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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Watching Knightmare

Wisdom accumulated from following season on season of the Greater Game

This is no game of numerous lives. Here, you have only one.

You'll do, and if you don't someone will find the results amusing.

Those who walk the path must understand the path they walk.

Appearances are often deceptive.

Justice is blind.

The only way is onward; there is no turning back.

Life goes on, or not.

The way to truth is tortuous.

Anything worth having is worth earning.

First use your eyes, then use your wits, and then use your feet.

There's more wisdom to be learned from foolish wit than ever you can imagine.

Frivolity can be harmful when employed in the wrong time and place.

You've got to be cautious and think while there's time, but not so cautious that you end up doing nothing.

Use logic and guile to find the right path.

Any decision is better than indecision. Well, almost.

No true quest is unopposed.

It is in the nature of evil to struggle against truth and justice.

Fear lives stronger in the threat than in any deed.

There's many a slip betwixt cup and lip.

Truth can be a very dangerous thing if used wrongly.

All folly is without purpose.

The cure for disruption is unity.

Life's not worth a candle without adventure.

Those who don't open things risk ignorance.

How would you like someone to get your name wrong?

Those who arm themselves with the weapons of their enemies are ever likely to fail.

Never be afraid to ask for help. It can be found in the most unexpected places.

When you're feeling sad and low, the greatest gift of all is laughter.

If you can't read labels you can't read the writing on the wall.

A fair tongue can get you much that must otherwise be paid for.

It's never safe to stray from the path.

You must survive to succeed, and succeed to survive.

He who hesitates is lost.

Time flies, and then you're dead!

It's better to laugh than cry.

Peril is the reward of ignorance.

Keep your feet on the path and don't, whatever you do, look behind you.

The safest way is always straight ahead, because that way you can see what's coming.

Many actions are possible; many actions are plausible. What is unforgivable is inaction.

Truth will out and so will you.

Let's not forget the Opposition.

It's silly to hurry along when you can't see where you're going.

It's so important to put on a brave face in adversity.

Much that promises early can fail to flower.

Ridicule can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a professional.

Knowledge is wealth.

When the going gets cold, the tough get frozen.

Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves.

Never get a woman to do anything (not that she'll get it wrong, she'll just shout at you for oppressing her).

Winning isn't about playing fair; it's about winning.

The truth often has an unpleasant ring to it.

And just keep telling yourself, "It's only a game... isn't it?"