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Welcome to the Blake's 7 Super Sadness Self-Test!
The purpose of this test is simple and obvious enough  -  to see how obsessively well you know Blakes' 7, and if you know it well enough to be able to pick up on all the details, even some of the narrower ones.
The questions aren't absurdly difficult, but you do need to have a strong familiarity with the series to get some of them right.
The quiz is divided into sections, for no better reason than that's the way quizzes usually seem to be presented these days. I recommend you open Notepad or Wordpad or something like that and jot down your answers on that, then click on the mail address below right and cut and paste your answers onto the mail that appears.
Well go on then, get on with it!

Straightforward Blake's 7 general knowledge...

1.  What was the numerical name of the pilot who inadvertantly carried a disease pathogen to the planet Auron?
2.  If the Guardian is Sinofar, who is the Keeper?
3.  If the Charl is Gola, who is the Keeper?
4.  What city was devastated by the reactor core of the ruined passenger ship Nova Queen?
5.  Who was the Federation Doctor who saved Travis' life?
6.  Name the planet on which Travis committed the atrocity that he was sentenced to death for.
7.  What were the two psudonyms used by Anna Grant?
8.  In which sector did the Liberator crew find Central Control?
9.  What was the full name of Servalan's lover in the time before she became Supreme Commander?
10.  What was the original name of the planet Horizon?
11.  On which planet did most of the Liberator crew suffer radiation poisoning?
12.  Who was Krantor's chief "rubbish-collector" (for want of a better name)?
13.  What advantage won the Galactic War for the Federation?
14.  What does IMIPAK stand for?
15.  What did the heavily-defended transport ships from the planet Zerok carry?
16.  What was the name of the ship that crashed on the way to Freedom City with Docholli and Travis aboard?
17.  On which planet was Groff born?
18.  What did Belkov have in common with Toise?
19.  What was Travis' registration code in the Federation Space Fleet?
20.  What is the motto of the Terran Federation?
Each question refers to one episode of Blake's 7 but is divided into three parts. There are three points available for each full question answered correctly  -  but get any part wrong and no points will be awarded for that question at all.

1. Rumours Of Death, S3.
   What was the name of the Presidential Estate on Earth?
    Who was the Ground Major who served as its head of security when it was attacked by rebels?
    Name the Section Leader who worked as deputy head of security.
2. Assassin, S4.
   Who was the man who chaired the slave auctions on Domo?
   Who was the woman who owned the slave market?
   What was the stew that was the staple diet for prisoners on Domo?
3. The Way Back, S1.
    Through which corridor did Blake, Ravella and Ritchie exit the Dome City on Earth?
    Name the prosecuting counsel at Blake's trial.
    On which world in the Outer Planets were Blake's brother and sister supposedly resettled?
4. Shadow, S2.
   What was the name of Bek's brother?
   What was the nickname given to Shadow addicts?
   What genus of Terran plant-life was the moon-disc an off-shoot from?
5. Bounty, S1.
    How much money would Tarvin have received as a reward for handing over the Liberator crew MINUS Jenna to the Federation?
   Who was the Auron ambassador to Lindor?
   What device triggered the control necklaces that the Amagons used to restrain prisoners?
6. Horizon, S2.
   What was the name of the criminal from Horizon who was deported to Cygnus Alpha with Blake?
   What was the name of Ro's father?
   What ailment was Avon suffering from at the start of the episode?
Bloopers. This section is a little different. There are many errors that got into the final edit of most episodes of Blake's 7. Each question merely describes a moment in a particular episode. The required answer is a brief description of the error that takes place at the indicated point. NOTE: Although there is only one official answer to each question, there may be more than one blooper in the scenarios described here. If they are confirmed, the points will still be awarded.

1.  In Mission To Destiny, S1, Blake realises that the air on the Ortega is saturated with sono vapour, and decides that the ventilators should be closed.
2.  In Seek-Locate-Destroy, S1, Travis is restrained in the interrogation chair facing the door and tries to shoot Blake. Cally turns the chair away from the door to stop Travis firing again, while Blake destroys the lazeron weapon in his artificial hand.
3.  In Volcano, S3, Cally is captured by Federation troopers aboard the Liberator. In the teleport bay she is gagged and handcuffed and is lined up to be taken down to the planet Obsidian.
4.  In Games, S4, the crew are aboard the Mecron Orbiter, except Dayna who is keeping watch on board Scorpio.
5.  In Bounty, S1, Blake is attacked in the teleport section where he is gassed unconscious. He wakes up in the brig where Vila is trying to unlock his handcuffs.
6.  In Weapon, S2, the clone of Blake barges into the hideout where Coser and Rashel are arguing.
7.  In Gambit, S2, Servalan is explaining to Jarriere her plan to find Docholli and have Krantor "eviscerated". Jarriere offers to kill Krantor for her but Servalan insists that she needs to keep him alive for the time being.
8.  In Aftermath, S3, Avon and Dayna are searching for Orac in the wreckage of the life capsule, when they are attacked by a Sarran.
Questions about various recent Audio plays  -  2 points for each question, as the stories in which the answers are found can be difficult to obtain.

1.  Who was the King of Torella?
2.  What name did Madame Gaskia give to her nightclub in Blagge City?
3.  On which prison planet did Vila learn to play the drums?
4.  What rather gruesome nickname was given to Gan by the beatnik community on Earth for the crimes that got him deported to Cygnus Alpha?
5.  On which planet did Doctor Rossum build the Neurobots?
6.  Who were the guardians of the Diadem of Power before it was stolen by the Torellans?
7.  From which Government in the Outer Planets did Avon obtain a new ship after Scorpio was destroyed?
8.  What name was given to the uprising on Syndexia that installed Madame Gaskia as its new dictator?
9.  Who was Servalan's executive officer on the planet Ferno?
10.  What drug brings Vila out in pimples?
11.  What did Avon call his new ship after escaping from Gauda Prime?
12.  What colour were the Neurobots?
That's the lot  -  a maximum total of 70 points available. Send your answers to me if you dare, and find out how you did.
On a serious note, I only get access to the Net about three times a week, so please don't be offended if I take a while getting back to you.

Click here to visit Nico Mody-Nikoloff's Blake's 7 site, with scripts, fanfics (especially ones about Vila) and rather a lot of pictures of cats.

Click here to visit my (very) old website, Smeg-Ups Hell, which takes the micky out of Blake's 7, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Back to the Future, and Knightmare.

Clicl here to visit my Current Affairs website.

Oh, and of course it goes without saying that looking up the answers is cheating, so put those video tapes away!
I'll know if you cheat. I will. I will, y'know. I promise you, I'll know...

The Blake's 7 Drinking Game

Mail your answers to me at:

Here are the current Top Ten scores...
Wildean                   53 / 70
Matt Kinwell             43 / 70
Neil Faulkner           39 / 70
FredtheFed              37 / 70
Ewen Campion-Clarke  35 / 70
Pat Mary French             27 / 70
Nico Mody-Nikoloff  22 / 70
Marian Mendez        21 / 70
Sebsyboy                 21 / 70
Brian McLennan      16 / 70

60-70  You're not allowed to use Orac either you cheat!!!!
41-60  Such a nerd you could rival Avon.
21-40  Not sad enough by half  -  traitor to the cause.
0-20    Trekkie!!!!!!!!!!

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