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Blake's Progress - A Blake's 7 Sequel Project

by Jane L. Barlow

Can you believe it? Yet another new version of the Blake's 7 Sequel Project! If only someone could get round to finishing one of them...
Ah well, take it away, Ms Barlow.

The Episodes



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About The Series

 It is exactly what it says it is... the next series of Blake's 7.

Well, okay, maybe it's not but it is how I think B7 should have continued, had it had the chance. As far as I'm concerned, it's no more right or wrong than anyone else's fanfic, just different.

It was inspired by two things;

Firstly my own daydreams, which brought the crew back to life. (As no one really wants to believe that it all ended on GP!)

Secondly by Neil Blissett's "Sequel Project" on the B7 web ring. When I read his work and realised that he had put his own thoughts into the format of a new series, it occurred to me that I could too, one day.

I wrote Unknown and Choices as a two-part story for Neil to use in his project, back in Jan 2000. Then, finally in late 2001, I decided to stop putting it off and start writing and my series began.

So to the plot; essentially it begins by tying up loose ends and introducing the new Blake, Nial Blake. He is not the same man that Neil uses in his project and hasn't the same origins or aims in life. However, as Neil did, I resurrected the Liberator. I had to, without the Liberator it is not B7! I also wrote a version of his episode Freedom (my episode is entitled Chequered Past) because Martin dared me to write my own version once, after I disagreed with one too many points! A few ideas have been influenced by Neil and by Martin's work but on the whole it is a separate project and neither of them can be held responsible for any complaints arising from it!

All in all, I do not regret (much of) the hundreds of hours I put into it... roll on series six, seven and eight. (And yes, I am working on six already!)

Here's a few boring details for anyone out there as nosy as I am about other people;

I am 32 and married with 3 daughters, aged 6, 4 and 2 years old. (Don't ask where I find time to write... I usually play truant from the housework!)

I live in Mirfield, which is a "green and pleasant" part of West Yorkshire (and incidentally, for any Star Trek fans, happens to be where Patrick Stewart was born.)

B7 has always been one of my favourite programs and I have fond memories of watching the original broadcasts. Though I never heard the radio plays* so my series is only based on events in the actual TV episodes.

That's about it, except that "everyone is entitled to an opinion" and I'd welcome anyone's views on what I've written; good, bad or ugly! You can e-mail your comments to me at;

Jane Barlow, July 2003.

* (Lucky you! They were both pants - Martin's footnote)

Click here to read scripts from the Original Sequel Project, written by Neil Blissett.