Smeg-Ups HELL - Sci-Fi Bloopers That Got Away

Red Dwarf - Sci Fi and comedy perfection? Hah!
Star Wars - the most perfect movies of all time? Hah!
Blake's 7 - the darkest and most visionesque Sci Fi series ever made? Hah!
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - the foundation on which all comedy/sci fi has been built? Oh yeah?
Back To The Future - the definitive Time Travel Adventure? Do me a favour.
Knightmare - the greatest role-playing game show of all? Well actually it probably is, but...

Well, they all SHOULD be the best. Unfortunately, in making a movie or TV series, one or two (or several thousand) things do go wrong. Most of the shash-bits are edited out, of course, but for reasons of time, budget-constraints, or sheer carelessness, some errors in production do get through. In Red Dwarf, Star Wars, Blake's 7, Hitch Hiker and Back To The Future you can have a field day trying to find them all. And guess what? That's where I come in. Enjoy...

(If you've noticed any others I've missed, from Red Dwarf, Star Wars, Blake's 7, the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Back To The Future (sorry, not the novels - although I admit I've spotted a few smegs in them as well), or perhaps you just want to reprimand me for my fussy, pendantic quibbling, the e-mail address to hurl the abuse at is below left... Choose your poison...
Red Dwarf Smeg Outs The BBC's greatest comedy (of errors)
Star Wars Screw Ups George Lucas's magnum cockups...sorry magnum opus
Blake's 7 Bloopers The wobbliest show in history
Hitch Hiker's Guide Goofs Douglas Adams first oddysey - and they don't get any more odd, y'see.
Back To The Future Fluffs Steven Spielberg's saddest hour.
The Other Side Of Knightmare On a slightly different track, and as a bonus for fans of the 80's game show, here are my thoughts, mainly teases, about the Greater Game of Luck and Glory.
Click here for the Blake's 7 Super Quiz Find out if your an obsessed B7 saddo and proud of it.
Click here for The Salmon Of Doubt My brother attempts to complete Douglas Adams' final novel - 'Dirk Gently And The Salmon Of Doubt'.

Red Dwarf (c) Grant Naylor Productions Ltd. (c) BBC Worldwide Ltd.

Star Wars (c) LucasFilm Ltd.

Blake's 7 (c) BBC Enterprises Ltd.

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (c) Douglas Adams. (c) BBC Enterprises Ltd.

Back To The Future (c) Steven Spielberg/Robert Zemeckis.

Knightmare (c) Tim Child (c) Anglia TV Ltd.