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I sometimes receive questions from confused readers about whose project Blake's Legacy actually is.

Well, it's mine. That's cleared that up.

But the confusion is understandable. The problem is that B/L is based in part on the original Blake's 7 Sequel Project, written by Neil Blissett. Help and ideas occasionally come fom other quarters as well. As such, a number of characters and storylines in the series are direct parallels of the work of others, and this can sometimes make it a little difficult for readers to figure out who invented what, especially as the About... guides on the story pages are not always comprehensive.

So, to avoid all possible future turmoil about who created what, I've decided to put up this list of all prominent B/L characters and B/L plot ideas, and to indicate where each one came from. So, anything I've missed out or got wrong here is wrong for good.


Characters will only be included in this list if they did not appear in Blake's 7, and if they appear in three or more episodes of Blake's Legacy.


1 = All my own work

2 = Based on Neil Blissett's characters

3 = Name taken from Neil Blissett's work, but not the same character

4 (+where) = Based on something else altogether


Hailee Gavisson: 1    Rak Kyben: 1

Tekk Farin: 1    Stella Restal: 1

Mablar: 2    Gan (computer): 3

President: 1 (sort of!)    Demwuhl: 1

Brecht: 4 (The Logic Of Empire by Alan Stevens - name only, not same character)

Kreel: 3    Brekim: 1

Pirate 1 (Kochin): 1    Pirate 2 (Gillis/Velcosa): 1

Nij Blake: 3    Jaimee Gavisson: 1

Norcris: 1    Chaesla Lerga: 1

Forvyne: 1    Belhaven: 1

Sarlad: 4 (A Federation Officer part 2 - Search, by Russell Odoni - name only, not same character)


Story Ideas

This section will updated regularly as Blake's Legacy progresses.


1 = All my own work

2 = Based on an idea by Neil Blissett

3 = Based on something else


Kyben and Hailee's desertion from the Federation = 1

Resurrection of the Liberator = 2

Rescue from Gauda Prime via Orac and the teleport = 2

Battle to recover Orac = 2

Return to Freedom City = 2

Blake haunting Avon's dreams = 3 (Some of the dialogue in the dreams is taken from The Logic of Empire by Alan Stevens. However the cause of the nightmares is completely different.)

Soolin/Servalan mind-swap = 1

Counterfeiting scam on Taurus III = 1

Kyben/Dev Tarrant feud = 1

Space Rats attack the Emancipation = 1

The son of Roj Blake = 2

Missile development program on Toidronn/Agro 34 = 2

Herculania defence network = 1

Arrest of Farin's brother = 3 (Some of the background story ties in with The Mark Of Kane by Alan Stevens and David Tulley.)

"Treatment" and death of Wil Farin = 1

Raid on West Europ City Dome = 1

Religious conflict on Craeus = 1

Showdown between Liberator and Subjugator = 1

The war for Tyrix = 3 (see Sarlad in Characters section.)

Vila's father = 1

The ghost of Cally = 1


Other Acknowledgements

Also thanks to;- brother Russell for always being on hand to give me first feedback whenever I finish writing an episode, and for letting me borrow Sarlad...

...Jane Walton for endlessly pestering me until I agreed to rewrite Freedom (although, as Sarkoff once said, "I'm not sure I have anything to thank you for"), and for providing my most regular written feedback...

...Nicola Mody-Nikoloff for being so strident about my portrayal of Vila (and also for having never had a go at me for the inexcusable number of times that I've forgotten the hyphen when typing out her name in full)...

...Tony Attwood for writing Afterlife (yeah, I know a lot of you are crying, "WHAT?!?" at that - what I mean is reading it is a fantastic boost to my writing confidence, as I know that no matter how badly I write an episode it'll still be heaps better than anything he did)...

...Brian McLennan for the "unswerving honesty" of his critical assessments. >Ahem<...

...Andrea Catherwood of ITN for having the most luminous, fascinating and inspiring pair of eyes in the history of British newsreading (eat your heart out, Angela Rippon!)...

...and Oliver Cromwell for not executing me as a papist conspirator after I used his name in a recent episode without permission (admittedly, the cause of that may be less generosity and more the fact that he's been dead for three hundred and fifty years but still...).