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Comments I've received about "The Other Side Of The Greater Game"

"Nice site! Most of the arguments seem sustainable. The level of obsession is commendably sad." - Tim Child.
"I especially like the 'A Few Things They Didn't Want You To Know' page." - Adam Battersby.
"Thank you for creating a top-quality site about my favourite show from when I was a kid... There's not many sites I can be bothered to endure with that much text." - 'Sebsyboy'.
"You are truly a master of snark. When I grow up, I want to be just like you... you're a genius." - Jen Kollic.
"Oh God, not another Knightmare web-site." - Treguard. *
"A tremendous web-site, an excellent web-site, a web-site to be proud of, one of the truly great web-sites. Er, one question. How do you turn this comp-you-tah thing on?" - Pickle. *
"What are dees wet-shites?" - Majida. *
"Great stuff, I really like it. Especially the bits about me. And some very cutting and incisive views. Except the ones that weren't about me, didn't think much of them. The ones about me were good though, I liked them. Tell you what, the chicken jokes were good too, especially mine. Did I mention how good the bits about me were? More of them please." - Lord Fear. *
"A splendid site, especially the Episode Guide. Hmm? What do you mean there isn't a...? Oh sorry, I thought you were asking about Nic Lam's site. I liked his, yes. But that one by Odoni's a pile of shit." - Merlin. *
"A fantastic new site. Unmitigated brilliance, one of the finest, most intellectually stimulating fan sites I've ever seen. There, Martin, I've said it, now can I have my wallet back please?" - Russell Odoni. *
"I'm not here so I can't tell you." - Lord Lucan. *
"For the one thousandth time, I was at home in bed at the time!" - Lord Archer. *
"Y'know, I find that bashing myself over the head with bricks is great fun, you should try it." - Muhammed Ali. *
"What a brilliant site, it's completely changed my philosophy on life." - Michael Buerk (as dictated to him by a Mr M. Odoni).* 
"I can't tell it from butter." - Nanette Newman. *
"I've never seen anything better." - David Blunkett. *
NOTE: Quotes marked with an asterisk (*) are not genuine. Er, at least I hope not.