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This is a tribute to the British gameshow from the 1980's, Knightmare, and devoted in particular to fondly and shamelessly taking the mickey out of it. A few of the articles here have been published previously on Nic "Illusion" Lam's official unofficial Knightmare site, (imaginatively addressed at  -  are you keeping up so far?), some of it at the Knightmare Trading Post, the rest of it ain't. If you have anything to add, just send it to me and if I can be bothered checking my e-mail often enough  -  which I probably will  -  I'll put it on the page.

(NOTE: This is not a site to find episodes, video clips or pictures from Knightmare, partly because the aforementioned sites have plenty of all that, but mostly because I don't in fact HAVE any episodes, clips or pictures from Knightmare available in Internet form. So please stop asking me for them!)

Anyhow, as most of you will have noticed (not all of you I suppose, but most of you), there's a small navbar on the top-left of this page, and you can search through the site using that. So off you go and read, and remember, once embarked, the only way is onward... gaaaaaaaaaah, you don't need me to complete that line do you?

This website is completely unofficial and has no formal association with Televirtual (R), Broadsword (R), or Granada Ventures (R).
Knightmare (c) and all related material are copyright Anglia TV/Granada Ventures/Broadsword (R) and Tim Child.
Except where otherwise indicated, this site's contents belong to Martin Odoni (c). 2000-2006

Recent Updates...
23/7/06 - Knews updated. Repaired out-of-date URLs on the Fanfiction page.
5/11/06 - Knews and Links updated.
9/12/06 - Version 3.0 of FANSFAQ now available.