I couldn't resist having a dig at Douglas Adams' greatest work. That is, if you think the TV series of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy was all that great...


A full fleet of Vogon ships arrive in orbit round the Earth, but there's only one ship there just before the planet blows up.

Ford drops one of the packets of peanuts while he's arguing with the barman.

The Earth doesn't appear to have a moon throughout the demolition.

The handkerchief in Ford's blazer-pocket is yellow on Earth, then orange on the Vogon ship.

A torch light shines on the back of Ford's head when he switches on the light in the Dentrassi Sleeping quarters.

The words "lost again" don't appear in the guide text for the entry on the Vogons, but the Book does say it in the soundtrack.

The translated message from the Vogon Captain is about ten times longer than the untranslated message.

During the babel fish sequence, the Guide-text suddenly skips several times, and the last few words don't appear on the screen.


Ford appears to have had a perm done on the way from the hold to the Captain's Quarters.

The poetry in the Vogon Captain's book has been written in the Terran alphabet.

The bars on the poetry appreciation chairs wobble while the Captain is torturing Arthur and Ford.

The straw falls out of Zaphod's drinking glass while he's sunning himself.

Zaphod's hair is clean while he's watching the news report. Halfway through the scene it becomes covered in snow.

How did Zaphod know Ford's name? They hadn't seen each other since before Ford was exiled on Earth, when he was still using his Praxibetel name.

This one is a little complicated to describe. Zaphod's third shoulder is in front of his normal right shoulder. However, at the end of the episode, they have swapped over (look closely when Ford and Arthur walk onto the bridge - the ring is on the hand of Zaphod's "front" arm - and then when Zaphod introduces Ford to Trillian - suddenly the ring is on the hand of the "rearmost" arm).

The right shoulder of the man providing Zaphod's third arm is visible standing behind Mark Wing Davey when he takes the drinks from Trillian.

Marvin's head keeps wobbling on his shoulders when he walks.

The quantity of ticker tape on the bridge floor keeps changing even when Eddie isn't talking.


The explorer ship wobbles several times before crashing into the Imperial shield.


The arrangement of the items on Slartibartfast's desk suddenly change while he's painting the globe.


The guy providing Zaphod's third arm is caught in shot again in the Milliways bar - it's his left hip which is visible this time.

Hotblack's wine glass disappears from the table when his bodyguard shows up.

Ford seems to be picking fleas off of Arthur's dressing gown during Marvin's phone call.

The glossary of the Guide is listed in the index as being one thousand pages in length, but described by the narrator as being copied from the back of a packet of breakfast cereal.


The newscaster stands in front of a black background when viewed from distance, and a white background when viewed from close up.

The camera can be seen reflected in the wall of the teleport bay.

Arthur's pyjama trousers change colour in the teleport.

Ford's drink changes colour while the Ark Captain is rambling on about the "doom" of Golgafrincham.