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The Fifty Most Suggestive Things They Said In Knightmare

Y'know, in the early years there was controversy in the media about whether or not Knightmare was suitable for kids  -  but for all the wrong reasons. They were complaining about it being too SCARY for children, when the real impropriety was born of the wide-scale pornographic content, as the following clearly demonstrates:

50. "That's why we, The Opposition, are so good at it." - Lord Fear, Season 5.
49. "It really was a nasty tumble." - Treguard, Season 2.
48. "I think this... artifact now deserves a new ownership." - Hordriss, Season 6.
47. "If only I could remember how to do it." - Lillith, Season 1.
46. "This is a wonderful ride." - Dungeoneer Barry, Team 7, Season 7.
45. "Stay here if you want to be shafted." - Gwendoline, Season 5.
44. "Elves can't handle the hard stuff." - Treguard, Season 7.
43. "I thought I'd pop in personally to see you get your comeuppance." - Lord Fear, Season 6.
42. "Let me pass and I'll give you a horn." - Dungeoneer Dicken, Team 5, Season 4.
41. "Down 'ere I does what I likes, and what I likes is 'aving a bit of fun with the likes of you." - Cedric, Season 2.
40. "You can't get it without me swatting you..." - Lord Fear, Season 6.
39. "I think one of my pins be broken." - Raptor, Season 7.
38. "I shall express my appreciation in the usual manner." - Lord Fear, Season 5 (probably deliberate).
37. "Bring it to me, boy!" - Lillith, Season 1.
36. "They are coming!" - Lissard, Season 7.
35. "Danny-boy is going guns." - Treguard, Season 1.
34. "No playing with the medicaments!" - Rothberry, Season 7.
33. "Say nighty-night, little one, 'cos here I come!" - Gibbet, Season 1.
32. "I can't remember when I've had such an attractive visitor." - Lillith, Season 1.
31. "He's got a long stick in his hands." - Team 6, Season 1.
30. "You could give him the horn." - Team 2, Season 8.
29. "Bring that gorgeous little nik-nak over here for my further examination." - Lillith, Season 1.
28. "I don't know what came over me!" - Mrs Grimwold, Season 3.
27. "Is that it? Is that all?" - Pickle, Season 6.
26. "Something is coming and I think we know what it is." - Treguard, Season 2.
25. "Oh quickly boy, I can't reach it... ooooh!" - Lillith, Season 1.
24. "You hangin' on tight? 'Cos here goes! Wheeeeeee...!!!" - Motley, Season 3.
23. "Alright Majida, just climb down and relieve Julie..." - Treguard, Season 7.
22. "I have a little something for you, but first you must earn it." - Brother Mace, Season 4.
21. "Get ready for the ride of your life!" - Motley, Season 3.
20. "It's best to come in company." - Treguard, Season 2.
19. "Even with that strange helmet I believe this is a young dungeoneer." - Raptor, Season 7.
18. "You'll have to go back... or perhaps... heh heh... go DOWN." - Hordriss, Season 3.
17. "You've been playing with his plunger...!" - Gretel, Season 2.
16. "Spit it out, man!" - Lord Fear, Season 7.
15. "Now what has he got hold of?" - Treguard, Season 7.
14. "Kneel down. Can you... can you... ummm..." - Team 9, Season 3.
13. "Pickle, we stand poised on the brink of expectation. Relieve us if you please." - Treguard, Season 4.
12. "There, that wasn't so hard was it?" - Velda, Season 3.
11. "You'll have to go it alone from here." - Romanha, Season 7.
10. "Now you've got one you can't control it." - Lord Fear, Season 6.
9. "Do not speak of it again or I shall turn it loose on you." - Lord Fear, Season 7.
8. "It's on the tip of my tongue." - Merlin, Season 1.
7. "David, it seems, has come to a decidedly-sticky end." - Treguard, Season 1.
6. "Can you pull it out?" - Team 6, Season 7.
5. "Up there, up there, your leg over and BOSH! You're in." - Motley, Season 3.
4. "Give it to him, and say it's from Rothberry the Apothecary." - Rothberry, Season 7.
3. "Oooh... oooh... heh heh. Well, I suppose I should thank you, human, but it comes hard to my lips." - Velda, Season 3.
2. "Well, don't just stand there, get in!" - Smirkenorff, Season 6.

And most perverted of all of course is the eternal...
1. "When it opens I'll be waiting - just don't disappoint me." - Treguard, Season 7.