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ACT II - Liberated



( Xenon Base. Orac is switched off on the table while Avon is laying sequencer charges. Once finished he puts the activator key into place and Orac switches on. )


Avon: Orac?

Orac: Well? What is it?

Avon: As soon as we're aboard Scorpio program Gauda Prime's co-ordinates into the Slave computer  -  do not use verbal commands. I don't want an argument with the rest of the crew about our destination. Not yet anyway.

Orac: As you wish. I shall use direct sensory link. Is there anything else?

Avon: Are you sure that Blake is still on Gauda Prime?

Orac: I am. That is Blake's present location. There has only been one occasion in the last two years when he has left the planet. That was some eight months ago. Apparently he was investigating the possibility...

Avon: ( Menacing ) That's enough information, Orac. ( Picks up Orac then speaks into bracelet ) Dayna. Teleport. Now.

Dayna: ( V.O. ) Stand by.

( Avon and Orac dematerialise. They appear on Scorpio's flight deck. The rest of the Scorpio crew are present. )

Avon: Slave?

Slave: Yes, illustrious Master?

Avon: Have all the charges been primed?

Slave: All the charges have been set and primed with consummate skill, Master, for which you have my heartiest congratulations. The total destruction of the Xenon Base complex is assured. All that is awaited is your command.

Avon: Thank you, Slave. When Scorpio is clear of Xenons orbit, activate charge sequence.

Slave: Yes Master. It is always an honour to serve.

Avon: Tarrant, get us out of here.

Tarrant: ( Powers up the engines ) All main drives and boosters running.

( Scorpio slowly lifts away from Xenon. Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light and Xenon Base explodes. Scorpio speeds up and fades into the distance while small fires and explosions continue to dance and flicker on the planet below. )


( The President stands in his office at Residence One, his brow creased in concern. The Base Commander of the City is visible on the screen. )

President: I take it the trooper who shot the girl has been treated appropriately?

Commander: Of course, Mr President. As have the Flight Control staff responsible for letting Gavisson's ship leave unhindered.

President: Mm. I'll say this for you, Commander. You have a knack for making examples.

Commander: A knack I'll be happy to demonstrate on Kyben when I get the chance.

President: You won't get one, Commander. Kyben and Gavisson left your jurisdiction once they cleared Earth orbit. Of more concern for you is Veron. You said she gave the girl a datafile of some kind?

Commander: That's what the pictures suggest.

President: I need to know what was in that datafile, Commander. Find Veron and beat the answer out of her.


( Aboard Daedalus, Hailee and Kyben stare in shock at the aftermath of the explosion of Farins ship. Daedalus continues to fire the radiation beam that burns up the enzyme fluid. )

Kyben: Oh no. We were too late.

Gan: Ma'am, sir, I have detected two projectiles launched from the target vessel. They are of a size and power output consistent with standard life support capsules.

Hailee: They must've bailed out. Huh. I thought they were s'posed to be picking you up, not the other way round.

Kyben: They've got a nerve, haven't they? ( Gets to his feet. ) I take it this ship does have a tractor beam?

Hailee: ( Gritted teeth ) Yesssss...

Kyben: May I?

Hailee: I can't stop you can I? Top turret.

( Kyben heads back into the body of the ship. The two capsules drift slowly toward Daedalus. )

Hailee: I like that enthusiasm.

Gan: Current trajectory of life-pods is estimated to be some twenty five degrees off-course. I hope it would not be improper of me to recommend that the Doctor Kyben makes greater haste.

Hailee: ( Calls out ) Gan says to shift your backside, Kyben.

Kyben: ( Calls from out of view. ) I'm shifting, I'm shifting!

( Hailee watches the glowing specks of the capsules as they come into view. Seated in the turret, Kyben is aiming the tractor beam. He depresses a button and a sapphire-coloured beam of light shoots out from the ship and snags one of the pods. The pod changes direction slightly and accelerates toward the Daedalus. )

Hailee: ( V.O. ) Lighten the touch a bit, Kyben.

Kyben: I'm a bit new at this. Gimme a chance.

( Hailee sits forward and watches the pods closely. A bright white light is building up beyond the wreckage of the shuttle. )

Hailee: What the...? Kyben, look.

Kyben: ( V.O. ) I see it. Somethings happening in there.

( The first pod arrives. The tractor beam moves onto the next pod. )

Kyben: Only a couple of minutes now.

Hailee: ( Transfixed on the nebula ) What is going on out there?


( Hailee and Kyben arrive in the hold. The two pods have opened and Farin and Stella have climbed out. They cough and splutter. )

Stella: ( Wheeze ) Permission to... ( Cough ) ...come aboard?

Hailee: I think you already have.

Stella: Thanks. We were cooked geese.

( Hailee gives Kyben an enquiring look. He just shrugs. )

I was getting clos-... claus-... clostra-... I was getting scared in that thing, it was so cramped.

Farin: Be quiet. ( To Hailee. ) I'm Fevrin. This is Sula.

Stella: What? Farin, what are you talking about?

( Farin looks like hes ready to shoot Stella. )

Farin: Stella, I told you to shut up...! ( Voice tails off as he realises his mistake. ) Damn.

Hailee: Farin and Stella. Right. Are you Federation?

Stella: N-...

Farin: Yes. We're... tracking Rebels. Undercover.

Hailee: Tracking rebels? Sure you do. What do you do when you find them? Make them laugh to death?

Farin: What?

Hailee: Oh come on! You're telling me you're undercover and you can't even keep your names secret? Space Command's top agents, obviously.

( Stella pushes Farin out of the way. )

Stella: Oh for cryin' out loud, Farin. No, we're not Feds. Are you the Captain?

Hailee: I could be.

Stella: What are your names?

Kyben: Bayban the Butcher. This is my wife, Chopping Board.

( Farin draws a gun and aims it at him. )

Farin: Don't annoy me.

Kyben: Ah, no sense of humour?

Farin: Try saying something funny and find out. We asked you a question.

Hailee: Is this your idea of gratitude?

Farin: ( Aims the gun at Hailee. ) If it makes you feel better, thank you. Now answer me!

Hailee: No.

Farin: Do you think your names are worth dying for?

Hailee: I don't overreact that much.

Farin: I do.

( Stella brings her hand down on Farin's arm. The gun drops from his hand, and he howls with pain. He drops to his knees, holding his arm. Hailee scoops up the gun. )

Stella: You don't wave any gun at them. They just saved...

Hailee: Especially when I'm holding the gun. Hands up both of you.

( Hailee aims the gun. Farin and Stella slowly raise their arms. )

Kyben: ( Raises his voice. ) I think... ( Lowers his voice once he's sure he has their attention. )...we'd better all cool off a bit.

( Hailee lowers the gun. )

Hailee: All right, you're paying. What do we do with them?

Kyben: ( To Farin. ) Are you a fiend?

Farin: ( Looks up at him, eyes lighting up ) No, we're friends.

Kyben: Friends are welcome in my home.

Hailee: Your home? This is my...

Kyben: Hush.

Farin: Your friends would like a soma... with ice.

( Hailee looks bewildered. )

Kyben: With lemon?

Farin: No, just ice.

( Kyben snatches the gun from Hailee's hand. She tries to take it back but he keeps it out of her reach. )

Kyben: Uh uh. It's all right, Hailee, it's them.

Hailee: What?

Kyben: Blake sent them.

Hailee: ( Hesitates ) Sure?

Kyben: Yes. That little routine. Veron dreamed it up as a greeting.

( Hailee looks dubious but stops trying to snatch the gun. )

Hailee: I must be mad. I keep taking your word for everything.

( Kyben helps Farin to his feet. )

Kyben: Farin? Rak Kyben. This is Hailee Gavisson. She's...

Gan: ( V.O. ) Ma'am, forgive the interruption but there is a matter that demands your attention. May I request your presence on the Flight Deck?

Hailee: On my way.

( Hailee exits. )

Kyben: She only agreed to get me to Terminal. How are we supposed to get to GP without your ship?

Farin: ( Fierce grin. ) Believe me, that won't be a problem. ( Gestures to the exit impatiently. ) May we?

Kyben: ( Shrugs. ) Don't ask me, it's not my ship.

Farin: Oh never mind.

( Farin walks out. )


( On the Flight Deck, Hailee, Farin, Kyben and Stella watch in awe as the light in the fluid-nebula gradually grows and takes form. )

Farin: See? Deva was right. It is happening!

Hailee: So you keep saying. What was he right about? ( No answer. ) Oh c'mon, Farin, you know what's going on. Share it.

Farin: Just watch.

Hailee: We've been watching for five hours.

Farin: It'll take days.

Hailee: ( Appalled ) Days?! Then tell us! ( Still no answer. )

Kyben: Don't bother, Hailee. He's trying to be enigmatic. He must be one of those idiots who equate mystery with wisdom.

( A brief silence. )

Hailee: Gan, can you give me another readout?

Gan: Very good, ma'am, although indications are that it will reveal no data that has not already been assimilated.

Hailee: Don't bother then.

Gan: As you wish, ma'am.

( Solid shapes are gradually forming within the globe of light. Three long vast glowing cylinders are vaguely visible in the shining haze, connected by struts to an even larger cylinder in the middle. Kyben leans forward and looks closely. )

Kyben: ( Eye narrowed. ) Oh my God...

Farin: ( Smug grin. ) Do you recognise it, Doctor?

Kyben: Yes... yes, I've seen it before.

Hailee: Why's it always everyone else who knows what's happening, why's it never me?

Kyben: Hailee, can't you see it? Don't you know what that is?

( Hailee looks again. )

Hailee: No.

Farin: ( Triumphant. ) Oh yes you do. It's the Liberator!

( Hailee looks between him and the viewscreen in shock. )


( Planet Xenon. A Federation shuttle makes a landing outside the ruins of Xenon Base. A ramp extends from the shuttle, and Servalan strides out. )


( Some troopers are visible digging through the ruins of the complex. One of them, Space Major Brecht, heads away to the shuttle to meet Servalan. )

Brecht: Welcome, if that's the word, to Xenon, Commissioner Sleer.

Servalan: ( Looking around in distaste ) Not very homely, is it, Major Brecht? I take it you got here too late?

Brecht: Not by long. We've checked what's left of the place. There's hardly a thing left.

Servalan: Pity. Avon's never been slow on the uptake of course. I never really expected you'd find him. Recall your men, Space Major. You'd best send a report on what little you did find to Space Command.

Brecht: Very well, Commissioner, but we haven't completed our excav-...

Servalan: It's all right, Brecht. You won't find anything. Avon will have made sure that nothing was left for us. Believe me.

Brecht: He can't have gone far yet. Should we start the off-world search...?

Servalan: Dont bother, Major. Avon's ship is a very fast one. Trust me, he could have left in the last five minutes and he'd be a long way from here by now. Just finish up here and report to Space Command.

Brecht: ( Salutes. ) Yes, Commissioner.

( Brecht turns and heads back to the ruins. )

Servalan: ( Quietly. ) Anyway, if my contacts on Earth are right, the President already knows where Avon's headed.

( Servalan ascends the ramp into the shuttle. The hatch closes behind her and she heads for the Flight Deck where she takes her seat. The rest of the ship's crew is mutoids. )

Mutoid 1: Your orders, Commissioner Sleer?

Servalan: Plot a course for the rimward-frontier. Planet Gauda Prime.


( Hailee's ship moves in to dock with the newly-rebuilt Liberator. There is an expression of awe on the faces of all present. )


Hailee: Okay, will you finally tell us how?

Farin: ( Staring at the Liberator through the viewscreen. ) When he heard how the Liberator was destroyed, Blake said the auto-repair systems was composed of microscopic robots called nanites. They can repair almost any damage. One of our officials realised that the ship would be able to re-assemble itself if its fragments could be freed from the enzyme. He was right. ( Turns to look at the others. ) That's why we chose Terminal for the rendez-vous point. The information you've got, and the most powerful ship in Space. ( Looks back at the Liberator. ) A good week's fishing.

Kyben: It's incredible.

Hailee: It's fantastic.

Stella: Wow!

( The rear of the Daedalus clamps over the main hatch of the Liberator. )

Hailee: That's it, we're locked on.

( Farin pulls a small hand-held unit out of his pocket. )

Farin: This signaller should open the hatch.

Stella: C'mon then.

Gan: Airlock pressure is now stabilised.

( Farin heads for the airlock, quickly followed by Stella. Hailee and Kyben follow more slowly. )

Farin: Open it up, Hailee.

Hailee: Gan, get on with it.

Gan: Very good, ma'am.

( The airlock door opens and the four of them step inside. They face the hatch of the Liberator. Farin operates controls on the hand unit. Nothing happens. Farin looks at it in bafflement. )

Farin: C'mon c'mon.

( Stella reaches out and presses another button on the units side. )

Stella: You have to switch it on first.

Farin: ( Embarrassed. ) Oh...! ( Retries. ) Here... we... go...

( The hatch of the Liberator swings inward. )

Hailee: We're in.

( Farin and Hailee draw their guns and step through the airlock into the Liberator's embarkation corridor. Kyben and Stella follow warily. )

Farin: It's just as he described it...


( President's office. The President sits behind his desk while Secretary Demwuhl paces back and forth nervously. )

President: What exactly is the problem then, Secretary?

Demwuhl: Surely you don't need me to explain.#

President: Betafarl's word was reliable. We have Avon's HQ at last.

Demwuhl: Correction, we have the ruins of it.

President: Exactly. And without a hideaway, with only Scorpio for a home, Avon and his crew are more vulnerable than ever.

Demwuhl: But if they've escaped the purge on Xenon...

President: Purge? You exaggerate, Secretary.

Demwuhl: That is not the point, Mr President. The point is...

President: ...That Sleer has failed again. I know. I'm way ahead of you. She's already finished, Secretary. You don't have to worry about her much longer. No-one will.

Demwuhl: She's not exactly my concern now, Mr President.

President: Then what is the matter of such breathtaking importance that it couldn't wait?

Demwuhl: Avon himself of course. He still has a very fast ship. If we haven't caught him in his hideout, where do we catch him?

President: I have that matter well-in-hand as well. Colonel Mablar will soon deal with Scorpio. Permanently.

( The President turns his attention to the paperwork on his desk. Demwuhl makes no move to leave. )

President: (With a sigh.) Anything else, Demwuhl?

Demwuhl: May I ask how you are going to deal with Scorpio?

( The President looks up at her, then sighs again as he realises that Demwuhl is not going to take no for an answer, and sits back. )

President: It's already well in motion, Secretary. Their greatest ally is about to become their greatest enemy. Avon can measure his remaining life in just hours, as can his former leader.

Demwuhl: Former leader?

President: That's right. Art of infiltration. Scorpio is heading into a trap. Roj Blake waits for them on Gauda Prime.

Demwuhl: Blake? Blake's still alive?

President: That is correct, Secretary Demwuhl. It seems Servalan was wrong. Blake did not die on Gevron, and FedSec have traced him to the frontier. He's alive and still causing trouble. But soon that will be remedied. He has taken one of the Federation's finest agents into his midst, head of the Iron-Guard, and he doesn't even suspect it.

Demwuhl: Fascinating, but where does Avon fit into the equation?

President: I planted a transmission in our ciphers especially for his super-computer, Orac. Just clues and hints, but enough for Orac to determine Blake's location. And now that their hideout has been located, Scorpio will head straight for Gauda Prime.

Demwuhl: Ah. And when it arrives...

President: When it arrives, Blake, Avon and all their followers will die.


( Hailee, Farin, Kyben and Stella arrive on the Flight Deck of the Liberator, laid out as it was before the explosion. Zen is in his place on the port wall, though he is currently dark. )

Hailee: I've never seen anything like it.

Kyben: It's more than the Federation could have hoped for in a billion years.

Farin: ( Spreads his arms. ) A very cathedral of technology. Can you imagine the power...?

Stella: How does it work?

( They all turn and look at her. )

Stella: I mean look at it. It's years ahead of any other ship we've seen. How can we fly it?

Farin: You've always gotta spoil things for everyone else haven't you?

Hailee: Actually, she's got a point.

( Farin snaps his fingers. )

Farin: Zen.

Hailee: Then what?

Farin: Just be quiet. You're the hired hand. Let the experts do their work.

Hailee: You mean you're the brains of the operation? God help us.

Farin: Zen! Can you hear me?

Kyben: Who're you talking to?

( Stella walks over to one of the control panels. )

Stella: Is this it, do you think?

( Farin joins her, shakes his head and walks away again. )

Farin: No. Keep looking.

( Stella walks over to the control panel nearest Zen. )

Stella: What about this one?

( Hailee and Kyben exchange puzzled looks. )

Hailee: What are you looking...?

Farin: I said shut up!

( Farin looks at the panel Stella is indicating. )

Yesssss. That'll be it. ( Puts his hand on the panel. ) Zen, can you hear me now? ( Silence. )

Kyben: Who is Zen?

Stella: Maybe it didn't survive the explosion.

Farin: From what Blake said we can't control this ship without it.

( Farin turns to walk away from the panel and pulls up, his hand fixed into contact. )

Farin: My hand.

Stella: What?

Farin: My hand! Help me someone... ( Hauls but his hand remains firmly fixed on the panel. ) ...I can't move my hand! I'm stuck!

Hailee: Oh bright move, fearless leader. Don't you ever check before you do anything?

( Kyben walks over to Farin. )

Kyben: Let's see.

( Farin shakes his head from side to side. )

Farin: Gnn... No, no! Get out of my head. Get out. Get out!

( Kyben puts his hand on Farin's shoulder. )

Kyben: Farin. Farin! What's wrong?

( Farin shoulders Kyben away. )

Farin: Get off! Get off! Get...

( Farin suddenly falls away from the panel. Zen lights up. )

Zen: Welcome, Tekk Farin.

Stella: Who said...?

( Hailee points up at Zen. )

Hailee: Look.

( They all gawp at Zen in astonishment. )

Zen: Welcome, Hailee Gavisson.

Hailee: What is that?

Zen: Zen. Welcome Rak Kyben.

Kyben: Er... hi.

Zen: Welcome, Stella Restal.

Stella: How do you know our names?

Zen: Mental scan confirms validity of your authorisation by Roj Blake. Speech units will accept your spoken commands. Please state speed and course.

( Farin gets to his feet. )

Farin: That's it. We have control!

Kyben: What?

Farin: The master computer's accepted us. We can command the Liberator! ( To Zen. ) Is the Liberator spaceworthy?

Zen: Automatic repair of systems continues. At present, the Liberator is functioning at forty-two per cent of capacity. All systems are at least partially operative. The weaponry system will not be able to reach full capacity without replacement focusing crystals for the neutron blasters. This status is adequate for space-transit.

Kyben: Does that mean this ship can take us to Gauda Prime?

Zen: Confirmed.

Farin: Not just Gauda Prime. Blake was able to go anywhere in this ship.

Kyben: That was before it blew up.

( Hailee looks about in child-like wonder. )

Hailee: I've gotta look around here.

Kyben: Oh? Don't you wanna take the money and run?

Hailee: It'll wait.

Kyben: You weren't saying that a couple of days ago.

Hailee: I wasn't aboard the Liberator a couple of days ago. ( Turns to Zen. ) Er... Zen. Liberator's currently docked with my ship.

Zen: Confirmed. The freighter Daedalus is of a size ratio compatible with Liberator's port hold.

Stella: Hey, that's great. ( Looks puzzled. ) What does that mean?

Hailee: ( Patronising. ) It means I can park my ship in the hold.

Farin: Good. Do it. We have to get to GP, you want to explore the ship. You can do it en route.

( Stella is about to protest but Farin silences her with a black look. )

Hailee: ( Hesitates ) I... Why not? Zen, open the port hold.

Zen: Confirmed. Atmosphere is now being cycled out of the port hold.

Farin: Stella, give her a hand.

Hailee: I don't need any help.

Farin: Just to be on the safe side. Go on, hurry!

( Hailee shoots him an angry "don't-boss-me-about" look, but then she and Stella head down the starboard corridor. )

Farin: Thank God they've gone. ( Turns to Kyben. ) So, do you have the datafile?

Kyben: Of course.

Farin: May I see it?

Kyben: Not in a million years.

Farin: I'm here to do a job for Blake, so let me see the...

Kyben: Sorry. Blake is the only one who gets to see this file.

( Farin turns away from him in annoyance. )

Farin: Zen, plot a course for the frontier planet Gauda Prime, speed Time Distort 14. Execute as soon as the Daedalus is safely in Liberator's hold.

Zen: Your instructions are confirmed.

( Farin takes a seat in the central pit, while Kyben explores the Flight Deck. )

Farin: Where'd you find a merc like her?

Kyben: Hailee? Well, I had to get here somehow. She was the best flyer available.

Farin: Pity to waste a good pilot.

Kyben: What does that mean?

Farin: She knows where our base is. And if the Feds catch her, they'll know too. We'll check with Blake first of course, but we'll probably have to kill her. That's the reason I told her to come with us  -  so we can kill her if necessary. ( Kyben looks shocked. ) Believe me, there's no better cure for verbal diarrhoea than a slit throat.


( The Daedalus disconnects from the Liberator and moves down to the Cargo Hold. It slowly passes through the cargo doors, which close up behind it. Liberator then starts moving. Hailee re-enters the Flight Deck. Kyben is still exploring and Farin is still lounging in the pit, but neither of them notice her. She stands at the entrance, listening. )

Kyben: meeting Blake. I know so much about him, and never met him.

Farin: He united all of us. Over thirty criminals on the Feds' wanted list, and he's turned us into an army. Once the planet closes up and goes back under martial law we'll have to leave. And that's where this ship comes in. It's the penultimate piece in Blakes plan. It'll give us the power to escape GP and attack the Federation on any World we choose.

Kyben: Penultimate? What's the last piece?

Farin: ( Grins lazily. ) His former crew of course. Some of them are still alive, and still causing the Federation trouble all over the place. And if they can find us on GP and join us...

Kyben: Oh yes. They're on Scorpio now. Heh, I'd enjoy seeing the looks on their faces when they reach GP...

Farin: ...And see the Liberator waiting in orbit. ( Laughs. ) Yeah, I'd enjoy that too.

( Hailee steps forward. )

Hailee: Kyben's right, no sense of humour. Stella and I just found something interesting.

Farin: What?

Hailee: Zen? Is the teleport working?

Kyben: Teleport?

Zen: The teleport system is fully functional. However, aquitar supply is low.

Kyben: This ship has a teleport?

Farin: Possibly the only one in the Galaxy. ( Stands. ) I'm going to investigate. Show me the way will you, Hailee?

( Farin and Hailee exit along the port side corridor. Stella passes them and heads down to the Flight Deck. Kyben looks up and smiles at her wearily. )

Kyben: Grouchy friend you've got there.

Stella: ( Smiles. ) You got to know him quickly.

Kyben: What's there to know?

Stella: Oh, don't be so harsh. Even Farin has his good qualities.

Kyben: Yeah? Like what?

( Kyben leans back against a wall. )

Stella: ( Pauses, clearly deep in thought. ) Well... er... like just now.

Kyben: What?

Stella: He sometimes leaves the room.

Kyben: Yeah, that's nice. Best thing he's done yet. ( Frowns. ) He says he's going to kill Hailee.

Stella: ( Face falls. ) I was worried about that.

Kyben: Worried about that? Worried about that? He's gonna murder someone and it just worries you?

Stella: It doesn't surprise me anymore. I've worked with him ever since I joined Blake. Farin... cheapens life.

Kyben: In more ways than one.

Stella: I know it sounds bad, but I guess I'm used to it. Under that cruel, callous, violent exterior, Farin has... an even more cruel, callous, violent interior.

( Hailee walks back in. )

Hailee: I'm getting that view myself. He almost threatened me if I didn't let him have the teleport to himself.

Kyben: I'm sorry, Hailee. I'll get your money transferred as soon as we reach GP. You should leave as soon as-...ooooooh!

( The wall behind Kyben has vanished. He slips to the floor in surprise. The armoury panel has materialised where the wall had been. )

Hailee: What the...?

Stella: What's that?


( Space Command HQ. Colonel Mablar walks along the corridors of power. He reaches the reception to the President's Office. While the Colonel waits for clearance from the Guards, Demwuhl steps out of the President's Office. )

Colonel: Ah, Secretary Demwuhl.

Demwuhl: Mablar.

Colonel: A moment in private, secretary.

Demwuhl: As you wish.

( They step aside out of the earshot of the guards. )

Colonel: I imagine the President is in an ebullient mood.

Demwuhl: Oh yes. Very chipper. He's most cheered by the plans you've concocted.

Colonel: He concocted them, Demwuhl. Don't forget, the credit for a mission's success always belongs to the leader, never the lackeys... no matter who did the actual thinking. I thought up the concepts and did all the groundwork, but the President planned it all. I will only be entitled to the acrimony should things go wrong. You of all people should know that.

Demwuhl: Oh, but of course, Colonel. Still, no matter. The bottom line is, the President expects confirmation that the Blake matter is resolved within the next sixteen hours. The Golden Rule for your meeting: tell him what he wants to hear.

Colonel: Isn't it always? And what about "Sleer"?

Demwuhl: Happily, he's prepared to be patient about that.

Colonel: Good. That should give us the time we need. Let's use it wisely.

Demwuhl: And quietly. We don't need the President suspecting anything.


( Aboard the Liberator, Farin has seated himself at the teleport console and is familiarising himself with the controls. )

Farin: ( Murmurs to himself. ) There... then that group... then one of these for altitude... then the levers, then the power bank to...

( Hailee, Kyben and Stella walk in, carrying Liberator handguns, the ammo-belts about their waists. They aim their guns at Farin, who is startled. )

Hailee: I wonder what would happen if I pressed this one.

Farin: Wh-where'd you get those?

Stella: Do you want one? There's loads of 'em on the Flight Deck.

( Hailee steps up to Farin and places the muzzle of the gun against his head. )

Hailee: Sadly we're between you and the Flight Deck. Think you can make it?

Farin: You wouldn't.

Kyben: Wouldn't you?

( Farin nods. Kyben lowers his gun. )

Kyben: Still you're right. I wouldn't. Not too sure about them though.

Hailee: Simple enough. Farin, you even think about killing me and I will fire. My life is mine, Farin. You don't decide how long it lasts, the Feds don't decide it, even Blake won't decide it. My life is mine. Understood?

( There is a silent pause while Farin quakes in fear. Hailee remains steady as a rock. Finally, Farin nods and Hailee and Stella put their guns away. )

Kyben: This teleport looks complex.

Farin: ( Sheepishly. ) Mixture of directional and distance controls. Others are for power settings. The main controls I've marked.

Stella: So we should be able to use it to get off-ship at GP?

Farin: Yes. I'd hate to try and land this thing as we are.

( Farin sits back in his seat, suddenly looking pleased with himself. )

Farin: I think I can relax now. I've done a fine weeks work.

( The others look infuriated. )

Stella: Oh yes, haven't you?

( Stella heads for the Flight Deck, grumbling. )

Stella: Don't care what Blake says, I'm never flyin with him again...

( Kyben and Hailee leave through the other exit, leaving Farin alone and puzzled. )

Farin: Was it something I said?


( Hailee and Kyben reach the medical unit. )
Hailee: Hey, a home away from home for you. ( Whistles. ) This stuff's real advanced.

( Kyben checks the supply cabinets. They are all empty. )

Kyben: No medicines though. Must have all been destroyed in the explosion. ( Looks at Hailee. ) Pity. If it was properly stocked this would be superb.

( The intercom sounds. Hailee presses the receiver control. )

Stella: ( V.O. ) We'll be arriving in a few minutes everyone.

Hailee: We're on our way.

( They both leave and head for the Flight Deck. )


( Flight Deck. Farin, Hailee, Kyben and Stella are present. Farin sits in the pit, while the others all stand by the controls, giving Farin some very unfriendly looks. )

Hailee: Reducing to sub-light speeds... now.

Zen: Liberator is now in orbit at a distance of approximately nine thousand spacials above the planet Gauda Prime.

( Farin rubs his hands together. )

Farin: Excellent work, Zen. Stella, open a sub-beam link to HQ. Tell Klyn were home and dry.

( Stella operates the communication controls. )

Stella: Sending the ID call-sign... ( Pause while the signal transmits. ) ...hmm, that's funny.

Hailee: What's funny?

Stella: No response to the call-sign.

Hailee: Interference?

Stella: No. We do have a link-up to HQ's receiver but they're not transmitting back.

Farin: Well then try again.

Stella: Right. ( Operates controls again. ) No, still...

Zen: Attention. Liberator's strategy computers have been by-passed. Automatic navigation compensators are off-line.

Farin + Stella: What?

Hailee: How? Investigate.

Zen: Detectors indicate there is an external signal being transmitted directly into the guidance systems via a direct remote sensory link.

( Everyone mans the controls. )

Farin: But that means...

Kyben: What?

Farin: An external computer...?

Stella: Every control's out. Even comms are blocked.

Zen: Engines have been engaged exclusive of Liberator's authorisation. Low orbit has been established at increased velocity.

Hailee: Zen, can't you do anything?

Zen: The request is imprecise.

Kyben: Zen, try to break the over-ride!

Zen: The instruction is imprecise.

( Farin hits the controls. )

Farin: Forget it!

( Hailee hauls on the flight controls but gets little response. )

Hailee: I don't get it. Everything's frozen out, even the helm!

Stella: We're gonna come up on the blockade if we get any nearer. We'll get blasted by the hunter ships.

Hailee: I think I'd better go back to my ship... happy landings.

( Hailee turns to leave amid scandalised looks from the others. She suddenly pulls up as Zen speaks again. )

Zen: Attention.

Hailee: Oh now what?

Zen: The bio-energy store of the teleport system has been engaged.

( Kyben and Stella look at each other, pull out their guns, and rush from the Flight Deck, followed by Farin and Hailee.They rush along the port side corridors to the teleport room. When they arrive, there are four figures in the bay. Three are lying prostrate. Kyben and Stella aim their weapons at the fourth one, who stands aiming his gun at apparently nothing. He looks almost crazed, and shaken. Hailee and Farin arrive. Hailee draws her gun and aims it at the stranger as well. )

Stella: Who are you?

( The stranger turns to face them with a wild, terrified look in his eyes, and an insane smile on his lips, which slowly melts into confusion and shock. He has his gun aimed at Stella. But he slowly lowers it giving a clearer view of his face. It is Kerr Avon. )




The prologue to episode 2 I have shamelessly nicked from the prologue of Alan Stevens' The Logic of Empire. I'm sure he doesn't mind  -  which is to say, he hasn't complained so far <evil grin>.

It could be objected that Avon, Tarrant et al don't figure anything like enough in the first two episodes but I decided to devote my time to introducing the new characters, and handle the outstanding plot threads from Blake further down the line. Live with it!



Neil Blissett:

I assume you're suggesting Servalan found Xenon Base because Zukan told her where it was, something I always read as unlikely.

Now this is a long standing niggle that I rather lazily left half-explained a couple of years back. I was going to give a full explanation but in the end I sighed and offered a cheap get-out.

Firstly, here's my original response...

 "Zukan didn't tell Servalan where Xenon was, but after his daughter's death I'm sure he'd have leaked the info to the Federation to get revenge on Avon. The President would've put Sleer in charge of the operation as she was 'Servalan's choice' to deal with the Scorpio problem. From the President's point of view the jury was still out on Sleer and this was her 'last chance' to catch Avon."

The problem with the above was that I didn't express myself at all clearly, nor in parts very accurately. Here was Neil's answer...

"Oh dear. Zukan died before Zeeona. How exactly did he leak information to the Federation when he's floating atoms spread across half the system?"

Good point, largely because, as I say, I got my terminology and whatnot completely wrong. My response back then was to simply offer a slightly different explanation. However, let me explain what I actually meant.

Yes, Zukan died first in Warlord, but just beforehand he sees an apparition of Servalan and appears to hit a button on the console. My suspicion was that he had the location of Xenon ready to transmit to the Federation as a failsafe should Avon survive the betrayal and come looking for revenge. If only out of vindictiveness, Zukan would have sent the message as soon as he realised that Zeeona was on Xenon. And that was what I thought the control was for.

Having said all that, I recently watched the episode again, and I have to admit that I'm beginning to doubt that he did push any button on the console before he died  -  I might have been drinking the previous time and got wobbly vision  -  making the whole point a little redundant. So I may change this part altogether at some time in the future. But not for now.

The President states that Sevalan was wrong and Blake did not die on Gevron. Exactly how does he know what she said to Avon on Terminal shortly before she 'died'? Blake's supposed death would have had to be a closely guarded secret in order to fool Avon into thinking him alive (remember Orac) or an outright lie. Perhaps the President learned of Blake's death from secret (President only) reports. So why did he say Servalan was wrong unless the reports were written by Servalan?

He wasn't quoting what Servalan said on Terminal, he was quoting what she said in the High Council  -  whether or not Blake's "death" was common knowledge, and it seems perfectly possible that it was (just because the folks on Liberator didn't know is neither here nor there, they're not part of society, so to speak), she would have announced to the Council as soon as she was sure that Blake was dead  -  just as she had recommended to her predecessor in Seek-Locate-Destroy. The Council usually keep the matters they discuss under wraps, so even Orac would have had trouble uncovering it.


Jane Walton:

The characters and story are developing well and there is a good balance between humour and drama.

I love the way the stories keep ending on cliffhangers and making me feel compelled to read on.

You'll notice a lot of my episodes ending on cliffhangers simply because very few of the stories can be completed in one episode. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I do get carried away too often.


Brian McLennan:

I don't like this episode very much. Again, the dialogue and general characterisation are works of art (especially the "Chopping board" gag, I liked that) but the episode is far too short, and far too many of the details are recycled directly from Cygnus Alpha.

Quite right. Both Liberated and the next episode, Recovery, are too short, and I'm considering compacting them into one episode. As for recycled material, well, I've already explained that elsewhere.


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