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ACT XII - Sentiments



( Liberator teleport room. Avon is working on manufacturing new teleport bracelets. Nij Blake and Kyben walk in. They each give Avon a very ugly look before heading on to the flight deck. Avon tries to ignore them and carries on working. After he finishes the present bracelet he opens the comms. )

Avon: ( Into comms. ) Zen, I have succeeded in manufacturing seven of the new bracelets. How much Chormium is left?

Zen: ( V.O. ) Forty percent of the Chormium synthetic generated in Liberator's main drive has now been used. Syndeton supplies are plentiful. However, at the present rate of usage, the remaining Chormium synthetic is sufficient only to produce enough of the aquitar compound for a further eight teleport bracelets.

Avon: Thank you, Zen. ( Switches comms. ) Vila, Soolin, come to the teleport room.

Soolin: ( V.O. ) On my way.

Vila: ( V.O. ) Do I have to? I'm... busy.

Avon: Busy? Oh yes, found a way to open this one yet?

Vila: ( V.O. ) I don't know what you mean.

Avon: Vila, those wine bottles are staying where they are. Even you can't get past that force field I put up.

Vila: ( V.O. ) I'll find a way. If there's one thing I'm good at it's opening things. Oh, and drinking to excess.

Avon: Excess is a fine thing... if taken in moderation.

Vila: ( V.O. ) Exactly. All I want is to get moderately roaring drunk.

Avon: You'd better not try. ( Closes comms. ) Not with the booby trap I left inside the force field.

( After a moment Soolin arrives. Avon chucks her one of the new bracelets. )

Soolin: Very pretty.

Avon: They're almost ready to test. I have made the design more robust. Each of us can now have their own bracelet.

( Enter Vila. )

Vila: Great.

Avon: It is. Each of the bracelets is now rigged so that only its owner can use it. This way, the next time Servalan tries to teleport aboard with them she'll end up in empty space. The communicator power has been boosted as well so Liberator can receive when not on station, and this button... ( Indicates a red button just below the main comm button. ) set to send an audio pulse to the Liberator. Once anyone on teleport duty hears it they should bring the wearer up immediately. Use it as an emergency recall in case you can't talk for any reason.

Vila: ( Looks bored. ) You really enjoy talking about this sort of thing don't you?

Avon: With you in the room the only other available subjects are booze and breaking and entering.

Vila: What's wrong with that?

Avon: As a survival technique, downing a gallon of Rigellian plonk when surrounded by a dozen heavily-armed Federation troopers is a bit lacking.

Vila: I still wouldn't turn down a glass.

Avon: Why do I bother? Everything goes over your head. I could talk about shoes and it'd be over your head.

Vila: Teleport shoes? Now there's an idea.

( Soolin exchanges a pained look with Avon. )

Soolin: You've already got at that wine, haven't you?

Vila: Don't tantalise me.

Avon: Of course not, I intend to teleport you.

Vila: What?

Avon: We have to test the bracelets. That means YOU have to test them.

Vila: Why me?

Soolin: You're the only one we can afford to lose.

( Avon opens comms again. )

Avon: ( Into comms, formally. ) Kyben?

Kyben: ( V.O. Coldly. ) What is it, Avon?

Avon: ( Into comms. ) Have we received word from Hailee?

Kyben: ( V.O. ) She touched down on that moon about fifteen minutes ago.

Avon: ( Into comms. ) Good. Stand by.

Kyben: ( V.O. ) I am standing by.

( The comms close. )

Soolin: ( Awkwardly. ) You're not exactly flavour of the month on this ship, are you?

Avon: Not really.

Vila: I warned you, Avon. I said you should've told them to begin with.

Avon: Oh yes, that would've made all the difference.

Vila: It probably would. They might've let it go if you'd told them about Blake. You lied and now they feel like they can't trust you.

Avon: I didn't lie, I just under reported the facts. Honesty is only the best policy when you've got good news.

( Vila just shrugs. )

Avon: Here's the plan. Once we're in range of the moon, I'll send you down to the surface. Hailee and Farin will meet you there. We will then move the Liberator out of orbit while you send transmissions to us every thirty seconds. In this way we can test the new transmission range of the bracelet. Then Hailee will bring you home in the Daedalus.

Vila: I see.

Soolin: What's Farin doing down there anyway? What's his grand purpose?

Avon: I've been wondering that for weeks.

Soolin: You know what I mean.

Avon: He insisted on going as well. Ostensibly it's as back-up for Hailee in case something goes wrong. However I suspect it has more to do with me.

Vila: Sounds fair.

Avon: Fair? He's angry because I killed Blake, but killing him seemed the only option at the time.

Vila: ( Angered. ) Was trying to throw me out of that shuttle the only option too?

( Avon goes silent. The apparition of Blake appears before his eyes. )

Roj Blake: Why do you always destroy what little hope we have...?

( The apparition fades. )

Avon: ( Closing his eyes. ) That's enough, Vila.


( The second moon of Oros. It is almost entirely covered by snow. The rebuilt Daedalus is here. It is significantly modified from the way it used to be. It no longer has its turret, and the frame of the ship is bulkier than it was. Hailee is sat at the controls on the flight deck, drinking something warm from a flask. Farin sits further back, seething quietly. )

Hailee: You're a great conversationalist, you know that?

Farin: Shut up.

Hailee: You've only said about ten words since we left the Liberator, and eight of them were you saying shut up over and over. Can't you find something to say for yourself?

Farin: Shut up.

Hailee: I mean I know it's upsetting, finding out all that stuff with Blake and Avon. I mean sure an' I wish Avon told us straight off.

Farin: Shut up.

Hailee: But I've thought about it, and I realised in the end we can't blame him for keeping it a secret. I mean I bet you'd have done the same thing in Avon's shoes.

Farin: Shut UP.

Hailee: Hell, I bet you'd've shot Blake as well if...

( Farin leaps to his feet and shouts in Hailees face. )

Farin: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut UUUP!!

Hailee: ( Hurriedly. ) Okay okay!

( Farin sits down again and starts seething once more. )

Hailee: Y'know it occurs to me... ( Farin scowls as he realises that the discussion is not yet over. ) ...that I would've done everything exactly the same way if I were in Avon's position.

Farin: ( Sneers. ) No you wouldn't! And neither would I. You like to think you're some hard-as-nails bitch-queen, Hailee, but you don't fool me. You couldn't gun down your friends that easily. You wouldn't let a half-baked suspicion decide things for you. You wouldn't have shot Blake, or anyone else like that. Not without making sure first.

Hailee: What, you're telling me you'd have made sure first? You're suggesting you check anything before you do it? You're the one not fooling me.

( Hailee looks closely at Farin. )

Hailee: You've always been a mouth-on-legs, Farin, but something's changed. And it started before all this did. It started before Taurus. What's really bothering you, Farin?

Farin: ( Stares at the floor. ) You're imagining things.

( Farin's eyes crease with silent remorse. )


( Cynra. The screen is in Black and White. Tekk Farin and his brother Wil are sat in a bar, playing a game of Indian wrestling. There are two glasses, a bottle of whisky - be assured it is something a lot stronger than scotch - and a hundred credits on the table between them. Tekk downs a glass of whisky in a gulp, pulls a grimace and slumps his shoulders. He then blows out his cheeks and meets his brother's eyes. )

Farin: 4-3. Mine.

( Farin slowly picks up the bottle and fills his brother's glass. Wil blows out his own cheeks, steadies his breathing, then raises the glass to his lips and tips the contents down his throat. He drops the glass unsteadily, wheezes, and slumps forward. He then raises his head once more. )

Wil: ( Slurred. ) 4-4.

Farin: ( Superiority. ) Look at you, Wil. You're steamed. Four shots and you're finished.

Wil: I'm not. I've gotch you thish time.

Farin: Face it, little brother, you can't beat me at this game. You're too soft.

Wil: Shoft?

( Wil picks up the bottle and attempts to pour some whisky into Tekk's glass. He misses by three inches. He quickly rights himself and succeeds in filling the glass. )

Wil: Awright, Tekkkh. Show me how it's done.

( Farin picks up the glass, makes an effort to hide how nervous he is, then gulps the whole lot down in one go. His nostrils look like they are about to spit fire. He sucks his lips in. )

Farin: ( Through tight lips. ) Gowwy, wat ftuff iff goodf.

( Farin breathes in very thoroughly and very noisily. He then falls off his chair. Wil leaps to his feet to celebrate. )

Wil: I won! I did it, I beat yo-OOOUUUU!

( Wil loses his balance and collapses as well. Farin gets up and resumes his seat unsteadily. )

Farin: ( Sozzled. ) Wai' wai' wait! I's only 4-4. You gotta take another. Else it's a draw.

( Wil climbs back into his chair. )

Wil: Tha's not fair.

Farin: Yeah it is. You've 'ad four, I've 'ad five. You gotta drink another and stay upright, or i's a draw.

( Farin reaches out for the bottle and knocks it off the table. It smashes to bits on the floor. They both stare at the mess for a moment. )

Farin: Oops. Sorry. Tha's my fault. Guess you did win then.

( Wil reaches out and grabs the money, hastily cramming it all in his pocket. He hands a note to Farin. )

Wil: You lost, so you pay the barman.

Farin: ( Taking the note. ) But it's your money now isn't it?

Wil: Yeah but you're broke now.

Farin: Oh yeah. ( A pause. )

Wil: Well go on. Go 'n' pay.

Farin: Why don't you do it?

Wil: 'Cos I don't thinks I can stand up.

( Farin sighs, gets to his feet and wobbles up to the bar. He slaps the note onto the bar and gestures to Stenner the barman to take it. Stenner is busy talking to a drunk and someone dressed in a cloak. The man's face is hidden behind a hood. )

Drunk: ( Eyeing the man in the cloak nervously. ) Right er, I'll just be getting along. ( Shuffles to the exit hurriedly. )

Stenner: ( Calls after him. ) Er, right but don't forget what I said! ( Calls into the back room. ) Bethan! Oi, Bethan! C'mere.

( The barmaid steps out from the back room. )

Stenner: Take over at the bar for a minute, will you? I got some business in the back room. ( Heads for the door to the back room. Gestures for the man in the cloak to follow him. ) Right come through er..."friend."

( Stenner and the cloaked man exit. At another table, two drunks, Kane and Royce, watch them closely. Bethan heads over to Farin and takes the credit note. )

Farin: Tha's for the whisky.

Bethan: I'll get you your change...

Farin: ( Puckers his lips hopefully. ) You can keep the change... if you give us a kiss.

Bethan: ( Firmly. ) I'll get you your change.

Farin: Oooh. Just a quick smack.

( Bethan slaps Farin across the face. He sobers up quickly. )

Bethan: Good?

Farin: ( Rubs his cheek. ) Wow. Yeah.

Bethan: Good. I will keep the change. ( Banks the money. ) Can I get you anything?

Farin: ( Jerks his thumb at his brother, who has almost passed out on the table. ) Rather a lot of coffee.

( Kane and Royce get to their feet, still watching the door to the back room. They slink off toward the exit. As they pass Farin's table, Wil snakes out a hand toward Kanes back pocket and tries to filch his money. However, Wil is too drunk to do this with his usual subtlety. Kane spins and grabs his hand. )

Kane: Whatcha playin' at, kid?

Wil: ( Standing quickly. ) Gerroff! Lemme go!

( Wil tries to get Kane to release his grip but to no avail. Kane pulls out a switchblade and holds it to Wils throat. )

Kane: Sure, I'll let go. Once there's nuthin' left to keep a hold of...

( Farin quickly runs over to intervene. )

Farin: Hey, what's going on?

( Royce stands between Farin and Kane. )

Kane: I'd keep this little thief o' yours on a leash before you leave it unattended. Else it might get put down...

( Wil suddenly swings his fist up into Kanes face. It does little harm, but at least forces him to let go. )

Kane: Why you...!

( Farin gets between the two of them and pushes Kane away. The scuffle has drawn attention from the rest of the bar. Royce holds Kane back while Farin restrains Wil. )

Kane: Get outta my way! That little stanger tried to...

Royce: ( Whispers. ) Kane, let's keep this quiet. Y'know...?

( Kane stops and glances up at Royce. He looks around at the crowd that has gathered around them, then calms down reluctantly. )

Kane: Ah c'mon, Royce, let's get out of here. There's a real smell in the air.

( Royce and Kane quickly take their leave. Farin glares at Wil angrily. )

Farin: How many times, Wil?

Wil: Can't 'elp it, Tekk.

Farin: If any FedSec boys are round here and they catch you stealing again...

Wil: I know. I'm sorry, I'll try and control myself in future.

Farin: That's what you always say.

( Farin and Wil take their leave, watching around all the time for Kane and Royce. They then disappear down the street. )


( In an alley by Stenner's bar, the cloaked man steps out of the back door and throws aside the top half of a broken bottle. There is blood staining the jagged edges of the bottle. Suddenly Kane and Royce step out of the shadows. Kane snakes an arm round the man's neck and holds the switchblade at his throat. He pulls back the hood of the cloak to reveal a familiar eye-patched face. Royce searches him for weapons. )

Kane: Don't move. Don't even breathe. Or I'll splatter ya brains all over that wall. ( Chuckles. ) I knew you'd come out this way.

Royce: I think you're right, Kane. It must be 'im.

Kane: We know who you are, mate.

Travis: Really? Who am I?

Royce: You're money. That's what you are...

Kane: Shut up, Royce! We don't want everyone to hear. This is our find. ( Nudges Travis. ) You're Trevor aren't ya?

Travis: ( Almost chokes. ) Trevor?!?


( A little while later, Travis, his head hidden in his cloak again, exits the alley furtively and disappears into the night. Inside the alley, there lie two bodies. Royce is dead, Kane is not. But Kane has now only got one eye and one hand... )


( Second moon of Oros, in colour. Snow is slowly gathering on the Daedalus. Inside, Farin and Hailee sit in a suitably-frosty silence. Hailee watches him closely. Outside, Vila materialises. He looks about himself in shock as he realises how cold it is - he is not wearing cold weather clothing. Vila gibbers in the freezing air and runs over to the Daedalus. He pounds on the hatch until Hailee opens it and helps him in. Farin remains seated, ignoring everything that's happening. )

Vila: Why didn't anyone tell me it was thirty below?

Hailee: Because we knew if we did it'd be even more difficult getting you to co-operate.

( Hailee hands Vila a pair of overalls, which he puts on hurriedly. She then pours him a warm drink, which he downs. )

Vila: It's not fair. It's just not fair. Why's it always me?

Hailee: We'll accept your resignation. If you want to try and run from the Feds without the Liberator to hide in?

Vila: ( Sulks. ) Why are you always picking on me?

Hailee: Oh stop complaining you miserable little weed. Check in with Liberator.

( Vila reaches down to his bracelet and opens comms. )

Vila: ( Into bracelet. ) Soolin, do you copy?

Soolin: ( V.O. ) I copy, Vila. All in one piece?

Vila: One frozen piece. It's like a giant ice cube down here. I swear it's the last time I'm doing Avon a favour.

Soolin: ( V.O.) Aw, poor Vila. Now, Liberator will leave orbit in sixty seconds. After that you call in every thirty seconds. Clear?

Vila: Yes yes, I know. We already went through it five times.

Soolin: ( V.O. ) We weren't sure you were awake for any of them. Hailee, have you got the course plotted for the return flight?

Hailee: ( Calls from the pilot seat. ) Yep.

Soolin: ( V.O. ) Good luck then. Liberator out.

Hailee: Gan, start the countdown.

Gan: I have taken the liberty, ma'am. The good gentleman Vila will have to make his first communication in sixty seven point two double one seconds.

( Farin still sits, ignoring all. Vila looks at him in curiosity. He is about to speak to him when Farin interrupts. )

Farin: Leave me alone, Vila.

Vila: ( To Hailee. ) What's eating him?

Hailee: Hmm? Oh don't ask me. He's been grouching since we took off.


( B/W. Morning on Cynra. Tekk and Wil Farin are sat in a traders' cafe, eating breakfast. )

Farin: According to Klag, Federation troops are covering the landing area.

Wil: What do they want?

Farin: Could just be they're a bit nervous. Cynra only joined the Federation a few months ago after all. Whatever the case we may have to wait before we head back to the ship.

Wil: Why? We haven't done anything.

Farin: ( Smiles at his brothers naivety. ) You think that'll stop them? They just have to get suspicious and the firing starts. We'll keep our heads down 'till the Feds leave.

Wil: You're the boss.

Farin: I wish youd remember that more often.

( Suddenly, the door to the cafe opens and four Federation troopers enter. )

Section Leader: Everyone stay where you are. Have your ID ready.

Farin: Uh oh. What do they want?

( The troopers walk through the crowd of diners, checking their ID cards. Eventually one of them comes to Farins table. Both Farin and Wil show their ID. The trooper consults a holo-card. There is a computer-simulated image of Wil's face on it. Immediately the trooper aims his gun at Wil. )

Trooper: Section Leader, I've found him.

( Wil looks horrified. )

Wil: Me? Why?

( The Section Leader walks up. )

Section Leader: Wil Farin?

Wil: Yes?

Section Leader: I have orders from FedSec HQ. You are under arrest.

Wil: What! Why? I haven't done anything...

Section Leader: ( Knowing look. ) Of course you haven't. But Security need to ask you a few questions.

Farin: Regarding what?

Section Leader: A double-murder inquiry. Two men were found dead at the Stenner bar across town last night. One was the barman Tam Stenner and the other was Lec Royce. A third man called Kane was found horribly disfigured at the scene. You were seen at that bar last night, Farin, in an altercation with two of the gentlemen in question.

Wil: Murder? You don't think it was me?

Section Leader: On your feet, Farin!

( Wil fearfully gets up and is marched out by the troopers. Farin gets up and follows. )


( A Kommisariat office at FedSec base on Cynra. The local Kommisar sits behind the desk, Farin sits facing him. )

Kommisar: The testimony from Kane indicates your brother's innocence over the charges of murder.

( Farin looks visibly relieved. )

Kommisar: However, the altercation between them earlier in the evening stemmed from yet another example of your brother's compulsive misbehaviour. He's a compulsive thief, Farin.

( Farin looks worried again. )

Kommisar: In light of your brother's past record I've had no choice but to contact Earth and speak to the Kommisar General himself about this matter. He feels that we have to take greater measures to protect the people of the Federation from persistent offenders. And indeed to protect Wil from himself.

Farin: What are you saying?

Kommisar: The Kommisar General has authorised that your brother be tranferred to a confinement facility on Earth, where he will receive mental rehabilitation therapy. This should assist his efforts to break his... er, habits.

Farin: Mental what?

Kommisar: Mental rehabilitation therapy.

Farin: Well, what would that involve?

Kommisar: Oh, nothing to be alarmed about.

Farin: Is that so? What is it then?


( Colour. Daedalus closes in on the Liberator. On Daedalus' Flight Deck... )

Hailee: ( Into comms. ) Sevener to Liberator, do you read me?

Nij Blake: ( V.O. ) We read you, Hailee.

Hailee: We'll be in position to dock in three minutes.


( Liberator Flight Deck. Blake and Kyben are on watch. )

Nij Blake: ( Into comms. ) Copy. We're on standby. Everything go all right?

Hailee: ( V.O. ) Well, Vila's not stopped complaining since he arrived, I'm feeling bored, and talking to Farin's about as much fun as sleeping on spikes. So yeah, everything's gone real smoothly.


( Daedalus Flight Deck. )

Nij Blake: ( V.O. ) Good. See you soon. Liberator out.

Hailee: Gan, prepare docking manoeuvres.

Gan: Very good, ma'am.

( Farin looks up at the Liberator as it draws near. There is a tear at the corner of his eye. )


( B/W. Political Rehabilitation Centre on Earth. Dr Havant and Dr Kyben are standing outside one of the main treatment facilities in the Centre. At this point Kyben still has both eyes. They watch through a panel to where Wil Farin is lying on a treatment table. Diodes connect his forehead to a mental reprogramming unit. Doctor Moyes is there. She manoeuvres a strobe machine over Wils eyes. )

Kyben: Don't know this one's name. Compulsive thief, apparently.

Havant: That's a familiar case.

Kyben: Probably. Just a pickpocket mainly. Petty crimes.

Havant: Still a threat to order, Kyben. One should never underestimate the danger that any criminal can pose to the stability of our society.

Kyben: Really, Dr Havant? A pickpocket poses such a threat?

Havant: He picks the pocket of a contented man, that man becomes discontented. His family are exposed to his displeasure and they become discontented as well. Their discontent then spreads in this manner to their friends... then complaints begin. People talk about how crime is growing and criminals become encouraged. In this way the discontentment feeds off itself. Soon the complaints grow into direct attacks on the Federation's ability to protect its citizens from crime...

Kyben: Ah yes, I understand now. Exaggerated perhaps, but you are correct. No criminals, no risk.

Havant: An excellent summary of the issue, Kyben. That's why indoctrination treatment is such a vital tool in the Defence of the Federation, even against petty criminals. That's why I wanted someone like you in charge of it. That's why I need you to be more ruthless. You mustn't hesitate so much when administering this treatment. You must be more willing to use it, for the greater good.

Kyben: I... I know that, Dr Havant. It's just... there's something about it I don't like. I can't help feeling sometimes that tampering with people's minds is too extreme. I often think it should be more of a last resort.

Havant: ( Fatherly smile. ) I know, my boy. Believe me, when I was the young medical officer learning the ways of authority, I was saying exactly the same thing to my superiors. But whenever you feel these doubts, remember, the good of the Federation must come first.

Kyben: ( Hesitates. ) I... Yes. ( Activates a communicator. ) You may proceed when ready, Doctor Moyes.

( Inside the Operating theatre, Doctor Moyes finishes setting things up. Wil glances around nervously. )

Moyes: Thank you, sir. I am beginning now.

Wil: Will this hurt?

Moyes: The adjustments may cause discomfort if you resist them. Just relax, you'll feel different when it's over.

Wil: What if...?

( Doctor Moyes quickly throws a switch and the strobe lights up. High pitched sounds beat down on Wils ears and power jolts through the electrodes into his head. Wil opens his mouth in a soundless scream. Outside, Havant and Kyben watch. Kyben looks emotionless, Havant smiles slightly. )

Havant: The process on this one should be complete soon. Shall we dine?

Kyben: ( Not taking his eyes off of Wil. ) As you wish. ( Stares a moment longer, then follows Havant from the room. Inside the Operating theatre, an emergency light suddenly blinks on and off. Moyes looks up in surprise. )

Moyes: What the-...?

( The strobe effect increases speed, the sounds become ever higher-pitched. Wil's scream becomes audible. Moyes desperately starts operating controls on the machinery to try and abort the process. Eventually the machinery cuts out... and Wil lies limp. The Doctor reaches out to check Wil's vital signs. She then closes Wil's eyes with her palm. )


( Colour. Liberator Docking bay. The Sevener rests here. Hailee, Vila and Farin stride out. Avon, Blake and Kyben are here to greet them. )

Hailee: Home sweet home.

Avon: Glad you made it.

Nij Blake: ( Resentfully. ) Careful, Avon. Your sentiment is showing.

( Avon looks up at him in alarm, but says nothing. )

Kyben: Pretty successful test then.

Hailee: No two ways about it. The transmitter's range is about three million spacials.

( Blake lets out a low whistle. )

Vila: Won't need to shout much in future.

( Avon steps over to the communicator on the wall and activates it. )

Avon: ( Into comms. ) Soolin, activate the cloak, then take us out of here at standard speed.

Soolin: ( V.O. ) Done.

( Liberator vanishes from view. The crew head out of the docking bay. )


( Medical Unit. Kyben is lying on a rehab couch. His eye-patch has been detached from his face and is being repaired. A temporary cover plate is connected to Kyben's face. It is suspended by metal struts on a retort, so Kyben must remain in the reclined position to keep it in place. )

Kyben: Remember not to try anything too elaborate, Slave. Just routine maintenance, that's all.

Slave: Yes, Doctor. The patch appears to have suffered no damage beyond the expected wear-and-tear, as you so-ably predicted, sir. Even with my poor abilities, the repairs should be completed momentarily.

Kyben: You shouldn't say things like that, Slave. You'll put pressure on yourself, and we all know how badly you respond to pressure.

Slave: You are correct as always, sir.

Kyben: Now you're putting pressure on me.

Slave: Oh, my humblest apologies, Doctor. I meant no offence...

Kyben: None taken.

Slave: Why thank you, Doctor, I'm deeply grateful that...

Kyben: Be quiet, Slave.

Slave: Yes sir.

( The repairs continue. The door opens and Soolin walks in. She looks alarmed as she realises that there is very little holding Kybens face together at the moment. )

Soolin: Oop. I'm sorry, I'll come back...

Kyben: ( Waving at another couch. ) No, it's all right, Soolin. Sit down. Just remember, when I tell you to turn away, you turn away. You don't want to see what's under here too often.

( Soolin looks slightly pale as she sits down. )

Soolin: Understood.

Kyben: What can I do for you?

Soolin: It's nothing medical.

Kyben: Suits me.

Soolin: It's about Avon.

Kyben: On second thoughts...

Soolin: Kyben, listen. I know how angry you are about what he did. I mean, I saw him shoot Blake, it was a shock for me too. But believe me, no one regrets it more than Avon himself.

Kyben: I doubt that.

Soolin: I think it's true.

Kyben: Why doesn't he tell us this himself? Why didn't he tell us in the first place?

Soolin: Because when he first met you he didn't know if he could trust you. And he realised how you'd react.

( Kyben looks unconvinced. )

Soolin: He's not the only one on this ship to keep a terrible secret, is he Kyben?

Kyben: Well...

Slave: Please forgive my interruption, Doctor...

Kyben: You're forgiven, Slave. What is it?

Slave: Repairs are complete. The patch is ready to be re-fitted.

Kyben: Thank you, Slave. Begin. Soolin, you'd better turn away.

( The eye-patch moves on a mechanical arm towards Kybens face. In a quick movement the cover plate is withdrawn and the patch is clamped into place. On another mechanical arm, a laser moves in and projects a low-intensity beam that "welds" the patch into place. Soolin has not taken her eyes off Kyben at any stage in all this. She looks shocked by what she's seen, but says nothing about it. Kyben sits up. )

Soolin: ( Swallows. ) Like I say. You've kept a few secrets in your time.

Kyben: The others know the truth about me now.

Soolin: Do they? The whole truth?

Kyben: What do you mean the whole truth?

Soolin: Kyben. When Servalan was in my head, I learned things. All sorts of things.

( Kybens face falls. )

Soolin: About her. And you.

Kyben: Go on.

Soolin: I haven't mentioned anything so far because I didn't want you to feel that your privacy was invaded. ( Soolin puts a hand on Kyben's arm. ) I know all about it, Kyben. I know all about the things you did for her. And with her. You were naive back then, which is a good excuse. But it's still a secret you didn't want the rest of us to know. Because you know how some of us would react.

( Soolin gets to her feet. )

Soolin: I don't think I should carry on with this. Just think about it.

( Soolin walks out. Kyben sits alone for a moment. Then Farin walks in. )

Farin: I need a favour, Doctor.


( Flight Deck. Hailee is at the controls, Vila sits in the pit with his feet up on the table and his arms behind his head, Blake sits opposite him, and Avon is at the detector controls. Orac is on the table in the pit, switched on. )

Avon: Transit time at Standard by six?

Zen: Five point two zero four zero nine space hours.

Vila: These vague guesses of his are gonna kill us one day... from boredom.

Avon: You'll provide that long before Zen has a chance.

Nij Blake: I was right, you really are mad, Avon. Why there? Of all places?

Avon: You would know better of course? Your vast wealth of wisdom and experience fighting the Federation would tell you the better course of action?

Nij Blake: You don't have to be an old war-horse to know this is a stupid move.

Avon: You're not the first one to say that.

Vila: No. Tarrant said it before we went to Terminal. And again when we raided the gold shipment on Zerok. And again when we went to Gauda Prime. See how well those little excursions went.

Avon: Not as well as I'd like, I admit. For one thing you survived.

Nij Blake: My father didn't.

Avon: True. So be careful I don't help you maintain another family tradition.

Nij Blake: Answer the question, Avon. Why are we headed for Sol?

Avon: I want to learn more about these new battle drones the Federation have built. Earth is the most likely place to have most of the information. An issue on your own agenda surely.

Nij Blake: Mine?

Avon: Naturally. Considering what's at the core of the Defence network.

Nij Blake: ( Mulls it over. ) I suppose you're right.

Avon: Aren't I always?

Vila: Why don't we just ask Orac?

Avon: I did. He wasn't able to find anything.

Orac: I was not unable. The relevant information was irretrievable by any means whatsoever.

( Vila unplugs Orac's key and holds it up. )

Vila: Can't we throw this somewhere irretrievable?

Avon: Tempting.


( Residence One, Earth. Secretary Demwuhl enters the Security Centre. Major Fanshoe and Section Leader Danaab are on detail here. )

Demwuhl: Attention.

( Danaab leaps to his feet and salutes sharply. Fanshoe stands more slowly and she snaps off a messy salute. )

Fanshoe: Can we help, ma'am?

Demwuhl: ( Not impressed by her lack of protocol. ) You can make more of an effort for a start. I require private access to Space Commands communications.

Danaab: Space Command? On whose authority?

Demwuhl: ( Angrily. ) The President's. Who else?

Danaab: He didn't notify us.

Demwuhl: Why don't you go and check with him? I'm sure he'll reward you for your diligence.

Danaab: I'll...

Fanshoe: ( Hurriedly. ) Sit down, Section Leader.

( Danaab does as told. )

Fanshoe: I'll make the arrangements for...

Demwuhl: ( Tightly. ) That won't be necessary. All I require from you both is your absence. I'm under strict instructions from the President himself. This communication is to be transmitted in absolute privacy.

Danaab: ( Standing again. ) That's completely irregular.

Demwuhl: Yes it is isn't it? But then Presidents aren't subject to regulations. Out.

( Fanshoe nods and walks out. Danaab stays rooted to the spot, looking at Demwuhl uncertainly. )

Demwuhl: If you want to argue about proper procedure, Section Leader, argue with the President. I'm sure you'll learn what value the High Council attaches to red-tape-tiers such as yourself.

( The Section Leader wobbles his lip petulantly, then he salutes and leaves. Demwuhl locks the door, then operates the communicators. Servalans face appears on the screen. Demwuhl bows her head reverentially. )

Demwuhl: Supreme Empress!

Servalan: Ah, Demwuhl. Good. What news do you bring of the false Premier?

Demwuhl: ( Lip curls with distaste at the mention of the President. ) The false Premier has ordered the Galactic Seventh Fleet be put on line a full month ahead of schedule, my Empress.

Servalan: It's ready so soon?

Demwuhl: It is, my Empress. The Herculania Defence Network has proven most effective at suppressing hit-and-run attacks by rebels against the shipyards on Heinlon. It allowed them to complete the project far sooner than original estimates suggested.

Servalan: ( Flutters an eyebrow. ) Well, well. I always feared the network would prove a waste of resources without my valuable guidance. This usurper may have some vision after all. It's almost a pity that I'll have to kill him.

Demwuhl: An act I would honoured to perform on your behalf...

Servalan: ( Smiles. ) I'm sure you would, Demwuhl, but business before pleasure. He must live until we can draw more support from Space Command.

Demwuhl: The High Council appears ready to support you.

Servalan: I noticed that. But I need support from Federal offices that actually mean something. Tell me, where is the fleet being posted to?

Demwuhl: Toidronn. Agro 34 as it is officially known. The false President wants singular control of the planet now. After the Liberator stole the Interceptor missiles from the development base, a new fleet seems the best bet to wipe out Vandor's.

Servalan: ( Troubled look. ) Ah yes. The Liberator. That's the other matter I asked you to investigate.

Demwuhl: Indeed so my Empress.

( Demwuhl pulls a datacard out of her pocket and slots it into the computer. )

Demwuhl: I'm transmitting a full transcript of the surviving officer's report, as ordered. I can confirm that one of the terrorists involved in the action answered to the name of Blake.

Servalan: Blake...

Demwuhl: We are unable to investigate any further, my Empress, as I'm afraid Kreel lost all trace of the Liberator several days ago.

Servalan: ( Hollow laugh. ) Of course he did. Never send an officer to fail a task that Travis could have messed up better.

Demwuhl: ( Laughs as well, but makes sure she stops laughing first - never out-humour an Empress. ) I imagine Travis would have made it a more spectacular mess.


( B/W. A hospital on Cynra. Farin stands at the foot of a rehab couch, on which Kane lies prostrate. Kane has now got a false eye, and a prosphetic hand. He is almost healthy enough to discharge. )

Kane: Spectacular, eh?

Farin: He made a mess of you. I'll say that much.

Kane: That's what I mean. The gruesome son of a...

Farin: Who was it, Kane? It wasn't my brother, so who really attacked you?

Kane: Why should I tell you?

Farin: Because of him my brother's dead. I wanna kill him.

Kane: ( Sits up angrily. ) Because of 'im I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life. No way the Feds'd give the likes of me cosmetic surgery. I won't tell you nuthin'. Soon as I'm outta here I'm gonna find 'im and kill 'im myself.

Farin: Maybe I can help...

Kane: ( Mocking snort. ) Forget it! I ain't letting you get a share. He's all mine. And don't try gettin' in my way either!

Farin: Who's to stop me?

( Kane leaps up and holds his prosthetic to Farin's throat. A spring-mounted blade pops out of the wrist-joint and is held poised against the flesh of Farins neck. )

Kane: Believe me, Farin, I can stop you.


( Colour. Liberator Medical Unit. Farin and Kyben are having a difference of opinion. )

Farin: Just tell me the name, Kyben.

Kyben: I can't remember that...

Farin: I don't believe you. You were Head of the Division, you must've found out how he died. You must've found out who killed him.

Kyben: Even if I did I wouldn't tell you.

Farin: Oh? Why's that?

Kyben: Because if I did you'd head straight for Earth and hunt for her, and that'd be the last time we ever see you alive.

Farin: That's my decision.

Kyben: And not telling you is mine.

Farin: So you do remember?

Kyben: Maybe.

Farin: You really expect me to believe you've changed when you're still protecting those blood-suckers?

Kyben: No. I'm trying to protect you. From yourself.

Farin: Funny. That's what your colleague said they were doing for my brother. Protecting him from himself. See what happened to him?

Kyben: Yeah. He died. Which is what'll happen to you if you go hunting for...

Farin: He didn't ask for protection, and I'm not asking for it now. I just want the name!

Kyben: ( Unsure. ) You'll get yourself killed.

Farin: Kyben...

Kyben: No!

Farin: Look, when I told you how my brother died, you told me you were sorry for your past, that you were trying to change things for the better. Now here's someone who's committed the same crimes you did. I want to bring him to justice and you won't help? How's that supposed to repair the damage?

Kyben: "Repair the damage"? Revenge is supposed to repair the damage?

Farin: It'll make me feel better.

Kyben: Ah of course. Such a noble cause.

Farin: I don't give a stuff about noble sentiments, Kyben. Not from the mouth of a Fed indoctrinator. If you want to change things for the better, help me catch my brother's killer. Tell me the name!

( Kyben looks exhausted and relents. )

Kyben: Oh... all right. On your own head be it.

Farin: No. On his. The name?

Kyben: If memory serves her name was Yadna Moyes. She was a specialist psycho-surgeon in the Political Rehab Department. Last I heard was during the Galactic War. She was being posted to the front-line to treat troops who were suffering from shell-shock.

Farin: Which planet?

( Kyben remains silent. )

Farin: I said which planet?!

Kyben: Give me a chance! It's ages since I heard anything about her. ( Gnaws on his thumbnail as he thinks. )

Farin: Well?

Kyben: Wait.

( Farin waits impatiently. )

Kyben: Ziegle system. Ziegle Three.

Farin: Ziegle? That became a Neutral system after the War didn't it?

Kyben: That far out? I should imagine so.

Farin: Any chance Moyes survived then?

Kyben: I'd never write her off. She had a habit of surviving, almost by accident sometimes.

Farin: What do you mean?

Kyben: Your brother wasn't her only failure, Farin, believe me. She was notoriously incompetent for a specialist. Her career should've been in ruins before she left the Federation Academy but somehow she always escaped, never got her comeuppance.

Farin: I see. So, last question. Would her file still be in the old Administration archives?

Kyben: ( Shrugs. ) Beats me. The Administration was overthrown, but I expect Servalan would've liked to keep the records intact. The problem is she transferred a lot of data to Central Control for safe keeping after the Andromedans reached Earth Sector. And we all know what happened to Star One in the end. Another strategic gem from Madame President...

Farin: ( Heads for the door. ) Orac can find out if the information still exists.

Kyben: And if it doesn't?

Farin: ( Over his shoulder. ) I'll go to Ziegle.

( Farin exits. Kyben frowns sadly. )


( Flight Deck. All the crew except Kyben and Farin are present. Orac is still switched off. )

Avon: With the development of the new faster Pursuit Ships and the Herculania battle-drones, the Federations objectives have become far more straightforward. Destroy us. Before the Federation always wanted the Liberator intact. Now they just want us out of the way.

Hailee: Therefore we have to get their new Defence grid out of the way.

Avon: I'd prefer to leave Federation Space altogether, but that's unrealistic.

Soolin: Where would we go? The rate the Empire's rebuilding...

Avon: Exactly. They'd have the entire Galactic disc under their control in the next thirty years the way things are going with the Pacification Programme.

Soolin: Maybe we should try and put a stop to that instead. We still have the innoculation formula for Pylene-50.

Avon: ( Thoughtfully. ) Perhaps... But we still need to know what we're up against if we're to stay alive.

Vila: There's nothing they can do that we can't protect ourselves against.

Hailee: No?

Vila: By putting a few hundred light years between us and them I mean.

Avon: Try and keep up, Vila. We just established we can't do that, not for long anyway.

Vila: The Feds only control about a quarter of the Galaxy. Probably less.

Avon: It was only a few months ago it was a fifth of the Galaxy. And a few months before that it was an eighth. And a few months before that...

Vila: All right, all right. I take your point.

Avon: You'll be taking their point through the shoulder blades if we don't find a way to fight those... things. It won't be long before the Federation have recovered all the ground they lost in the War.

( Farin walks in. He heads straight for the pit and switches Orac on. )

Vila: Don't spoil the atmosphere...

Farin: Shut up, Vila. Orac?

Orac: Yes?

Farin: I want you to trace a Dr Yadna Moyes. She was a Specialist Psycho-surgeon in Federation Political Rehab. Last point of reference was the Planet Ziegle Three during the Intergalactic War.

Avon: What are you doing?

( Farin shoots him a look of hatred. )

Farin: You stay out of this, Avon. I could kill you yet.

Avon: ( Smiles. ) Not much of a threat.

Farin: Can you do this, Orac?

Orac: Of course I can... assuming data is available within Federation personnel files.

Farin: That's what I meant!

Orac: I will report the details to you in due course.

Soolin: What's going on?

Farin: ( Glares at her. ) Justice.

( Farin walks out again. )


( Pursuit ship 5, the Federation ship stolen by Servalan. The ship is on the rim of an asteroid field. Servalan sits in the command seat, the mutoid is at the controls. )

Mutoid 5: Commissioner Sleer, we have visual contact of the mining facility.

Servalan: Excellent. Are we receiving any communications traffic?

Mutoid 5: Affirmative, Commissioner. Signals do not match standard Federation ciphers. Detectors show energy readings throughout the facility.

Servalan: The mine's been inactive for over twelve years.

Mutoid 5: Yes Commissioner.

Servalan: Then I was right. It probably has been taken over by pirates. Distance to Agro 34?

Mutoid 5: Seven million spacials.

Servalan: Beyond Federation detector range, optimum for monitoring the invasion fleet.

Mutoid 5: Tactical computers list it as such.

Servalan: All of which makes it ideal... for my new hideout.


( The cloaked Liberator orbits the Earth. On the Flight Deck the whole crew are present. Orac is switched on. Farin stands over it. )

Farin: Bottom line, Orac. Is Moyes back on Earth?

Orac: She could be. But all official links to Federation authority were cut after Space Command overthrew the Old Administration.

Kyben: It's true, Farin. After the War ended, Servalan only kept a few of us from the old Administration in Government.

Hailee: ( Suspicious. ) Why you in particular?

( Kyben and Soolin glance at each other. )

Kyben: I guess she had her reasons.

Orac: May I continue?

Hailee: We wouldn't dream of stopping you, sourpuss.

Orac: My name is not sourpuss...

Farin: ( Frustrated. ) Carry on, Orac!

Orac: The last trace in Federation files relating to a Yadna Moyes was on Earth seventeen months ago. There is no information about her exact purpose, but it was categorically not Federation activity. Any attempt she may have made to rejoin the Federation Medical Division must have been unsuccessful.

Vila: So Servalan's brighter than Havant was. That's not difficult.

Kyben: She didn't try to rejoin, I would've known about it.

Farin: Could she have been trying to join a different part of the Federation?

Orac: Such information is not available to me, and there is far too little data for me to conjecture...

Avon: This is irrelevant anyway.

Farin: What do you mean?

Avon: We are not here to settle your petty grudges. We are here to obtain far more valuable information. Information which you are preventing Orac from seeking.

( Farin walks up to Avon. )

Farin: What kind of petty grudges, Avon? Murdering Blake you mean? Or murdering Anna Grant?

( Avon punches Farin in the stomach. Farin collapses to the floor, coughing. )

Avon: NO! I mean putting the ship at risk for the sake of murdering some non-entity! I mean putting the ship at risk to make an expendable cretin like you feel better. That's what I mean by petty grudges.

( Farin gets up and shapes to hit back, but Blake and Kyben pull them apart. Hailee pushes Farin away. )

Hailee: STOP!

( Farin heaves for breath, giving Avon a look of pure hatred. )

Hailee: Have you lost your mind?!

( Farin turns and storms to the armoury and, before anyone can stop him, pulls out a Liberator handgun. He aims the gun at Avon. For a moment everyone is rooted to the spot. Then Farin lowers the gun. )

Farin: I'm heading for the surface. ( Points the gun at Vila. ) You're coming with me.

Vila: Me...?

Farin: Yes, you!! ( Points the gun at Hailee. ) You'll operate the teleport. If any of you lot try to come after me, I'll kill Vila. ( Gestures to exit. ) Move, both of you.

( Vila and Hailee reluctantly head away from the Flight Deck. Farin follows, keeping his eyes on the rest of the crew as he exits. Avon makes to follow but Blake restrains him. )

Nij Blake: He means it, Avon. They'll be no use to you dead, will they?


( Teleport room. Farin, Hailee and Vila walk in. Farin has his gun trained on them. Hailee reluctantly takes a seat behind the controls. Farin motions Vila to the bracelet trolley. )

Farin: Get two.

( Vila, trembling with fear, collects two bracelets, putting one on and handing the second to Farin. Farin puts it on. )

Farin: As soon as we reach the surface, you'll take the bracelet off. Clear?

( Vila nods. )

Hailee: You're even more of an idiot than I rated you, Farin. The Feds'll find you in no time. We won't be able to help you down there.

Farin: You wouldn't want to, Hailee. You're a merc, remember?

Hailee: Just so long as you remember.

( Farin and Vila line up in the teleport bay. )

Farin: I'll contact you when I'm done.

Hailee: And if you run into trouble?

Farin: We'll see you in Hell, won't we? Teleport.

( Hailee operates the controls, and Farin and Vila dematerialise... )




I've devoted this episode to Farin. He's becoming more and more angry now he's learned the truth about how Roj Blake died. At the core of this is the sense of betrayal  -  Farin feels his brother was betrayed by the Federation indoctrinators, and for this reason he wants revenge: learning that Avon killed Blake in cold blood has brought it all to the surface again.

This episode features a number of flashbacks to before the Intergalactic War, including a couple of scenes featuring Travis, which I've adapted from The Mark of Kane (to learn what Stenner's "business in the back room" was, well, I'm not telling you, you'll just have to visit Kaldor's website and read the transcripts, or better still, buy the tape).

The new bracelets are finally put together. The scenes with Vila, Hailee and Farin testing them on the moon of Oros were not important plot-wise, but it was the best vehicle I could come up with for revealing Farin's memories of his brother. The Sevener, as named in the Original Sequel Project, made its debut in a previous version, but to be quite honest I've never liked the name all that much, so I've reverted to Daedalus.

To put it mildly, Avon is getting the cold shoulder from some of the crew, epecially Farin and Kyben, now that the truth about Blake is known. This leads to violence.

Also, more dark moments from Kyben's past are touched upon. One aspect is that he was more involved with the death of Farin's brother than he let on. Another is Servalan. Soolin learnt a great deal during the time Servalan's mind was tangled with hers, including a number of things Kyben would rather were kept hidden.

Overall there's not too much action in this story, but there is a great deal of conflict within the crew of the Liberator.

Chormium is just a cheap and cheerful plot idea. If aquitar is an alloy, it must have compounds of various elements in it, so I just made up a chemical-sounding name for one of them to go with the syndeton.


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Neil Blissett:

This episode provides important background information on Farin. His brother's death at the hands of an incompetent Federation doctor obviously affected him greatly. He initially blamed Travis although he didn't know that's who the mysterious man was. At the time he couldn't go after the doctor but now he can.

Kyben was present when Wil Farin's 'treatment' was started although he left before Wil's death. One slight problem. Kyben states that he doesn't know Wil's name during the flashback but years later he knows who killed him. Perhaps he found out afterwards although why he should remember the name of a particular victim out of many is curious.

Because Wil died under his stewardship. Very few of the criminals would have died undergoing "treatment" at the Political Rehab centres, so there was bound to be a full enquiry whenever it did happen. That was Kyben's job, and as he was only in charge for a couple of years, it was possibly the only such case he had to deal with. Therefore it was bound to stick in his memory. (Remember, Kyben's exact words were "Your brother wasn't her only failure..." which doesn't necessarily mean she killed anyone else. There are plenty of other terrible mistakes a bad surgeon can make.)


Dave Nevett:

Sentiments is a very good story, the threads all work well together and it really feels like were building up Bab-5 style towards a joint resolution.

Babylon-5 style? I really wouldn't know. To be honest, Bab-5's a show I hardly ever watch. I know people say it's just like B7 but whenever I watch it I can't see what they're referring to. I can't stand Bab-5 I'm afraid.


Jane Walton:

Sentiments  -  what can I say? I loved it.

I thought the dialogues were brilliant, everyone seemed to be on top form and it all felt right. There were some wonderful, witty one-liners from crew members very reminiscent of the original episodes. It tied in well with the series and gave the characters chance to progress and evolve.

I have no complaints about the episode, believe it or not!

No I don't believe it. I must have been having an off day when I wrote it.


Brian McLennan:

This is the best episode so far, and must go down as a great achievement in that you've managed to make Farin seem quite interesting. The scenes with Wil showed another, more loving side to him, as a mentor and a role model almost. I felt genuinely sorry for Farin when his brother died, and all of a sudden I can understand why he's so belligerent.

As we see in this episode, Farin was a lot calmer and more settled before the Intergalactic War, if a bit blokey. He has now become embittered, but also disillusioned with himself. He's really quite streetwise, but he was unable to protect his little brother when it counted. Farin therefore feels deep down that he isn't strong enough, and so tries to compensate by being as aggressive as possible. The result is that he doesn't think clearly enough.

The Mark Of Kane sounds like an interesting tale. Where can I get a copy of it?

I don't think you can anymore. It was a fan-produced audio show made back in 1996 by Horizon/Kaldor and to the best of my knowledge all copies have sold out, and there are no plans to re-release it. I suppose you may find a copy at Forbidden Planet or somewhere like that.

On the plus side, the original script by Alan Stevens and Dave Tulley, and a novelised transcript by myself, are available to read at Kaldor's website, but it's just not the same as listening to it  -  especially as Brian Croucher and Gareth Thomas reprised their old roles for it.

NOTE: Also there, you can find the script and novella of Kaldor's other Blake's 7 audio play, The Logic Of Empire, starring Paul Darrow, and the transcript of an audio documentary called Travis: The Final Act, featuring interviews with Croucher, Stephen Greif, Chris Boucher and David Maloney.

While I'm doing all this free advertising for other people, I might as well add that you can also order CD's of Kaldor's title series, Kaldor City, a sort of crossover between Blake's 7 and Doctor Who, starring Paul Darrow (NOT as Avon), Tracy Russell, Scott (Carnell) Fredericks, Peter (Rontane) Miles and David (Shevner) Baillie.


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