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Blake's 7 Super Test
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Blake's Legacy - A Blake's 7 Sequel Project

...with appropriate nods of acknowledgement to Neil Blissett for some of the ideas he let me st-... er, adapt, as well as the stylish logo he designed below. Thanks Neil!


Some years ago, Neil Blissett started writing a project of Post Gauda Prime Blake's 7 stories. It's an ambitious project, which will be four seasons in length when it is complete.
A little while later I started writing my own version, borrowing several ideas (with Neil's permission of course!) from the Original Sequel Project. Being a comparative coward, I decided to make my version only two seasons in length.
Earlier versions of most of these scripts were originally found on Neil's site, but to reduce his workload I've decided to post all updated drafts and future episodes here.
It has come to my attention that the title Blake's Legacy was used by someone else for a PGP story some years ago. My apologies to them  -  I didn't find out about it until it was far too late.
I'm also aware that the Australian amateur recording company BTR Productions are creating a Blake's 7 CD called Blake's Legacy: Restoration. This site and all its material bear no direct relation to that.



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Click here to read scripts from the Original Sequel Project, written by Neil Blissett.