly visible when Rimmer is ejected from Starbug.

Lister is still twenty five, which is the same age he was when he came out of stasis at least two years earlier.

During the fight, one of the guys in the pub is wearing a "Flash Gordon" shirt with the logo forwards. (The actor should have worn it inside out.)

Rimmer isn't using his remote holo-projection cage.

Just before Lister punches someone's tooth back into place, a member of the production crew can be glimpsed through the window. You can see him/her moving around behind a scenery blind which hasn't been properly fixed into place.

The backward logic hasn't been perfected. If time is running backwards, Rimmer and Kryten's employment should begin when they are sacked. Instead, this is when they leave. Also Lister and the Cat shouldn't have to give directions to the guy who gives them a lift until they are dropped off.

The reflection picture used at the end of the episode with the taxi has, of course, turned everything around, instead of just the number plate.

Lister mouths the Cat's line "Your gajungas will suddenly rise back into your body, and the next thing you know you're singing soprano in the school choir!"

If everything in this Universe is backwards, including solid objects it appears, presumably this even includes the structure of matter. Therefore this Universe is actually composed of anti-matter, in which case the crew would explode as soon as they make contact with anything here.

Episode 2 - MAROONED

Starbug wobbles like a model on a string during take-off.

Lister's guitar is now different from the one in Series 2.

Lister asks Rimmer when he lost his virginity, then falls for the "I was 19" routine. But in series two, "Thanks for the Memory", Rimmer already told him that those twelve minutes with Yvonne McGruder were his only time.

The snapped "guitar" does a somersault. When Lister puts it into the fire-barrel, the broken end of the guitar's neck is sticking out. However when Rimmer comes back aboard, the neck is the other way up.

The outer edges of the false guitar cut from Rimmer's trunk are black. However, when Lister snaps it in two, the wood of the broken edges is a much lighter colour. This means it's very obvious that the false guitar was cut from the trunk previously, and that for some reason its edges were painted.

When transmitting the Mayday message, Rimmer is somehow holding down the comms switch.

Rimmer says to keep page sixty one of "Lolita", but Lister pulls out the left-side page and pockets it. As odd-numbered pages in books are on the right side, this means he must have kept page sixty or sixty two. (And no, he WASN'T holding it upside-down. Lister has enough trouble reading big-print pop-up books, I refuse to accept he could read a novel upside-down. If you watch the sequence you can see the front cover quite clearly anyway. It's DEFINITELY the right way up.)

(Incidentally, many people have complained that, being a hologram, Rimmer shouldn't have been able to smell the burning wood of his trunk. However, it's never been made clear whether or not holograms do have a sense of smell, so I've decided not to include it. Also note that Rimmer was able to smell Lister's moon-boots in "Kryten", series two. Indeed, he complains about Lister's hygiene far too often for someone whose nose doesn't work.)

Episode 3 - POLYMORPH

Lister has a well-recorded hatred of fresh vegetables but the meal he prepares includes lettuce and cucumber.

There's no kebab in the Cat's bowl.

Kryten and the Cat vanish while Rimmer confronts the Polymorph in the cargo bay, then reappear after the creature runs away.

The red shorts are still visible on the bunk after the Polymorph changes into the snake.

The snake changes shape and loses its stripes as it leaps at Lister.

The "Contents: 2" sign is not on the capsule at the beginning of the episode.

The polymorph goes through a metal pipe and tap which bulge and become mis-shapen. Once the creature has climbed out, the plumbing suddenly snaps back into its original shape. How? It's made of metal, it isn't elastic.

Rimmer's Mum almost starts her "alphabetti spaghetti" line too early.

Episode 4 - BODYSWAP

Lister calls Blue Midget White Midget.

After the Scrabble game, Lister leaps out of his seat and you can hear it scraping the floor. But as Lister's in a hologrammatic body he shouldn't be able to move anything.

Lister, who is supposed to be vegetated, smirks when the Cat drops the personality tape in the coffee cup.

(These next three are not in the Re-Mastered Version.)

When Blue Midget is viewed from the outside, Kryten is on the starboard side of the cockpit. When we cut to inside the cockpit he's on the port side.

Starbug and Blue Midget wobble a lot during the chase above the moon.

Starbug's right rear leg falls off as it scrapes the first patch of rocks, but its attached again a few seconds later.

Episode 5 - TIMESLIDES

When Lister altered the time-lines Rimmer should have disappeared too as Holly only revived him to keep Lister sane in the first place. Surely there was no other reason to revive HIM...

Fred Holden's nickname is spelt "Thickie" on the sign at the foot of his bed, but spelt "Thicky" in the credits at the end of the Episode.

Serious mistake here. Kryten was the one who created the Timeslides to begin with. Therefore when Lister altered history and Kryten's rescue from the Nova 5 was wiped, the Timeslides, or more precisely the developing fluid, should have ceased to exist. However Rimmer and Holly still have access to them afterwards.

(Doubtful one here.) If the developing fluid has mutated, how come the photo Lister took of himself and the babies in "Future Echoes" wasn't a Timeslide? Alright, it was an instant photo, but there's still a lot of similar stuff involved.

The crew cannot move outside the confines of a timeslide, but in the pub and the school dormitory, they clearly move into areas beyond the edges of the photos.

Another historical blooper: Von Stauffenberg's assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler in 1944 was at Rastenburg, not Nuremberg as suggested here - the Nuremberg Rallies ended in 1938.

Return to Backwards Earth: Lister enters the photo of Frank's wedding and turns into his own reflection (maybe Kryten put the slide in back-to-front).

When Lister is hit by the snowball, some of the snow gets onto Rimmer's hologrammatic clothes.

Rimmer shines the torch into the picture, but you can see the patch of light moving along the wall behind the screen.

Rimmer is still in his hologrammatic uniform after he's restored to life.

Kryten doesn't recognise a pub even though he was working in one on Backwards Earth only a few weeks earlier.

Inflatable Ingrid, Rimmer's polythene pal, has now been re-named Rachel for some reason (I suppose he might have been seeing each of them behind the other's back, the beast).

Episode 6 - THE LAST DAY

At the beginning of the party, Holly's screen has fingerprints all over it. At the end of the party they've vanished.

Kryten is a Series 4000 mechanoid, but throughout the episode he is referred to as a Series III.



Episode 1 - CAMILLE

Kryten complains that he can't lie. But at the end of "The Last Day" in series three he told a lie (or at least he thought he did) in order to destroy Hudzen.

Episode 2 - DNA

Kryten now has three spare heads but he only had one in "The Last Day".

The transmogrifier beam keeps changing colour.

Lister's clothes vanish during the transmogrification process, then reappear when he's restored to human form. Where were they in between times?

Kryten says all human cells have DNA in them, which is not true. They clearly don't do the best human biology courses at Toilet University.

Episode 3 - JUSTICE

Rimmer's hat disappears after he enters the mind-scanner.

Rimmer's long-service medals aren't on his ceremonial uniform during the trial.

One of the escort boots appears to pass through a wall as it rounds a corner.

Kryten now says Rimmer failed his exam on thirteen occasions. Kryten can't count either.

The full crew in previous episodes was given as one hundred and sixty nine, but an extra thousand have suddenly been added.

At the end of the episode, the crew walk along a corridor listening to Lister ranting away, walk round a pillar, then very clearly walk straight back down the same corridor.

Lister says the Cat hasn't met a woman before, but he did in "Stasis Leak", "Parallel Universe", and "Backwards". At a stretch, even "Timeslides" can be added to that list.

Episode 4 - WHITE HOLE

The model of Talkie Toaster is completely different from the one which appeared in Series one.

Lister nearly breaks his finger on some cutlery while arguing with the Toaster.

Holly may have had her intelligence compressed but she still has trouble counting. She says she has two minutes thirty five seconds to live, then about five seconds later she says she has two minutes to live. Less than twenty seconds after that she says she has one minute thirty left.

Kryten appears to know the contents of the computer slug before he's played them.


Young Arnold keeps stuttering his lines, poor lad.

The Dimension Jump drive isn't a Time Machine, but it sends Ace Rimmer three million years into the future.

During the launch sequence, the Dimension jump ship is tilted backwards on its landing struts. We see a view of Ace in the cockpit both before and afterwards, and the background both times is the same; the background should have rotated clockwise by about thirty degrees, but instead is in exactly the same position as before.

The tune to "Rasta Billy Skank" is very different from the record Lister was playing in "Balance of Power", series one.

Kryten manages to see Ace's ship before it materialises.

When Lister drops the magazine in front of Bonehead Rimmer it lands closed. It's open when Bonehead starts to read it, but as he can't touch it, how was it opened?

Ace finds out that Bonehead can't touch anything, then asks him to help with the Drive repairs.

Episode 6 - MELTDOWN

In the sleeping quarters, Rimmer keeps turning the swivel chair, impossible for a hologram. Then on the Waxworld, his breath turns to steam in the cold air, but it's only pseudo-breath.

During the inspection parade you can glimpse members of the production crew past Kryten's shoulder on the extreme left edge of the screen. (Because this is so far to the side, it doesn't show up on some TV screens.)

The matter transporter transmits its users as light-beams. As the Waxworld is two hundred thousand light years away, it should have taken two hundred thousand years for the crew to travel there from Red Dwarf.

In the chimney stack, the only light is provided when Lister turns on his cigarette lighter. He turns it off a moment later but the light still remains.

During the battle, parts of Kryten's leg-plating have been replaced with bin-liners.

Holly doesn't download from Starbug into Kryten's remote VDU, but she's with the crew during the battle on Waxworld.

Rimmer has a change of clothes in the teleport but Holly wasn't instructed to give him another uniform.

When Rimmer and Kryten are talking before the inspection parade, Elvis can be glimpsed waiting out of shot for his cue - his shadow can be seen on the door.

Kryten's CPU housing changes size several times during the battle.




These episodes were released on video in buggered-up order. Therefore, I'm not sure if I'VE listed them in the right order either.

Episode 1 (I think) - THE INQUISITOR

Kryten's ID code is given as Additional 001, but as the Cat joined the crew before him, it should have been Additional 002. (It has been suggested that, as Holly's a computer, the Cat may have been given the code Additional 000. However, if the system starts from 000, Lister's ID code - see next blooper - would surely be Lister-D-00168.)

Lister gives his ID code as Lister-D-00169. In series one, "Future Echoes", he gave it as RD-52-169.

Thomas Allman has no memory of his trial when the Inquisitor arrives to wipe him from history, but Lister and Kryten do remember theirs when they are being sentenced.

The chopped hand should have disappeared when the Inquisitor was wiped from history.

The Future Kryten only kicks the Time Gauntlet a couple of feet but Lister is able to pick it up at the other end of the corridor.

Holly is able to read Lister's palm print, but he still has his glove on.

Lister says Rimmer got off with Fiona Barrington when he was fifteen. Again this contradicts the Yvonne McGruder business.

Episode 2 - TERRORFORM

At the start of the Episode Robert Llewellyn's real wrist is caught in shot just before Kryten removes his hand.

Kryten produces a cutting torch out of thin air.

Kryten's CPU says his legs are crushed beyond repair but Lister (of all people!) is able to fix them.

The words appear on the computer screen out of synch with Lister and the Cat's typing.

Starbug 1 is smashed to bits on the psi-moon. Kryten is rescued by Lister and the Cat in Starbug 2, but they're all aboard Starbug 1 when they're searching for Rimmer in the swamp later on.

Why does Rimmer demand to be taken to the BRITISH Embassy? He's Ionian, not British.

Episode 3 - HOLOSHIP

Rimmer says he left home at sixteen, but in "Better Than Life", series two, he said he divorced his parents at fourteen. (It might have been a children's home he was referring to I suppose, but it doesn't sound like it in the context of everything else he says in this scene.)

In the elevator, the "H" is coming away from Nirvana Crane's forehead.


The Low Lister still exists after the lifespan of the Triplicates has expired.

Kryten says he threw the triplicator in reverse, but it was Lister who did it.

The first time High Kryten gets shot he speaks without moving his lips.

Lister's nose is supposed to get jammed in the door of the supply cabinet, but it's clearly nowhere near it.

Lister is able to remember playing pool with planets (from series four, "White Hole") but that event was wiped from history when the White Hole was blocked.

The Cat starts too early on his line, "The posse!"

The Cat should only be able to control the lower half of Lister's body when he sits on the spinal implant. Instead he's able to control his arms as well.

The Highs, who are described by Lister as "so much smarter than we are", are fully aware of their original selves and of what brought themselves into being, and yet are completely unaware of the Lows or how they would have been brought into being by the same process.

The Low Cat's teeth tilt in directions they shouldn't when we first see him.

The Low Cat has four eyebrows on the cargo deck and in the Drive Room, but only two when the Low Kryten nuts him later on.

The sounds of the harp are out of synch with the High Lister's fingering.

Lister's hat falls off when he's sent flying by the exploding supply crates, but he's wearing it as he sits up. It then falls off again when the Low Lister spits at him, but he's STILL wearing it as he rolls away.

Kryten fails basic arithmetic again. He says the triplicator can create up to five strawberries a week but the triplicator makes two copies of everything, and five is NOT a multiple of two.

Lister bends the axe-head when he smashes it into the wall above the door. It's fixed again a few seconds later.

Kryten plucks a bottle of chloroform from thin air.

Episode 5 - QUARANTINE

Lister "shuffles" the cards by taking four from the top of the deck and very, very clearly putting them back in exactly the same place.

When Starbug lands during the opening sequence, it comes to rest slightly above the ground.

Lanstrom is a hologram, not hard-light as far as we can tell, but if you watch her hands when she corners Lister, Kryten and the Cat you'll see she's holding onto the fence.

(Seriously petty one) The dart couldn't have entered Kryten's skull at that angle.

In the quarantine quarters, after Kryten injects the luck virus into Lister's neck, the hypodermic gun vanishes.

More of the keys on the lockpad switch off than Lister actually presses.


Andy calls Lister the ultimate atheist, but in "The Last Day", series three, Lister said he was a pantheist.

This time Kryten fails marine biology. He calls octopoids "piscine", but piscine means fish, and octopoids are molluscs.

Billy Doyle's dilemma appears to be no different to Arnold Rimmer's; Rimmer also shared an upbringing with richer, more important siblings, but still blamed his under-achievements on his parents. Why can't Billy Doyle do the same?

Rimmer keeps moving his seat during the pretend car-chase.

When we first see the SSS Esperanto, the film appears to be running backwards - the bubbles are dropping down to the sea-bed instead of floating to the surface.




Episode 1 - PSIRENS

Lister's guitar has changed again, and it now has all its strings where it had several missing before.

The psiren says Lister hasn't dallied with a lady for over three million years, but he'd previously had two such unfortunate encounters, with his female opposite in "Parallel Universe" (series two) and with the Polymorph in series three (I admit that may have been a sensible one to leave off the list...)

More hologrammatic turning of the swivel chairs by Rimmer.

A previously-invisible stairway has materialised along the wall of Starbug's mess deck.

Lister seems to have forgotten that he's already a Dad (remember he gave birth to twins? Now Kochanski says she's given birth to the same two boys, and Lister falls for it). Could be the effects of the time he's spent in Deep Sleep.

After Starbug collides with the meteorite, as it heads in to crashland on the asteroid, the "Starbug" marking on the cockpit is painted on backwards.

Lister is dressed in his pyjamas during the meteor shower. He, Rimmer and the Cat rush straight down to the Engineering level when they realise it was an illusion, but somehow Lister's fully-dressed again.

Episode 2 - LEGION

Throughout the episode, Kryten's posterior-plate is not properly fastened into place.

Lister shouldn't be able to get peritonitis, because, as Rimmer found out in series two, "Thanks for the Memory", he's already had his appendix out (NOTE: As Lister's body was re-built by the transmogrifier in "DNA", series four, his appendix might have been regenerated then).

While the Cat complains about the whole control panel being dead, Lister is mouthing the same line.

The door squeaks when Legion shows Lister to his room.

The pendant-chain around the Cat's neck shortens as he walks through the complex, and is then full length again in the morning.

When Legion stabs his left hand, everyone else shares his pain and is supposed to cradle their left hand. However, Lister cradles his right hand.

After Rimmer extracts his own light bee it vanishes without a trace.


Lister mouths the Cat's "lying cartoons" line as he says it.

Kryten calls out a different All-Nations Agreement Article number to the one Rimmer invokes.

Lister says he let the the escape capsule "escape last Thursday". Hogwash. The whole crew had been unconcious for the previous THREE WEEKS.

The first guy Rimmer beats up gets thumped in the face but cradles the top of his head.

The inside of the saloon is totally different when viewed from the outside.

Both times he leaves the saloon, Lister is bare-handed as he reaches the door, but once he's outside he has his gloves on.

The scar on Death's face is under his left eye when we first see him. At the end of the episode it's on his nose.

The bar wobbles when Rimmer hurls the cowboy over it.

The Cat fails miserably in his attempt to glamorously twirl the pistols on his fingers.

When the Cat blocks Frank and Duke's shots, four bullets are fired, only two land on the floor. Also, Frank and Duke fired at different times but the Cat's shots block both bullets in the same instant.

The two bullets that land on the floor appear to be undamaged by the collisions with the other two.

Kryten's hat falls to the floor when Jimmy plays his trick with the whip, but it's lying on the bar a few seconds later.


The airlock opens before Ace activates the door controls.

Lister gets the words in the wrong order when he tries to impersonate the Enforcement Vehicle (his line should begin "Butts bony" not "Bony butts").

The GELF chief is more or less clean-shaven when the crew first meet him, but he suddenly has an enormous beard in the hut.

The Cat's ear-rings disappear when he's attacked by the Emohawk.

The "H" on Ace's forehead is slightly lopsided while he's talking to Lister and Kryten via the intercom.

Both Ace and the emohawk are sprayed with the liquid Dyllinium, but only the emohawk is paralysed.

The explosion seems to happen somewhere to the LEFT of the grenade.


Again Lister is guilty of rehearsing during filming. He mouths the Cat's "Form an orderly queue" line.

During the confrontation with the simulant, the camera can briefly be seen reflected in Kryten's CPU housing.

The statue in the throneroom should logically be modelled on Rimmer, but instead it looks like Mark Anthony.

When "Arnold Caesar" kisses his concubine "treasure of pulchritude" goodbye, the Rimmer concubine appears to be kissing a woman dressed in the outfit of a Roman soldier.

The pod is travelling much faster than Starbug, with a head-start, and takes days to reach the planet. And yet, Kryten states that it will only take Starbug a few hours to arrive as well.

Episode 6 - OUT OF TIME

Why are the crew so excited about finding a Time drive? In the previous episode, "Rimmerworld", the Simulants' teleporter was able to transport them through time (and space), so what have they gained that they didn't have before?

If the Series 3000 was withdrawn for looking too similar to humans, how come Hudzen, Kryten's successor, frankly looked far more human than either Kryten or Lister ("The Last Day", series three).

Lister begins his line, "What do you think of the picket fence?" a little too early.

Why bother blasting the Time Drive? It would have been destroyed when Starbug blew up anyway.

The future Rimmer has gained weight and seriously aged. Why? He could have programmed his light bee to maintain the physical image data of his younger years.


NOTE: Some of the details referred to here can only be seen in the "Red Dwarf VII Xtended" Video. These ones will be marked by an asterisk *.

Episode 1 - TIKKA TO RIDE

When Starbug empties the waste disposal *, the muck falls to the planet's rings instead of the planet.

When typing Starbug's co-ordinates for the distress call, Lister's fingers don't make contact with the keyboard.

The Time drive didn't have teleport abilities when they found it, but now it sends them back to Earth. And WHY can't the crew use it to send them back to the Earth in their own time *?

The explanation for how Kennedy's assassination was restored to history contradicts the explanation at the beginning of the episode for how the crew survived the battle with their future selves (i.e. a person killing his past self will only cause a paradox and time will reset itself to an earlier point).

The Time drive looks nothing like it did in series six, "Out Of Time".

The gunshots from the cops don't leave any bullet-holes on the book-crates.

The Cat was complaining in "Out Of Time" that the crew had nothing to celebrate with except urine recyc, but now, Kryten states that the lager has only just run out due to the time anomalies, and produces a bottle of Cinzano to swig from.

The curry supplies, when Lister salvages them *, are vastly greater in quantity than the stocks the crew originally stole from the simulants in "Rimmerworld", series six.

Eric White's corpse must have been lying in the road for at least a year but it hasn't started decomposing.

The Cat's nauseous reaction to eating Eric White seems odd given that, firstly, he is a different species and therefore it cannot be cannabilism, and secondly, when the idea of eating human flesh has occured to him before e.g. "Better Than Life", series two, it didn't faze him in the slightest.

The corpse disappears as the crew walk away.


The Nazi Commandant apparently manages to find a parachute and a bundle of dynamite sticks without even leaving his seat.

Ace guns down the last two soldiers despite being off-target by a good twenty degrees.

While on the bike, Ace Rimmer accelerates away from the Nazi troops, but his right hand is holding a gun and not the throttle handle.

Hard light should make holograms invulnerable, and impenetrable to solid objects, so it should be impossible for Ace's light bee to be damaged by the bullet.

The Queen giggles when she asks the King to show faith in his Champion.

Lister's helmet visor doesn't close properly.

The plumes on the knight's helmet change pattern from striped to checked (could be a result of the steed-cheat code).

Shaking right hands is of course a sign of brotherhood, or at least mutual respect. However for some reason, Ace and Bonehead shake left hands, which is a gesture of war.

Episode 3 - OUROBOROS

Surely Kochanski and the Alternative Cat should be dead by now - they don't appear to have lost their Red Dwarf so they won't have had a reason to go into Deep sleep for two hundred years.

Lister tells Kryten and the Cat that the word OUROBOROS was written on the side of the box he was found in. However in "Out of Time", series six, he shook his head when Kryten asked him if he knew what was written there.

Lister is shown smuggling Frankenstein the Cat aboard Red Dwarf after visiting Mimas, but in series one, "The End", he told Captain Hollister that he smuggled her aboard on Titon.

In the scene after her leg is harpooned, when Kochanski sits up in the medi-bay, a boom mike is caught in shot, top-right of the screen.

Why is Kochanski falling into non-space? As it's total void, there should be no gravity. And why is there air down there?

What does Kochanski mean when she says there are twenty seconds until she's out of reach? She doesn't know about the harpoon gun or the rope, so out of reach of what?

Episode 4 - DUCT SOUP

Lister leaves his pillow on his bed when he goes to have a shower, but afterwards it's in the fridge.

Most of the objects on the shelf above Kochanski's bunk suddenly disappear before she puts on her ear-muffs. (In fact, these objects might be the very things that the ear-muffs were made from, but I can't say for sure.)

Kochanski's hair is tidy when she talks to Kryten on the mess deck. It's a complete mess when she starts eating the peaches, then tidy again when she arrives in Lister's quarters.

When Lister presents the bath to Kochanski, a boom mike is briefly caught in shot at the top of the screen; look above and just to the left of Kochanski as she says, "I don't know what to say."

Kochanski's ear-rings change shape on the way down to the mess deck.

Lister's belt keeps appearing and disappearing while he's in the ducts.

Kryten's hand starts to "dissolve" when the crew are being showered in the back-wash.

Kryten states that he couldn't cook a human without his slow cooker *, but he barbecued Eric White in Tikka To Ride.

The wall wobbles when Lister drops out of the ducts.

Episode 5 - BLUE

When ploughing through the tail of the comet, Starbug does a full one-eighty degree turn but Lister never turned the steering vane.

Rimmer is in his hard-light uniform while playing the locker game, but this was a flashback to a time long before the crew met Legion.

Look closely while Lister and Rimmer are playing the locker game. Doors sixty seven and sixty eight seem to open onto the same locker.

When Rimmer sings the Munchkin song his chin keeps disappearing into his outfit.

Episode 6 - BEYOND A JOKE

The simulant slams Able's head so hard the bar he uses to do it with is bent out of all shape. A few seconds later he does it again, but the bar appears to be more-or-less straight again.

When Lister "kicks" the Rogue Simulant he misses by a visible ten inches.

Kryten says that his and Abel's serial number ('middle name') is 2X4C. In "The Last Day" in season three, it was given as 2X4B.

The simulant calls Kryten's creator Doctor Mahmet, but she was a Professor, not a Doctor.

Episode 7 - EPIDEME

There's a bruise on Lister's face after Kochanski decks him, but it's gone later.

Kochanski only cuts about a third of the way through Caroline Carmen's arm before it falls off (could be the effects of decomposition, I suppose, but my bet is that it's the effects of bad props).

Episode 8 - NANARCHY

Lister's arm is genetically re-engineered by the nanobots. But in series one, "Future Echoes", the future Lister had had his arm replaced with a mechanical limb instead.

A new door has appeared out of nowhere in the wall of Starbug's mess deck.

Kochanski says that the scanners detected a moon populated by air-hostesses "last month", but the crew must have just spent at least a century in deep sleep.

After the nanobots finish rebuilding Lister's arm, his shoulders are clothed when viewed from distance but uncovered when the camera zooms in on his face.



Episode 1 - BACK IN THE RED (Part one)
NOTE: Quite a few here, brace yourself...

Kochanski says that Starbug picked her up after Holly was re-booted, when in fact it was months before.

Selby's accent has changed from Brummy to Home Counties.

The psychiatrist is called McClaren, but in series two, "Queeg", Lister said his name was Brannigan.

Starbug 1 flew underneath Starbug 2 in the final moments of Nanarchy, series seven, but in this episode when the moment is shown again, Starbug 1 flies around it instead.

The Space Corps logo has changed.

The cabinet with the Marilyn Monroe poster is missing from the sleeping quarters.

Red Dwarf has been rebuilt according to its original design, but it hadn't been in "Nanarchy".

Lennon and McCartney aren't in the fish-tank.

Lister's Holly-watch has changed colour.

Lister takes a good deal MORE than a minute to make Rimmer say something but still wins the bet.

(A picky one again) If Lister has still had the sexual magnetism virus after all this time, why has he never used it to try and get Kochanski's blood racing?

Lister's guitar changes yet again. It's also in the sleeping quarters on Red Dwarf when it should be on Starbug (I suppose the nanos might have built a second one, but WHY would anyone want to do such a terrible thing?).

Holly says only the senior officers on Red Dwarf know about the brig and its inhabitants, so how come Rimmer knows so much about it?

Episode 2 - BACK IN THE RED (Part two)

The luck virus makes people's dreams come true, so it shouldn't have cured Lister of the sexual magnetism virus while Kochanski was all over him.

Rimmer's hair is a mess as he walks down the corridor, but it's tidy when he enters the medi-bay.

In the toilets, the armour plate covering Kryten's posterior isn't fastened into place once again.

Episode 3 - BACK IN THE RED (Part three)

Rimmer contracts the virus when Lister sprinkles it on his shoulder, but it should only take effect when someone injects or drinks it. Otherwise, why didn't Lister contract it when it was on his fingertips in the previous episode?

The Cat's hand is a little too high on Kochanski's person when he tries to keep her away from Rimmer (this may not be a mistake on Danny John Jules' part, but I'm sure it wasn't in the script).

The epaulette on Rimmer's prison uniform is undone in the cell. (Might be a deliberate reference to the fight he had with the chaplain, not very clear though.)

What Rimmer says does not match what he types (he's clearly just jabbing keys at random).

When the Cat says "You mean to help you get out if the program freezes?", a soundman hiding behind the control panel behind him gets caught in shot - you can see the top of his head sticking out on the top-right of the picture.

Just before the Cat begins his dance routine with the Blue Midgets, Kochanski is sitting at the back of the cockpit and is bouncing up and down on her seat while the craft is stationery. Then when the ship starts moving she sits perfectly still.

The Space Corps has been re-named the Federation for no reason. I mean, if the only life in the Universe is a mix of Terran-descendants and GELFs (who are enemies of the Space Corps anyway), who is the Space Corps Federated with?

The Cat and Kryten are tried as members of the Space Corps, which they are not.

Episode 4 - CASSANDRA

Norman Lovett's left shirt-collar is visible as he talks to Lister about turning into a dog.

Rimmer doesn't have a body-warmer as he boards the derelict, then comes up with one with his name on it to give to Knott.

If Cassandra can see the future she would have forseen that her revenge plan against Lister was doomed to fail.

The Cat nearly elbows Rimmer in the face while the crew are trying to escort him to the diving bell.

Rimmer soaks Kochanski and floods the lower deck when he turns on the damaged water pump, but all the water has disappeared when Lister arrives.

Lister and Kryten appear to know about the prediction that Rimmer would sleep with Kochanski, even though they weren't there when Cassandra announced it.

If the Future is already decided, events in episodes such as "Timeslides", "Parallel Universe" and "Dimension Jump" are impossible. (To be fair, Lister's words at the end of the episode appear to be a testimony to this.)

Episode 5 - KRYTIE TV

Another mystifying conjuring trick. At the start of the Episode, Lister isn't carrying anything as he walks down the corridor from the mail-room to his cell, then he plucks the bed-support post and the bundle of letters out of thin air.

Kill Crazy is still alive but he was supposed to drown with the other Canaries aboard Silverberg in the previous episode.

If Lister isn't allowed to carry dangerous objects in case he might try to commit suicide with them, why is he later carrying a fully-armed assault rifle?

The guitar changes AGAIN.

Kochanski is on the shuttle with the other Canaries when they're returning from the Derelict, but has disappeared by the end of the scene.

Rimmer never heard the "OHM"-song until he became a hologram, and this is not the same Rimmer so he shouldn't know about it.

Some of the camera angles during the shower scene could only have been taken from floor level. As Kryten isn't waterproof, he wouldn't have been down that low.

What was Kochanski doing to get so dirty that she needed to take a shower for THREE hours? (Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining...)

Episode 6 - PETE (Part 1)

Look closely at their chests (if you can bare to) and you'll see Lister and Rimmer still have body hair after the virus finishes with them. They also still have eyebrows. And why did the virus eat clothes and hair anyway? It was only programmed to eat potato skins.

When Lister sprays Bob with WD40, watch the top-right corner of the screen very, VERY closely. The fingers of whoever is operating Bob's head is very briefly caught in shot (again this doesn't show up on some TV screens because of the extreme position in the picture).

Whenever Bob puts his head through a hole, his neck bends in impossible directions.

Ackerman's left eye seems to have miraculously grown back. (It doesn't look like a glass eye anyway.)

While Kryten says "Leave it to me. I have an excellent place to conceal it," the guy frozen in time behind him blinks.

When Kryten zaps Lister and Rimmer with the time-wand to restore their hair, their woolly hats disappear.

Kryten's shot with the Tempus wand couldn't have hit Pete from that angle because the Cat would have been in the way.

Yet more failed education at Toilet University. Birds evolved about thirty million years BEFORE therapods. However, Kryten's theory states that birds are DESCENDED from therapods.

Pete steps on Bird-man's specs, but Bird-man is wearing them when he gets eaten a few seconds later.

Bob is with the others on the loading bay while Pete eats Bird-man, but then disappears without a trace as everyone starts to run away.

Bird-man's boots fall to the deck as Pete swallows him, but they've vanished when the dinosaur starts to chase the others.

Episode 7 - PETE (Part 2)

Pete's bird-form was dead before the time-wand was used to turn him into a dinosaur, so he should have been dead again when the undo button was pressed.

Bird-man disappears while he, Rimmer and Lister are chasing the second dinosaur.

If Lister and Rimmer's bodies have entered a separate time-stream from their minds, they shouldn't be able to move as the nerve-signals wouldn't leave their brains.

The Holly-watch has changed again.

Archie makes a mess while pinging around the cell, but by the time he's disappeared under Kochanski's bunk again the mess is tidied up.

The lower deck where the Canaries hunt for Pete looks suspiciously like interior of the ship in which they found Cassandra.

Pete was male so how come it laid an egg?

Episode 8 - ONLY THE GOOD

The wall shakes when Rimmer tries to silence the dispensing machine.

Captain Hollister's sore throat miraculously heals while he's talking to Talia.

Rimmer covers up the wrong speaker on the Vending machine. He pastes the sticky labels over the input phone (which people are supposed to speak into) instead of the loudspeaker which is just above it.

Kryten hid four bottles of Hooch in the cell. Lister empties one of them down the sink and Rimmer says afterwards that there are TWO left. He really can't count can he?



Episode 1 - BACK TO EARTH (Part 1)

In the memorial chamber, the Cat drops in on Lister from the level above. But when the memorial chamber is viewed from the outside, it shows very clearly that there is no level above; it's just a large observation dome protruding from the side of the ship.

Lister's left glove disappears while he's shouting at Rimmer on the supply deck, then re-appears a moment later.

Rimmer already has ink on his forehead before Lister throws the tentacle at him.

Episode 2 - BACK TO EARTH (Part 2)

Judging by the way the box he is holding onto tilts, Lister is being hauled by the pull of the vortex toward the right edge of the screen. However, his locks are being pulled in the opposite direction.

Episode 3 - BACK TO EARTH (Part 3)

Kryten leans forward to study the innards of the postbox. Cutting to another camera angle, he is stood upright, but he never righted himself.



Kryten is identified as a Series 3000 mechanoid, not a Series III (as he was described in "The Last Day", series three) nor a Series 4000 (as he was identified in "Dimension Jump", series four). According to series six, "Out Of Time", the Series 3000 was the human-looking precursor to Kryten's generation.

In the "Ten Most Asked Questions About Red Dwarf" Section, Kryten reads out a question asking why the Section has eleven questions and not ten. In fact, there are twelve.

In the same list, Kryten's answers the question "In Psirens, series six, why did Lister's hair and nails grow while he was in stasis, when stasis booths are supposed to freeze time?" with "Because it was faulty, ok?" This answer is an unnecessary cop-out, because it was clearly established during the Episode that it was not a stasis booth at all but a Deep Sleep Unit.


Kryten and Lister talk out of synch with their lips in most of the links on the tape.

As mentioned before, Lister's excuse to justify tearing out the wrong page in "Marooned", series three. is clearly a lie.

When answering the "Ten More Most Asked Questions" Kryten gets various Episode numbers/names wrong.


More to come with future seasons no doubt... assuming Dave Channel continues with it.

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