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What's The Difference Between...? of Lord Fear's egotistical tirades and Fidgit defying gravity?
Well, one's a gloating fit and the other's a floating git.
...a full piggy bank and Velda's hair-do?
Well, one's a pig with wealth and the other's a wig with elf.
...half of four and Hordriss the Confuser?
Well, one is two and two is one. (You may have to think about that one.) armoured knuckle and Skarkill getting beaten up?
Well, one's a scaled thumb and the other's failed scum.
...Ridolfo when he's angry and Gretel when she's crying?
Well, one's a mad singer the other's a s-... no, better not. (I didn't say it! I didn't say it, so I'm not in trouble.)
...Lord Fear doing cabaret and Motley doing a drag act?
Well, one's a wit in a gig... and you can probably work out the rest of the joke for yourself.
Thanks to Drassil on the YABB forum for these two...
What's the difference between a red-clad mage and an ancient Chinese philosopher who refuses to throw anything away?
One is Hordriss the Confuser, the other is Confucius the hoarder.
What's the difference between the Dungeon Antechamber and a urinal with a custodian who charges money?

In one are Pickle and Treguard, and in the other, you trickle then pay guard.
Also on the forum, Zagor sends us...
What's the difference between an opposition leader and a Shakespearean character that makes cars?
One is called Lord Fear and the other is called Ford Lear.