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( Earth, a Medical Centre in the City Dome of West Europ. Two Medical personnel step through the exit into the city proper where they are stopped by a Federation trooper. They show their ID and are given clearance to pass. After they have gone, Vila suddenly steps out of cover and drops to his knees at the trooper's feet. )

Vila: Help me! He's after me! He'll kill me!

( The trooper looks at Vila blankly. )

Vila: I'll do anything! I'll go straight. I'm so ashamed of my heinous past! I'll surrender...

Trooper: What are you...?

Vila: Just protect me from him and I'll surrender! I won't steal again, I swear it! He's following me. He's coming this way...

( The trooper tries to pull Vila to his feet. Vila shrugs him off. )

Vila: No, not me! Don't arrest me, you need to help me! I'm the one who's surrendered...!

( Farin suddenly steps up behind the trooper and clouts him over the head. The trooper collapses. )

Vila: He hasn't though.

( Vila and Farin move the unconscious trooper and hide him in a dark alcove. Farin snatches up the trooper's gun before Vila can reach it. )

Farin: Very neat plan.

Vila: I learned from the best. Or the stupidest.

Farin: Stupidest I think.

Vila: It was better than your idea. "Let's just shoot him"?

Farin: Shooting's quicker.

Vila: So's getting shot.

Farin: Want to try it? No? Then hurry up and get that door open.

( Farin and Vila head back to the entrance to the Medical Centre. Vila picks the lock with ease and they sneak inside. )


( Liberator Teleport Room. Soolin is sat at the controls. Avon, Hailee and Nij Blake are kitted up and ready to head down to the surface. )

Avon: Remember, you or Kyben must stay on alert at all times. We'll call in every fifteen minutes, but if we miss a check-in time, teleport us back immediately.

Soolin: Understood.

Hailee: What do we do if Farin spots us?

Avon: We kill him before he kills Vila. Or us.

Hailee: My pleasure.

Avon: I didn't think you'd take this so personally.

Hailee: I always take it personally when my so-called friends point a gun in my face.

Nij Blake: Why kill Farin?

Avon: Because if either of them are to die down there I'd rather it wasn't Vila. He's more useful.

Hailee: Fine.

( Avon, Hailee and Blake line up in the teleport bay. )

Avon: I wouldn't worry too much about Farin anyway. The rest of the opposition down there are of more concern. There'll be far more of them for one thing.

Nij Blake: Good. I've been looking for someone to hit.

Avon: All right, Soolin, get on with it.

( Soolin operates the teleport controls and Avon, Hailee and Blake dematerialise. )


( Pursuit ship 5. The ship is within a field of space junk, heading towards a large asteroid at the heart of the field. A vast metal base has been built into shape of the asteroid. On Pursuit 5's Flight deck, Servalan sits in the command seat, with the mutoid at the controls. )

Servalan: Time to the mining base?

Mutoid: Four minutes, Commissioner.

Servalan: Good. Have we received any communications yet?

Mutoid: None on any channel.

Servalan: Sensible of them. Those pirates don't want to advertise their presence to a Federation ship after all.

Mutoid: No, Commissioner.

Servalan: So, their ability to retaliate will be slowed by their own attempts at secrecy.

Mutoid: Logic suggests that that is likely.

Servalan: Good. Then our little visit to the processing plant on Anheir two days ago will bear dividends. Is the infusor prepared?

Mutoid: Prepared and standing by.

Servalan: Excellent. ( Sits back and gloats. ) I wish recruiting my own personal army was always this easy.


( Liberator Flight Deck. Soolin and Kyben are sat in the pit. Orac is on the table, switched off. )

Kyben: Why do you suppose he left us aboard? Doesn't he trust me not to shoot him in the back?

Soolin: Oh I think he trusts you. He just thinks Blake and Hailee are better fighters.

Kyben: So why didn't he take you as well?

Soolin: Well...

Kyben: So you can keep an eye on me? Make sure I don't try to steal the ship?

Soolin: Probably.

Kyben: ( Shakes his head. ) He's incredible. Why am I the traitor? He's the murderer, he's the one who shot Blake...

Soolin: You're the brain surgeon, shall we say?

Kyben: Not anymore.

Soolin: I'm relieved to hear it.

Kyben: Look, Soolin, I changed sides. I'm not an indoctrinator anymore...

Soolin: And Avon hasn't killed any of his friends recently. He may have hit Farin, but Farin was the one who drew the gun.

Kyben: Well that's different.

Soolin: In what way?

( Kyben cannot answer. )

Soolin: This is the thing I can't believe about you, Kyben. You've got this idea in your head that just because you changed sides somehow you're absolved. It's only the first step, Kyben, you've got a long way to go before you redeem yourself.


( Farin and Vila are in cover in the entry area of the Medical Centre. A number of staff and a sprinkling of security personnel are in the main reception area up ahead. )

Vila: Well? What do you want me to do?

Farin: I thought you were supposed to be the master infiltrator.

Vila: Well I'm not.

Farin: Maybe we can try the direct approach again.

Vila: No. When you get direct, people get killed.

Farin: ( Scowls. ) All right then, I'll try being direct in a subtle way.

Vila: Forget it. I've seen you trying to be subtle.

( Farin tucks his arm inside the V of his jacket to make it look like its broken. He then heads down the corridor up to the reception desk, bold as brass. Vila follows cautiously. )

Farin: ( To receptionist. ) Excuse me.

Receptionist: ( Surprised. ) Yes?

Farin: I'd like to speak to a Doctor, please. I've got a badly-twisted arm.

( The receptionist looks at the computer screen on her desk. )

Receptionist: Security haven't given us notification of any new in-patients. I'll need to contact them for some details before I can admit you. Name?

( Farin pulls out a gun and aims it at her. Vila holds his head. )

Farin: Captain Neutron. Need to know any more?

( Farin walks round the desk and holds the gun to the receptionist's head. The security troops draw their guns as they realise what's happening. Farin takes the receptionist as a human shield. Vila takes cover under the desk. )

Farin: Drop the guns or she joins a practise six feet under.

( The security troopers glance at each other. They keep their guns aimed at Farin but do not fire. )

Vila: I don't think they care very much, Farin.

( Farin shrugs and opens fire. The troopers fire back, but the plasma bullets hit only the receptionist or the wall. The receptionist is dead in seconds. Farin is able to finish off the troopers and the medical staff fairly quickly. Vila dares to stick his head out from under the table. Farin drops the dead receptionist to the floor. )

Vila: That's subtle? Give me ten men with your delicate touch I could destroy the Earth.

Farin: Stop prattling! Check the mainframe while I keep watch.

Vila: What am I supposed to do? Computers are Avon's thing.

Farin: Hurry up! See if you can find anything about Moyes in the personnel files. Even you can do that.

( The door to the inner surgery opens and a doctor walks out. Farin shoots him before he can react. )

Vila: ( Aghast.) He probably wasn't armed you know.

Farin: Just get on with it.

Vila: Did you really have to kill him?

Farin: Vila!

( Vila seats himself at the computer with an overawed frown and starts typing. The screen fills with unhelpful information and Vila is clearly unable to work his way around the security programs. He keeps trying. )

Vila: What do we do if we can't get into the mainframe?

Farin: We find another terminal.

( Vila's frown deepens. )


( Avon and Blake are hiding under the stairs of a sub-corridor in the City dome, weapons drawn. )

Nij Blake: ( Into bracelet. ) Liberator, do you read me?

Soolin: ( V.O. ) I copy, Blake.

Nij Blake: ( Into bracelet. ) Avon and I are in sub-corridor 47 Omega. Adjust co-ordinates to three-eight-one by four-one-one.

Soolin: ( V.O.) Right.

Nij Blake: ( Into bracelet. ) Hailee's scouting ahead inside the city. She says she has a contact who can help us get into the Information Bureau's mainframe.

Soolin: ( V.O. ) The Information Bureau? What do you want in there?

Avon: ( Into bracelet. ) What we originally came for. Blake and Hailee are going to find Farin while I find what we really need.

Soolin: ( V.O. ) Oh. How... "practical".

Avon:( Into bracelet. ) Naturally. We'll contact you again in fifteen minutes. Out.


( A couple of levels above, Hailee is in a residential block, walking among the crowds of people. She keeps her face away from the security cameras, then walks up to a door. She taps on it three times. The door opens and she steps in. Inside the apartment she is greeted by a man whom she throws her arms around in delight. )

Hailee: Jaimee! It's so good to see you.

Jaimee: It's been a long time, little cousin.

Hailee: Too long.

( Jaimee motions Hailee to sit on a chair, while he prepares her a food-pack. )

Hailee: I suppose the Feds've been giving you a hard time since I defected.

Jaimee: ( Smiles. ) Yes. But they couldn't find anything to link me with Veron or Kyben so they gave me the benefit of the doubt. Got hot for a while though. Not that I'm bitter. I've been a rebel a lot longer than you, I guess I had it coming to me.

Hailee: Yeah. ( Face falls. ) I heard about Veron. I'm sorry, I know what she meant to you.

( Jaimee finishes preparing the food-pack then hands it to Hailee. )

Jaimee: Do you really? When have you ever been in love?

Hailee: ( Smiles heartlessly. ) I haven't.

Jaimee: So how would you know?

Hailee: I'm very sensitive. You know that.

Jaimee: Oh yes, Hailee. That's why you called me a raving fanatic when I started helping the resistance.

Hailee: No. I called you that because you are one. I'm just very sensitive about it.

Jaimee: And now you're one as well. Must run in the family.

Hailee: I suppose. FedSec aren't onto you yet though?

Jaimee: If they are, they're not telling me about it.

Hailee: I'm glad.

Jaimee: It could change with what you're asking me to do now.

Hailee: I know. I'd understand if you said no, Jaimee. Breaking us into the Information Bureau is a lot to ask.

Jaimee: I know how to break in there, and I'd do it if Veron asked me to. Why not for you?

Hailee: ( Smiles gratefully. ) Thanks, Jaimee. Have you heard anything about Farin yet?

( Jaimee stands and moves his chair. Underneath a small pedestal with a computer link on it slowly rises into view. Jaimee operates it. Hailee stands and moves closer to look over Jaimee's shoulder. )

Jaimee: Not yet.

Hailee: I suppose that's good news. It means the Feds haven't got him yet.

Jaimee: Don't rely on that. Hacking into FedSec's data-feed is slow. I need a separate code breaker for each transmission zone.

Hailee: All right. We'll have to do this by numbers. Can you map me the safest route to the Medical Centre?

Jaimee: Easy enough. ( Starts typing commands into the computer. ) Doesn't mean he'll be there when you get there.

Hailee: I know. But if there's one thing about Farin you can depend on, wherever he's been he'll leave plenty of traces. And a few clues where he's going next.


( Liberator Flight Deck. Kyben and Soolin are here, each avoiding the other's eyes. )

Kyben: Soolin.

Soolin: Yes?

Kyben: What did you learn?

Soolin: ( Looks up at him. ) Hmm?

Kyben: Servalan, I mean. What did you learn about her? And me?

Soolin: Quite a lot.

Kyben: Does it anger you?

Soolin: Me? I was more worried about how it makes you feel. ( Awkward pause. ) You loved m-... her. Didn't you?

Kyben: I was young back then.

Soolin: You still are young.

Kyben: All right, naive then. "You never fall completely out of love." Ever heard that expression, Soolin?

Soolin: ( Smiles. ) I'm from Gauda Prime, Kyben. Sentiment isn't a big thing around there. Not unless you enjoy being killed.

Kyben: ( Shrugs. ) Well it's true. I'm still not free of Servalan, if you take my meaning.

Soolin: Nor am I.

Kyben: What do you mean?

Soolin: ( Points to her head. ) She's still in here, Kyben. She isn't here when I'm awake anymore, but she comes to me in my dreams. Servalan's still a part of me.

Kyben: ( Shocked. ) Why didn't you tell me?

Soolin: ( Snaps. ) What can you do about it? Perhaps a little of your indoctrination treatment is what I need? It's what got me into this mess in the first place.

Kyben: I don't know if I can help you but there is something I can try.

Soolin: I don't think so.

Kyben: Don't you think you can trust me?

Soolin: I trust your intentions, not your skill.

Kyben: It's not an operation, Soolin.

Soolin: What is it then?

Kyben: Hypnosis.


( Pursuit 5 docks with the mining base. Servalan and the mutoid debark into the docking bay, which is unlit. All the machinery of the base, bar basic life-support, appears to be shut down. Servalan is carrying a plasma rifle, the mutoid is wearing a gas-cylinder on his back. The tank is connected to a nozzle that the mutoid carries in his hand. Servalan looks at the mutoid whose expression is entirely blank. )

Servalan: Quiet, isn't it?

Mutoid: Any pirates on the base will have gone into hiding as soon as Pursuit 5 showed on their detectors...

Servalan: Thank you, mutoid, Im well aware of that. It was a rhetorical question.

Mutoid: I do not understand, Commissioner.

Servalan: ( Sighs. ) Go find the recycler. I'll keep watch here.

Mutoid: Yes, Commissioner.

( The Mutoid walks off into the base proper. Servalan stands guard on the ramp of Pursuit 5. She breathes through a filter she has clenched between her teeth. Her eyes sidle nervously from side to side in the dark. Her calm veneer is slowly melting away. )


( Liberator Flight Deck. Soolin lies on one of the couches in the pit. Kyben sits with her, his electronic eye-patch lit up like a small beacon. The Flight Decks lighting has been dimmed. )

Soolin: What will this involve?

Kyben: I'll put you to sleep, but you'll stay open to outside stimuli. That way I can try to talk to Servalan.

Soolin: What!

Kyben: Don't overreact, Soolin. There's an echo of Servalan's mind trapped in your subconscious. It's not really her, but I've got to try and draw it out.

( Kyben leans forward until the beacon shines directly into Soolin's eyes. A faint warping sound starts up. Soolin's vision slowly begins to blur... )

Kyben: See this light, Soolin. Focus on it. Feel it and draw it into you. Dream it and be the dream, let the light become you...

( Soolin's eyes slowly roll shut... )


( Mining base. The mutoid has made his way through the darkened base into the central engineering chamber. The power generators are all working quite loudly, clearly not well-maintained. The mutoid crosses the chamber and finds the atmospheric controls. He hauls the cylinder off his back and twists the nozzle, which he then clamps into the oxygen feed. Gas slowly begins to pump into the air supply. Several pirates step out of the shadows behind the mutoid. )

Norcris: I don't know what you think you're doing, Fed, but I like the air in my base the way it is.

( The mutoid turns and he and the pirates stare at each other. )

Norcris: It's a vampire.

Pirate 1: Those things gimme the creeps.

Pirate 2: Yeah, let's do 'im, Norcris.

Norcris: All in good time. I wanna know why the Feds've come back here first.

Pirate 1: You can't ask a vampire, they're...

( Norcris pulls out a laser cutlass and points it in the Pirate's face.

Norcris: Shut it, or I'll garrotte you too. You. Mutoid. Why are you here?

( The mutoid doesn't answer. )

Pirate 1: He wont tell ya, Norcris, he's a vampire. They don't answer anyone, 'cept who's on their imprint.

Norcris: This one'll answer me. I won't let any Fed patrol snaffle our booty. We lost our best gun ship raiding that last ore carrier, and I ain't sharin' any more of the spoils. Mutoid, answer me.

( The mutoid remains silent. Suddenly he heads for the generators and starts reconnecting circuits. The lights switch on. )

Norcris: Stop him!

( The three pirates open fire on the mutoid. Three of the shots hit, killing the mutoid. A fourth one goes past him and strikes the gas-cylinder, which bursts apart. The contents of the cylinder rapidly expand and fill the room in a thick choking miasma. The three pirates cough and splutter, and drop to their knees. Suddenly, they look calmer and relaxed. Norcris even smiles. )


( Farin and Vila head through the corridors of the Dome City. )

Vila: It doesn't matter which terminal we use, we can't hack into the database without Avon's help. Where are we going?

Farin: Just shut up and follow. I could still break your teleport bracelet if you annoy me.

Vila: I'm following, I'm following! I just want to know where.

( Farin stops and looks at Vila impatiently. )

Farin: There's one area of Federation Intelligence that Orac has never been able to even partially-break.

Vila: Oh. And we can, is that the idea?

Farin: Orac has never been inside the Information Bureau.

Vila: ( Almost shouts. ) The Info-... ( Cuts short and speaks more quietly. ) The Information Bureau? We couldn't break through their security with a nuclear compression charge.

( Farin grabs Vila by the scruff of the neck. )

Farin: I could try a human cannonball instead if you like!

( Vila struggles out of Farin's grip. )

Vila: How the Hell are we supposed to get in there?

Farin: We'll shoot our way in.

Vila: Oh that's all right then. For a moment there I was worried you hadn't been thinking this through. Have you got a death-wish or do you just not know how the human body works? Once we're dead, that's it. We're dead. Not there anymore. See?

( Farin pulls out his gun and holds it in Vila's face. )

Farin: Care to demonstrate?

Vila: ( Swallows. ) No thanks. A career in suicide works at first but I can't see much future in it.

Farin: Quite. Let's go.

( They set off again. )

Vila: There is a problem with this, Farin.

Farin: Only one?

Vila: You're depending on me an awful lot.

( Farin pulls out Vila's bracelet and dangles it in front of his face. Vila tries to snatch it from him but Farin tucks it away again. )

Farin: Problem? What problem?


( Liberator Flight Deck. It is still quite dark. Soolin is asleep in the pit. Kyben is holding the hypno-beacon over her face. He switches it off. )

Kyben: ( Softly. ) Zen, lights. Quietly.

( The Flight Deck lights slowly switch on. Kyben leans close to Soolin and whispers in her ear. )

Kyben: Servalan? Servalan, do you hear me?

( Soolin's eyes open sharply. She sits up and faces Kyben. Kyben straightens up and backs away slightly. )

Soolin: Oh, Kyben, I knew you wouldn't let me stay trapped in here forever.

Kyben: Servalan?

Soolin: Not really. I'm just a dream, aren't I? The real Servalan is far from here. I'm just a dream.

Kyben: ( Looks unnerved. ) Maybe Soolin should cut down on the cherry cakes before bedtime then.

Soolin: Or find a better Doctor. ( Kyben doesnt answer. ) Oh, c'mon, Rak, haven't you got anything to say to me?

Kyben: It really is you, isn't it, Servalan? In any way that matters I mean.

Soolin: Doesn't it worry you that you've let Servalan loose aboard the Liberator?

Kyben: Not really. The body's asleep, you can scarcely move.

Soolin: Are you worried about Soolin then? Having this she-devil trapped in her head?

Kyben: A little.

Soolin: ( Knowing smile. ) You like Soolin don't you, Kyben? ( No answer. ) She likes you. She likes you a lot, believe me.

Kyben: ( Uneasy. ) More fool her.

( Soolin gets to her feet unsteadily, but keeps her confident eyes locked on Kyben. )

Soolin: In fact, she likes you almost as much as you liked me.

( Soolin takes a step toward Kyben, who stands his ground. )

Soolin: She's not as naive as you were, Kyben, so maybe she's not a fool.

Kyben: I wish I could hate you.

Soolin: But you can't while I have Soolin's face, can you?

Kyben: I can't anyway.

( Soolin takes another step toward Kyben. )

Soolin: Good.

Kyben: There's one thing I never understood, Servalan.

Soolin: About what?

Kyben: ( Quaking with anger. ) Tarrant. Why did you protect him?

( Soolin takes another step toward Kyben. She is now directly in front of him, and runs her finger along his chest. )

Soolin: You know, Kyben. You know why I had to protect him.

Kyben: No I don't. I don't understand at all.

Soolin: There was a War going on, Kyben. The Aliens were already in Earth Sector. You don't really think I could afford to execute one of FedSec's best men did you? Just because of one mistake...

( Kyben grabs Soolin's hand and pushes it away. )

Kyben: One mistake?! He nearly killed me...

Soolin: And believe me, that would have caused me some distress.

Kyben: ( Shakes his head, cannot be bothered to be apoplectic. ) You betrayed me, Servalan. I nearly died that day, and you didn't even care!

Soolin: Of course I didn't care - you survived, so what was there to care about?

( Kyben looks totally bewildered by Servalan's twisted logic. )

Servalan: I know how you felt about me. It was most... enthralling sometimes. But your feelings were an inconvenience at that point. I had to be objective. I had to consider the good of the Federation first, my personal wishes second...

( Soolin puts her arms around him. )

Servalan: But that was then. This is now. Now, things are different. We're alone, we have no responsibilities now... we can do whatever we choose to do again... together once more...

( They kiss. Suddenly, Kyben grasps Soolin by the shoulders and holds her away from him. )

Kyben: ( Into Soolin's ear. ) Soolin, it's time to wake up now...

Soolin: No, no. We don't need her, Rak, just you and me...

( Soolin shapes to kiss Kyben again. He shakes her. )

Kyben: Soolin, wake up!

( Soolin blinks several times. Kyben releases her. Soolin awakens fully, then looks at Kyben and realises she has her arms round him. She doesn't let go however. )

Soolin: What happened?

Kyben: ( Unsure. ) Call it a humility lesson.

( Soolin lets go. )


( Mining base. The docking area is now lit. Servalan still stands guard of Pursuit 5, looking more confident now that she can see clearly. Suddenly several pirates step into the docking bay and aim their guns at her. Servalan eyes the air vents nervously. A faint discoloration seems to be pouring from them. Servalan takes the filter from her mouth and palms it. )

Pirate 3: Hello my pretty.

Servalan: ( Bluffing. ) Stay very still. You are all under arrest, under charges of theft and abuse of Federation property.

Pirate 3: Oh dear, you mean you're going to gang up on us? All one of you?

( The first tendrils of discoloured air begin to close around the pirates. )

Servalan: No need. You will do exactly as I command. None of you will have any choice. Believe me.

( Servalan pops the filter back in her mouth and clenches it between her teeth. )

Pirate 4: What's that?

( Servalan shrugs. The pirates suddenly start coughing, softly at first, but rapidly more and more violently. They drop to their knees, gasping and retching. Servalan just smiles, still breathing safely through the filter in her mouth. She strides past the helpless pirates into the base proper. The coughing slowly stops, to be replaced by contented looks on the pirates' faces. )


( Avon and Blake are still in cover in the sub-corridor. There is the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Avon draws his gun. Hailee and Jaimee walk down the stairs. )

Hailee: Where are those malingering chickens?

( Avon steps out of cover and holds his gun to Jaimee's head. Jaimee freezes. Hailee looks angry. )

Avon: Would you like me to malinger a bit more stridently, Hailee?

Hailee: Put the gun away, Avon, he's my cousin.

Avon: I gathered that. Blake, search him, just to make sure.

( Blake pats Jaimee up and down. )

Nij Blake: He's clean.

Hailee: I told you, we can trust him.

Avon: ( Puts gun away. ) Nobody told me we can trust you.

Hailee: ( Looks hurt. ) You really need me to prove it? After all this time?

Avon: No, it's not necessary to prove it... so long as I have a gun. ( To Jaimee. ) You're Gavisson?

Jaimee: Obviously.

Avon: Obviously. Would you like to tell us how you can get us into the Information Bureau?

Jaimee: Certainly. I work at the Federation Engineering Division. All written schematic records are shipped into the bureau for approval and editing before any of them can be announced or released into the public domain. I work as the courier sometimes.

Avon: Really? Is this one of those times?

Jaimee: No, but I can alter the timetable. If you give me time I can get you in there.

Avon: What's the price?

Jaimee: I'm not a bounty hunter, Avon. I don't do this for the cash.

Avon: Are you boasting or complaining?

Jaimee: Boasting. I'm doing this for Veron. Ever since Tarrant tortured her to death...

Avon: I'll pretend I'm impressed, o hero. How much time do you need?

Jaimee: At least fourteen hours.

Nij Blake: Fourteen? We can't hang around on Earth that long.

Jaimee: You'll just have to.


( Farin and Vila are near the apex of the city. They have to get past a security boundary to penetrate the offices of the Administration. There are Security personnel and troopers everywhere. Farin and Vila are hidden from view about a hundred yards down a facing corridor. )

Vila: There's no way we can shoot our way through them.

Farin: You have a better idea?

Vila: Yes. Let's go back to the ship.

Farin: Certainly. After we've broken into the Bureau.

Vila: Why should I?

Farin: You don't want to break up the team do you?

Vila: Team? This whole farrago's your idea, Farin.

Farin: Exhilarating isn't it?

Vila: I've already helped you enough, let me go.

Farin: Shut up and co-operate.

Vila: Co-operate with what? A shoot-out against the entire Administration Security force?

Farin: If you do have a better idea I'll be happy to hear it.

Vila: Let me think about it.

Farin: Think fast.


( Liberator Flight Deck. Soolin and Kyben are sat in the central pit. )

Soolin: So it didn't work? ( Points at her own head. ) She's still in here?

Kyben: I'm afraid so. I'm sorry. I... got a bit side-tracked.

Soolin: Side-tracked? What exactly happened?

Kyben: I, uh, spoke to her.

Soolin: Like old friends do?

Kyben: Something like that.

Soolin: What did you talk about?

Kyben: I talked about the past. She talked about you.

Soolin: ( Unnerved. ) Oh? What did she say?

Kyben: It doesn't matter.

Soolin: It matters to me.

Kyben: I'm sure it does, but I don't know if I should tell you.

Soolin: Why not?

Kyben: It might complicate things. She told me something you'd probably want to tell me yourself. But not right now. ( Soolin looks puzzled. ) Do you want me to try to speak to her again?

Soolin: ( Suddenly tired. ) No. Not right now.

( The comms sound. Soolin receives. )

Soolin: Soolin.


( City Dome, sub-corridor. Avon, Blake and Hailee are here. The following conversation cuts between here and the Liberator Flight Deck. )

Avon: ( Into bracelet. ) Avon. We're still at the same co-ordinates. We've made arrangements to get into the Information Bureau but it'll take some hours. We'll need you and Kyben on standby to take over from us if necessary.

Soolin: Understood. Any sign of Vila or Farin?

Avon: Not yet. If we're lucky the Bureau will have reports of any recent sightings.

Soolin: It's a long time to wait.

Avon: Just be grateful you're not the ones waiting down here. We'll contact you again in fifteen minutes. Out.

Soolin: ( V.O.) Liberator out.

Avon: ( To Blake and Hailee. ) We've been on the go for too long as it is. You two get some rest while I keep watch.

Nij Blake: I don't need sleep, I'm fine.

Avon: I doubt you'll feel like that in fourteen hours.

Nij Blake: But...

Avon: Just do as your told.

Nij Blake: First you kill my father, then you act like you ARE my father.

Avon: Just do it.

( Hailee and Blake lie down under the stairwell and try to sleep. )

Avon: Hailee, I'll wake you in two hours to take over from me.


( Mining base Engineering chamber. Servalan walks in with the filter still clenched between her teeth. In her hand is a gauge that is connected by a thin tube to the filter. She eyes the dead mutoid with curiosity, and the dazed pirates with amusement. She then steps over to the recycle unit and closes the oxygen feed. The recycler slowly begins to filter the gas out of the atmosphere. Servalan checks to make sure the mutoid is dead. Once she's sure she shrugs and checks the gauge. She pops the filter out of her mouth, smiles and turns to look at the pirates. )

Servalan: Ladies, gentlemen... and others. Let me express my gratitude for the warm reception. Suitable enough for your new owner it was not, however, so let me make clear one over-riding fact about the future of your lives - they belong to me.

Norcris: ( Dazed. ) As you say, ma'am.

Servalan: Of course. I am Servalan. One-time President and Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation. And with your services, I will one day be Empress again.

( The pirates all kneel at Servalan's feet. )

Norcris: We are at your command, my Empress.

Servalan: Of course you are. You've each inhaled enough Pylene-100 to enslave you to me for ten lifetimes.


( Residence One, Earth. The President is about to board a transport. A number of staff, including Secretary Demwuhl, are here to see him off. )

President: The ransom we paid for Brekim's release was substantial, Secretary. I hope he's worth it. I've seen precious little evidence of that so far.

Demwuhl: He's more use to us here than in Vandor's hands, Mr President, especially if the planned invasion is to be successful.

President: Indeed? What information can he possibly possess that the Confederacy would be able to use?

Demwuhl: I don't wish to mention such things out in the open, sir.

President: Ever the diplomat, eh? I dont expect to be detained at Space Command for long, Secretary. I trust I am leaving Earth in capable hands in the meantime?

Demwuhl: I won't let my beloved President down, sir.

( The President nods gravely and boards the transport, followed by an aide and two security guards. The hatch closes and the transport takes off. Demwuhl turns and signals to everyone remaining to return to their duties. On board the transport, the President opens communications, and Space Major Brecht appears on the screen. )

Brecht: Mr President. Major Brecht reporting as ordered.

President: Very prompt, Major. I take it Commander Kreel has failed once more to track down the Liberator?

Brecht: Computer projections confirm that their last known trajectory took them in the direction of Earth Sector. Narrowing it down any further has been most difficult, however, as we have had no firm sightings around which to triangulate their likely position.

President: Does that mean "yes"?

Brecht: It does, sir.

President: I'm beginning to doubt my own convictions when it comes to the Liberator. Avon keeps slipping through our fingers... perhaps I was wrong to choose Kreel.

Brecht: Mr President, I doubt we have a better alternative available in all of Space Command...

President: Probably not, Major. I certainly don't see you doing a better job. Perhaps I should put the matter into the hands of Federation Security.

( Brecht's face colours slightly. )

Brecht: Sir, considering the shambles Kommissar Tarrant has made of recapturing Servalan, I hardly think FedSec have set a worthy example.

President: True. Still I have a decision to make. I'll tell you what I've decided when I arrive. Have Headquarters ready to receive me.

Brecht: Yes sir.

( The President closes comms. )

President: He's up to something.

Aide 1: Sir?

President: Brecht. He's up to something.

Aide 1: Major Brecht?

President: He keeps questioning my orders. It's as though he's trying to push me into giving orders for other purposes. His own purposes.

Aide 1: I don't believe that, Mr President.

President: Oh? And why not? Think my judgement's not up to the mark?

Aide 1: Now sir, I didn't say that.

President: Well what are you saying?

Aide 1: Merely that I'm sure Major Brechts intentions are genuine. He wishes only to recommend whatever action he thinks would be best.

President: I see. And you think his recommendations are better than mine. is that it?

Aide 1: No sir. That's not what I think. I just believe his intentions are entirely honest...

President: Well I don't think that. There are traitors all around us, and Brecht could well be one of them!

Aide 1: Sir, with all due respect, Mablar's betrayal was the exception, not the rule. You mustn't start assuming everyone else you trust is going to betray you - they won't.

President: ( Looks at her suspiciously. ) Oh? And why should I believe that? Because you say so? How can I be sure I can trust you?

Aide 1: ( Looks hurt. ) Sir! How can you even suspect such a thing of me? I have worked for you and with you loyally for several years...

President: So had Mablar.


( City Dome, outside the Administration's Security boundary. A number of guards continue to patrol the local corridors. Two troopers set off down a long corridor leading to a stairway. )

Trooper 1:'s all about?

Trooper 2: Something to do with the Medical Division's all I heard. Could be anything from a prank call to a bomb threat.

Trooper 1: Still reckon it's more interesting than this.

Trooper 2: Well, yeah. But I mean this is more important, innit?

Trooper 1: D'you reckon?

Trooper 2: Well absolutely. That's just a few Doctors and people catching a cold. Up here were guarding the highest offices of the Administration. This place is the business. This place is important.

( Trooper 1 stares at him. He is clearly cringing underneath his mask. )

Trooper 1: You're a real toady, y'know that?

Trooper 2: Toady?

Trooper 1: Yeah. To hell with important, I want something different to do. I must've marched up and down this corridor a hundred thousand times in the last two months, and it's always the same. I don't know why we have to do it, nothing ever happens. It's boring, like talking to a Delta.

( The troopers reach the stairs, and turn to head back down the corridor. Farin and Vila suddenly leap up from the stairs and step into march directly behind them, stride for stride. )

Trooper 2: Oh I don't know, I can see why you're slacking off so much.

Trooper 1: Slacking off? Me?

Trooper 2: I'll say. You're not concentrating, man. You're always letting the boredom get to you.

Trooper 1: I do not!

Trooper 2: You do so. It's always a yawn, a "Oh God I'm bored", and then you're almost sleepwalking for five hours. Now me on the other hand. I'm dedication personified.

( Vila cant resist pulling a face at Trooper 2. )

Trooper 2: Always alert, my eyes never rest, my attention to duty never wavers. I'm always ready. Ready for anything, ready for action, that's me. It doesn't matter how uneventful a day might be, how slowly a day might be passing...

( Trooper 1 glances over his shoulder briefly. Farin and Vila duck and continue to follow squatting. Trooper 1 returns his attention ahead. Farin and Vila straighten up again. )

Trooper 2: ...I'm always on the case. 'Cos you see, the special thing about me is my rigorous attention to detail. The enemy could be anywhere, man, anywhere! And that's a fact I'm always aware of. Keeps me from ever letting my guard down...

( They are passing another side-corridor. )

Trooper 2: ...'cos I know that if I do for even a second, it could be BANG!

( Farin and Vila duck into the side-corridor and neatly kosh the two troopers over the heads. They quietly drag the two unconscious troopers into cover. At the end of the main corridor the duty watchman behind the security desk looks around with furrowed brows, trying to work out where the two patrolmen have gone. After a moment the two troopers - really Farin and Vila of course - step out of the side-corridor and back into view, heading the Watchman's way. )

Watchman: I keep telling you two to stop messing up the beat. Stick to your assigned patrols. Is it really so difficult to remember? Y'know, walk up the corridor and walk back again?

Vila: Sorry.

Farin: Sorry.

( A couple of guards head off down another corridor. Farin, Vila and the watchman are now the only ones here. )

Vila: ( Grabs his own ankle. ) Ooooh. Ow! Ow!

Watchman: What's wrong now?

Vila: C-Cramp.

Watchman: Cramp? ( Walks round the desk and leans close to investigate. ) Let's have a look...

( Farin slams his plasma rifle across the back of the Watchman's helmet. The Watchman collapses. Vila quickly drags him under the desk while Farin activates the mainframe. )

Farin: All right, Vila, I'll try to bring down security while you go in and look for the Bureau's main data terminal.

Vila: Why do I have to go in there?

Farin: Because if you don't, you'll never get back to the Liberator. Move it, I'll keep watch.


( Sub-corridor. Avon checks to make sure that Blake and Hailee are asleep, then draws his gun and heads up the stairs into the city-proper. He works his way through the corridors and then ducks into cover as a large squad of Federation troopers heads his way. Jaimee Gavisson is at their head. Avon smiles. )

Avon: ( Into bracelet. ) Soolin, Kyben, get a fix on my position and get down here.

( The troopers head into the sub-corridor, run down the steps and surround Blake and Hailee who slowly come to. )

Section Leader: Hold it right there.

( Blake and Hailee look at each other, then stare at Jaimee accusingly. )

Hailee: Jaimee? Why?

Jaimee: Because you're traitors. What else did you expect me to do, applaud you?

Hailee: Jaimee, it's me! You can't do this. Not to me!

Jaimee: You're a disgrace to our family, Hailee.

Hailee: You've been a rebel longer than me...

Jaimee: Don't be naive! I was informing the Administration from day one.

Nij Blake: You? You're a double agent?

Jaimee: Always was, always will be.

Hailee: I don't believe it. What about Veron?

Jaimee: ( Cruel smile. ) Who do you think turned her over to the Feds, Hailee? She was stupid enough to trust me. She was good, Veron, but she was never the leader her mother was. Kasabi never trusted people as easily.

Section Leader: That's enough. Where's the other one?

( Blake and Hailee look around. )

Nij Blake: Avon? Avon where are you?

( Hailee gives Blake an angry look. )

Hailee: Be quiet, Blake!

Jaimee: Oh for heaven's sake, Hailee, spare us the old "There's no one else here" routine. I saw Avon, remember? Where is he?

Hailee: He was supposed to be keeping watch.

Jaimee: Ran off and abandoned you, eh?


( Up above, Avon has been joined by Soolin and Kyben. )

Avon: I was suspicious about Gavisson almost immediately.

Soolin: Why?

Avon: When he explained why he turned rebel, he said it was because Dev Tarrant tortured Veron to death.

( Kyben looks angered at the mention of Tarrant. )

Avon: Even taking Gavisson's occupation into account, it seems unlikely somehow that he would know who was in charge of the interrogation. I thought about it more and realised that the Information Bureau would screen information on that priority level from anyone below the High Council itself. There's no way someone of Gavisson's grade would know unless he was operating inside Federation Security in the first place.

Kyben: Okay, well figured out. So why didn't you tell the others?

Avon: Hailee would never have agreed.

Soolin: I'm sure she will now. Let's go get them.

Avon: No.

Soolin: What do you mean "no"? They need...

Avon: Federation Security will be busy questioning them for a little while. That means we'll have a bit of time to put some distance between us and them.

Kyben: ( Contemptuous. ) Which is the real reason you didn't tell the others, of course.

Avon: ( Stares at him for a moment. ) Call me Judas if it makes you feel happier.

Kyben: Why not? It wouldn't be you if you didn't try selling your friends out at least once a week...

Avon: Shut up, Kyben. Gavisson doesn't know anything about the way the new teleport bracelets work. They can get out quite easily. Now let's move.

( Avon, Soolin and Kyben set off. )


( Sub-corridor. The troopers still surround Blake and Hailee. )

Section Leader: Our sensors have monitored the entire Sol System. We can't detect your ship anywhere. Where is it?

Nij Blake: It's where we're going actually. Although you won't be following.

Jaimee: I was led to believe the great terrorist Blake was dead. The reports were clearly wrong, but only temporarily I'd suggest. You must have a death-wish, Blake, talking to your captors like that.

Section Leader: Him? He's Blake?

Jaimee: That's what I've been led to believe.

Section Leader: He can't be! He can't be older than twenty.

Jaimee: I... ( Looks at Blake closely. ) You're right. Probably younger in fact.

Nij Blake: This is a fascinating discussion, gentlemen, but I'm afraid I can't stay to see how it concludes.

( Blake thumbs the recall button on his bracelet. A white outline surrounds him and he dematerialises. Hailee pushes the recall button on her bracelet and she disappears too. Jaimee and the Section Leader look at each other in shock and confusion. )


( Security zone. Farin is punching instructions into the mainframe. )

Farin: Aha! This should buy us some time.

( Farin operates more controls and klaxons sound all around the city. )

Farin: ( Into the intercom, loosely disguising his voice. ) All personnel, this is a blue mobilisation.


( In one of the corridors above, Avon, Soolin and Kyben are in cover on the edge of a vending area, when the sound of the alarms meet their ears. )

Soolin: Sounds like Gavisson's sent the cavalry after you.

Farin: ( V.O. ) All personnel, this is a blue mobilisation. Intruders have been traced on sub-level 73. All troops on secondary patrol assignments are now reassigned to sub-level 73. Intruders are armed and extremely dangerous. Repeat, intruders are armed and extremely dangerous. Reassignments commence immediately. That is all.

Avon: I'm flattered. FedSec don't normally put a whole City on alert just to track one man. They don't like the general public watching the law-enforcers in action.

( The three of them move well back out of sight as Federation troopers hurry past in response to the security alert. )

Kyben: Sub-73? That's miles below! You weren't anywhere near there.

Avon: No. Interesting. Still, from what you say, the Bureau's archives are... what? Six levels up from here?

Kyben: If memory serves. I've never actually visited it though.

Avon: No problem. We'll wait here for a few moments until the troopers have left. Without the secondary patrols to worry about, we should have a fairly clear path into the Bureau.


( Liberator Teleport Room. Hailee and Blake are here. Orac is on the Teleport Console, switched on. )

Nij Blake: Orac, do you know where Kyben and Soolin are?

Orac: Of course I do. They are on the planet Earth, co-ordinates seven-one-...

Nij Blake: What are they doing down there? Dont bother to answer that. We'll have to try and contact Avon and find out what happened to him.

Orac: Avon is unharmed. Soolin and Kyben are with him.

( Hailee's eyes brim with remorse. )

Nij Blake: Are you all right?

Hailee: Even my own cousin. Even Jaimee. ( Bursts into tears. ) Even my own cousin's betrayed me! What's left now?


( Vila has worked his way through another network of corridors and has now entered a vast chamber with row upon row of shelves and computer terminals, all overflowing with written or magnetic data. He pulls off his helmet and starts typing as rapidly as possible on one of the control terminals. )

Vila: Moyes... Moyes...

( The screen lights up with fresh information. )

Vila: Yes! Yadna Moyes!

( Vila checks the serial number of the file then runs through the shelves and terminals trying to find the correct section. He eventually finds it and pulls a bundle of papers from one of the shelves. He browses through them quickly, and his face falls. )

Vila: Oh.

( He tucks the papers under his arm, retrieves his helmet, and scarpers. )


( Avon, Soolin and Kyben arrive in the security zone. They easily blast two troopers and dash down a corridor toward the security desk. Farin is there in his trooper uniform, his face hidden by the helmet. )

Farin: ( Seeing Avon aiming a gun at him. ) What the-...? Wait...

( Farin shapes to lift the helmet from his head, but moves too suddenly. Avon opens fire, hitting Farin square in the chest. )

Farin: Aaaa-...!!! Avon-...!!

( Avon fires again. Farin falls to the floor. Avon heads for the entrance. Soolin steps up to the security desk. Kyben kneels next to Farin. )

Soolin: Avon, all security systems in the Bureau have already been deactivated.

Avon: What! With the whole City on alert?

Soolin: ( Nods. ) The whole system's out. The archives are wide open.

( Kyben pulls off Farin's helmet and sees the face underneath. Avon is about to head through the door. )

Kyben: Avon, wait!

( Avon turns back and he and Soolin look down at the dead form of Farin. Kybens voice is full of contempt. )

Kyben: Deja vu, Avon?

Soolin: ( Stunned. ) Is he dead?

( Kyben gently closes Farin's eyes with his palm. The door to the bureau swings open and a Federation trooper carrying a bundle of papers strides out. He pulls up and drops the papers as he sees Avon pointing a gun at him. )

Vila: Oh thank God, it's only you.

( Vila slowly hauls the helmet off. Avon is too stunned to fire this time. )

Vila: I-...

Soolin: Vila? What's going on?

Vila: Farin decided to break into the Information Bureau. Correction. He decided I should break into the Information Bureau. I found what he was looking for though. I could hardly believe it but we managed... ( Looks from side to side. ) Where is he?

( Avon quietly gestures to where Farin lies. Vila is stunned. )

Vila: How?

( Avon stares at Vila briefly. Then he turns and heads into the bureau's archives. )

Avon: His lungs got over-ventilated. If you'll excuse me, I have data to retrieve.

( Vila and Soolin stand quietly. Kyben pulls a teleport bracelet out of Farins uniform and offers it to Vila sadly. )

Kyben: This yours?


( Avon hunts through the archives and quickly finds the data he needs. )

Avon: Excellent.

( Two Federation troopers enter the room through another entrance and see Avon. He sees them and speaks into his bracelet. )

Avon: Orac. Teleport us now.

( Avon dematerialises. )


( Liberator, now de-cloaked, races away from Sol at high speeds. On the Flight Deck, all the remaining crew are gathered. Most of those present look ashen. Avon and Soolin are at the controls, the others are all in the pit. )

Avon: The data about the Herculania Drones is being uploaded into Zen. He'll sift through it and select all relevant information.

Kyben: Yipee.

Avon: I'm surprised, Kyben. You actually sound like it upsets you that Farin's dead. You didn't even like him.

Kyben: Avon, I'd even be upset if you died, and I think you're a murdering, cold-blooded animal.

Avon: Thank you.

Kyben: I have this irrational love for all things living, you see. Unlike you I can see the value of life. I can see the tragedy in death.

Avon: How poetic. And pompous.

Kyben: Whatever you say. Just remember, once again you were the one who pulled the trigger.

Vila: It's such a waste.

Avon: Don't you start. He took you as a hostage, remember?

Vila: I don't think he was going to kill me. It's just it was all for nothing.

Soolin: Nothing? I thought you got the file about Moyes.

Vila: That's right I did. I also read it. She's already dead. She died in the Uprising on Kastus Major ten months ago. ( Sighs. ) Farin died hunting for someone who's been dead for ages.

( Soolin's eyes close into a pained grimace, Blake looks to the heavens, Kyben puts his head in his hands. Hailee doesnt appear to be paying attention, Avon smiles. )

Avon: Harsh lessons for most of you, I think. ( Shrugs. ) Still, unlike Farin, you can console yourselves on one thing - at least you're still alive to learn from them.


( Avon sleeps in his quarters. In his dreams he sees the figures of Roj Blake, Jenna Stannis, Cally, Olag Gan, Del Tarrant and Dayna Mellanby writhing in a pit of flames. A dais rises out of the flames and on it lies the figure of Tekk Farin, his clothes doused in fire. )

Cally: Join us, Avon.

Olag Gan: Join us...

Roj Blake: Join us, Avon!

( Farin sits up and screams to the skies. )

Farin: Join the Legions of the Dead!!!!




I've managed to include a couple of light-hearted moments in this episode, but for the most part it's a rather dark story.

Tensions between Avon and the rest of the crew are growing, and he has some more nasty exchanges with Hailee and Kyben. We also learn the exact nature of Servalan and Kyben's history together, thanks in part to more of Kyben's questionable medical practices.

Farin and Vila hunt deep into the heart of the Administration in the quest to find Dr Moyes. It's a dangerous place to search by any measure, and it's not just the Federation that want to stop them.

Jaimee Gavisson, Hailee's cousin, will be playing a fringe role from here on in. Avon takes an immediate dislike of him, but then Avon dislikes everyone.

I decided to offload Farin because his most profound characteristic seemed to be self-pointlessness. As a character, that can work okay at first, but he wasn't working out very well long-term so I decided the story would be better off without him.

On a point of curiosity, this episode is the reason why I've decided to put the story guides at the bottom of the scripts rather than on a separate page  -  when it was first posted, Neil included the remarks about Farin's death on the Guide page straight away, which led to me receiving complaints about spoilers from several readers. Hope this layout works better for you! Same old story, they only ever write to whinge. Well with the following exceptions...



Neil Blissett:

Another episode packed with action.

Farin dies the same way he lived, a pointless mission. Avon kills yet another crew member, although at least this time it was by accident. Avon as usual exploits the opportunity Farin offers to the full.

Blake and Hailee leave it long enough to escape from the guards. Surely all Federation operatives, particularly one as informed as Jaimee, know to remove bracelets immediately.

You'll discover over the next couple of episodes that there are several reasons why Jaimee didn't go for the teleport bracelets, one of which is that Jaimee simply isn't as bright as he might seem. He may be a good actor but he lacks real imagination or versatility. In his job he depends on his victims not being very bright either, but that doesn't make him any cleverer. It's possible for him to forget details. What's more, Hailee didn't tell him about the teleport, and Federation Security tend to keep information about political criminals to a minimum, even amongst its own agents. Therefore it's perfectly possible he didn't even KNOW about the weapons of the Liberator. I haven't decided yet which explanation will fit his character best, but I'd say the second one is less likely.


Jane Walton:

Perhaps you were "having an off-day" when you wrote Sentiments but you were obviously back on form by the time you wrote Harsh Lessons because... yes you've guessed it... I do have a couple of minor whinges about it!

Phew, that's a relief!

It was all well written, as usual and quite entertaining but somehow it just seemed to feel maudlin. It has become a bit of a 'descent into madness' with everyone having so many skeletons in their cupboards. I think you could do more justice to your stories and your characters if you spaced all the angst out further. Concentrate on individual characters per episode instead of 'air-time' for them all in every script.

I'll keep that in mind, it's just I do worry sometimes that certain characters might start drifting if I don't keep a close eye on them at all times, and then I'll start receiving the usual complaints about letting the women turn into clothes horses again and the like. I can't win...

Are you planning a nervous breakdown for Avon with a view to writing him out?!


I wish I could get a cylinder of Pylene-100 (to shut the kids up).

Available on prescription from Dr Mel Practiss, 2477 Fascist Street, Stalinville, Equatorial Continent, Betelgeuse-6, Terran Federation Sector 3, Grid Ref: ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha. Allow 28 days for delivery (and 812 years for someone to invent it) and remember to include 678,254,121 Federation credits p&p.


Brian McLennan:

I must admit that Farin's death took me by surprise. On reflection I should've seen it coming, but it caught me out, so well done there.

The real narrative value of his death doesn't come from the actual event. There's nothing even particularly remarkable about the fact that Avon shot him, as it's clearly very similar to what happened with Blake.

Exactly. And that was deliberate on my part, as it makes it that much harder for Avon to just brush it off when it reminds him so much of what he did before.

The real value comes from the total futility of the whole raid. Farin endangered himself and Vila for the sake of achieving something that had already happened. A clever, if bitter, irony.

Farin's no great loss as he wasn't much of a character, but it's just a pity you got rid of him the first time he showed signs of doing something interesting.

Yes, except it was the fact that I was getting rid of him that made it possible for him to become interesting in the first place!

I thought Jaimee's betrayal of Hailee was underwritten and entirely predictable. It was fair enough Avon figuring it out, and I suppose it was even fair enough Hailee being blinded to it by family loyalty, but the way it's done here it's been made to sound a lot more surprising than it really is.

It wasn't so much an effort to be surprising as just poignant. In fact, virtually any betrayal in the Blake's 7 universe is a possibility so none can be seen as entirely surprising. But in this case the family angle does add a measure of inhumanity to what happens - such is the dogmatic grip of the Federation that people consider adherence to its rules more important than family loyalty. It's a bit like the behaviour of the children in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Good story though, and it made a nice change that for once you managed to do an entire episode without anyone being taken prisoner - although Hailee and Nij came pretty close.


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